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"Scottish Box and Fiddle". The Best of Accordion & Fiddle Music

Lismor Recordings LILP 5115 S1: Selections by: Robib Brock band, Ron Gonnella, Calun MacLean, Charlie Cowie, Stuart Anderson, Calum Wilson Band, Alan Roy, Charlie Cowie S2: Glasgow S and R Society, John Ellis Band, Currie Bros, Ron Gonnella, Alan...

Various bands: Robin Brock, Ron Gonnells, Calum MacLean, Charlie Cowie, Stuart Anderson,Calum Wilson, Alan Roy, Charlie Cowie etc. etc.

7 Favourite Scottish Dances ?

Thistle Records BSLP 105S S1:Cumberland reel 8 x 32J, Dumbarton's Drums 8 x 32R, Muirland Willie 8 x 32J, Flowers of Edinburgh 8 x 32R S2: The Express 8 x 40J, Perthshire Highlanders 8 x 32S, Mrs McLeod of Raasay 8 x 32R

George Stirrat and his Scottish Dance Band

A "Reel" Kick

Lismor Records LILP 5120 S1: Gay Gordons, The Gates of Edinburgh (R), Highland Schottische, The Quaker (Jig), Old Scottish Air, 6/8 Marches, Gaelic Waltz, Pipe Marches, Pipe March and Reel S2: Eight Men of Moidart, Polka, Pipe Marches, Hornpipe a...

John Ellis with his Highland Country Band

A Breath of the Highlands

Bluebell Records BBRC 130 S1: Dashing White Sergeant; Irish Jigs; March, Strathspey and Reel; Scottish Waltz; Muirland Willie; 12/8/ March, Strathspey and Reel. S2: Flowers of Edinburgh; Seann Triubhas Willichan; 9/8 Jigs and Reel; Gay Gordons; B...

Tain Scottish Dance Band

A Call from the North

Talisman STAL 5029 S1: Set of jigs 3x32J; Drops of Brandy; The Morpeth Rant 4x32R; Military Two Step; Corn Rigs 4x32R; Gaelic Waltx; Canadian Reel. S2: Mrs. Macleod of Rassay 4x32R; Set of Jigs 6x32J; Border Waltz; Canadian Barn Dance; Set of Re...

The Wick Scottish Dance Band

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 1

Scotscores SS.4 S1: Kiss Under the Stairs 8x32J; Lads of Salcoats 8x32J; Gramachie 8x32S; Shoulder to Shoulder 8x40J; The Highlandman Kissed his Mother S2: Munro Rant 8x32S; Edinburgh Jigs 8x32J; Lass O' Loudon 8x32S; Ladies of Dingwall 8x40R

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 2

Scotscores SS.6 S1: The Gathering 8x32R; Frog in the Middel 8x32J; The Blithest Lass That Ever was Seen 8x32S; Abernethy Lassies 8x32R; Lady Homes's Jig 8x32J S2: Sandy O'er the Lea 6x32S; What You Please 8x40J; Largo Law 8x32S; Happy R...

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 3

Scotscores SS.8 S1: Brechin Fancy 8x32R; Espie McNabb 8x32J; Banks of Clyde 8x32S; Willie's Rare and Willie's Fair 8x48J; Duke of Roxburgh's Reel 8x24R S2: Lady Charlotte Bruce 8x32S; The Carl Cam O'er the Croft 8x32R; Lady Gl...

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 4

Scotscores SS.9 S1: Lady Dumfries 8x32R; Merry Oddfellows 8x32J; The Marquis of Lorne 8x32S; Rosnor Abbey 8x40J; Brechin Lassies 8x32R S2: Inverary 8x32S; Miss Margaret Hill 8x32J; Lady Lucy Ramsay 8x32S; Andersons Rant 8x32R

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

A Jimmy Shand Dance Party

Beltona ABL 507 S1: Grand March; Canadian Barn Dance; Glasgow Highlanders; Hesitation Waltz. S2: Highland Schottische; Flooers O' Edinburgh; Pride of Erin; Strip the Willow. Dance instruction leaflet included.

Jimmy Shand's Scottish Country Dance Band

A Manchester Medley

John Laurie JML 101 S1: The Wild Geese 8x32J, The Flower of the Quern 4x323x32S, The Gilly Flower 8x32J, A Manchester Medley 64S+64R Lullaby for Thomas, Maxwell's Rant 8x32R S2: Wicked Willy 8x32R, miss Hadden's reel 8x32J, The Railway ...

Manchester Scottish Dance Band

A Measure of Scotch

Talisman STAL 5022 S1:Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, Doreen's Waltz, Le retour des Hirondelles, Rory O'More, Leith Country Dance, Slow Air Strathspey and Reel, Gay Gordons, S2: Thirteen Fouteen, The Duran Ranger, Dantesque, Fight About the Fire...

Jim Johnstone

A Scottish Choice

EMI STAL 5034 S1: Irish Reels, Gay Gordons, Scottish Waltz, Dunoon Barn Dance, Loch Leven Polka, Set of Reels S2: Lord Rosslyn's Fancy, St Bernard's Waltz, Rab the Ranter, Peggy's Love, The Alewife and her Barrel, Medley, Lamb Skinnet

Bands of: Robin Brock, Angus Fitchet, Bert Shorthuse, Jimmy Shand, Rob Gordon & Jim Johnstone

A Scottish Fancy

EMI SZLP 2125 S1: White Heather Jig 4x40J, Grosvenor House 96S, The Campbells Are Coming 4x32J, Balmoral Strathspey 4x32S, Miss Hadden's Reel 8x32R S2: Quiet and Snug 8x32S, Hooper's jig 8x32J, Waltz Country Dance, Galloway House 8x32R

Jimmy Shand and his Band

A Scottish Sampler

BBC Records REC 125S S1: Andy Stewart Medley, Gaelic Waltz Medley, Reel Medley, Jig Medley, Popular Song Medley (Waltz tempo) S2: Burns Reel Medley, Burns Waltz medley, Strathspey medley, Harry Lauder Medley


A Scottish Welcome

Lismor LILP 5029 S1: The Reivers, Polka, Canadian Barn Dance, Cumberland Reel, Morag's Waltz, Heroes of Vittoria S2: Highland Laddie, Scottish Reform, Military Two Step, Highland Wedding, Ashudie Rant, Gay Gordons

Jim Johnstone Band

A Scottish Welcome

Lismor LICS 5029 S1: The Reivers, Polka, Canadian Barn Dance, Cumberland Reel, Morag's Waltz, Heroes of Vittoria S2: Highland Laddie, Scottish Reform, Military Two Step, Highland Wedding, Ashudie Rant, Gay Gordons

Jim Johnstone and his Band

A Scottish Welcome

Waverly GLN 1024 S1: Ta Li Ho Two Step; KGV's Army; Plaisir d'Amour; Reel Selection; The Happy Haggis; Killiecrankie; The Haunt of the Gnomes. S2: Shand Marches; Scot Skinner Waltzes; Triste Sourire; Slow Airs; Toot, Toot Tootsie; The ...

The Donaldson Brothers

A Welcome from Jimmy Shand

Waverley SZLP 2120 S1: Circassian Circle; Scottish Waltz; Wee Sgian Dhu; Mayfair Quickstep; Irish Hornpipe; Bonnie Scotland; Plain Schottische S2: Irish Two Step; Tyneside Waltz; Tillietudlem Castle; Strathspey and Reel; Threave Castle Polka; Dow...

Jimmy Shand Band

A tribute to Jimmy Shand

Emeral Gem GES 1073 S1: The Hawthorn Band Tribute; Jimmy Shand Waltzes; March, Strathspey and Reel, Para handy Polka; Set of jigs S2: Jimmy Shand Reels; Strathspeys; Bluebell Polka; Jimmy Shand Medley, Scottish Waltz

The Hawthorn Scottish Dance Band

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