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Bill Hamilton Album No.10

Photo Diary kept by William Hamilton of a teaching visit 1974
Details cities visited: Montreal, Ottawa, Sacramento, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, New york San Francisco, New York, Washington DC

Archivist RSCDS

Letter and dance descriptions

Letter to M Prentice with descriptions for: That's My Jo; Campbells Strathspey; Campbells Fancy & The Skerry Reel of 8

Letters from Jean Milligan to Nancy Arnott

  • GB GB 3410 RSCDS-JM-6-2
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 11 January 1948 - 18 February 1974
  • Parte deJean Milligan Papers

Topics discuessed include the dance Rigadoonl the first edition of 'the Manual' and the 'Royal' prefix in the SCDS name. Also includes recipies for Sponge and Lady Pudding

A Breath O' Shetland

Polydor Special Record No 2384-074 S1: Shetland reels, Pipe marches, Set of jigs, Shetland waltzes, Norwegian waltz, Polka, Shetland marches. S2: Shetland reels, Waltzes, selection of marches, Fiddle solo, Set of reels, Pipe marches, Strathspeys, Up-helly-aa.

The Hamefarers

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances

RSCDS 01 S1: Miss Murray of Lintrose 32R; The Nineteenth of December 32J; The Duchess pf York 32S; Burn's Hornpipe 32R; The Reel of Five 16S 16R; Sally's Fancy 32S S2: Round Reel of Eight 88R; Tayport Beauty 32J; Seann Truibhas Willichan 32S; La Flora 32J; Miss Nellie Wemyss 32J; Auld Lang Syne 32S

The Olympians Scottish Dance Band

How Do You Do It

A video made in 1995 for the use of dancers, which demonstrates the RSCDS method of performing the following dances:
Haughs of Cromdale; The Jimp Waist; Green Grow the Rashes; Fiddle Faddle; The Gentle Shepherd; the 21st of September; Loch Leven Castle; Holyrood House; Miss Janet Laing's Strathspey; Mrs. Hamilton of Wishaw; Let's Meet Again; Mrs. Hill's De;ight; Land O' Cakes; The Charmer; Sir Murdoch MacDonald's Strathspey; Mrs. Stewart of Fasnacloich; The Glasgow Highlanders.

File relating to Book 28

Includes correspondence relating to the dances and tunes chosen, copies of instructions and diagrams for A Trip Oer The Tweed, Pretty Polly, Bonnie Lass, The Star, The New Petronella, Mairis Fancy, Mrs Hills Delight, The Cumbrae Reel, Euans Jig, Miss Shaftesbury`s Fancy, Two To One, Not I first proofs of the dances and music; lists of alternative tunes for each dance and 2 music note books with tunes

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances

RSCDS 02 S1: A Trip O'er the Tweed 4x48J; Pretty Polly 4x32S; Bonnie Lass 8x32R; The Star 6x32S; The new Petronella 2x48R; Mairi's Fancy S2: Mrs. Hill's Delight; The Cumbra Reel 8x32REuan's Jig 8x32J; Miss Shaftesbury's Fancy 4x32S; Two to One 8x32J; Not I 8x32R

Jimmy Lindsay & his Scottish Dance Band

Come Dance With Me

Lismor Recordings Record No LILP 5059 S1: Thingummy Jig Polka, Lewisvale Waltz, Strip the Willow, March of the Marches, Jack O'Tar Hornpipe, Drowsy Maggie. S2: Military two-step, Air, Strathspey + Reel, Continental Waltz, Brittania Two-step, Jigs, Reels.

Jim Johnstone and his Band

The Border Country Dance Band

SIDE ONE: 1 (REELS): Trip to Bavaria, Bill Sutherland, Cadum Woods, Kenmay House. 2. (HORNPIPES): Dennis Murphy's, The Athlone, Sherlock's. 3. (JIGS): Davy's Brae, Iain's Hunting Horn, The 19th Hole, Donald Ian Rankine.4. Dancing Fingers (Accordion Solo), 5. (STRATHSPEY): Braes of Breadalbane, Cambleton Kiltie Ball, Capt. Home. 6. (REELS): Maguire's, Rattigan's, and Jackie Colman's. SIDE TWO: 1. (JIGS): Mr and Mrs MacRogerson, The Pig that Shaks, The Piggery and Mr and Mrs T.M. Robertson. 2. (REELS): Bratach Bana, Highland Donald, Black Bear and Airlie Bobbies. 3. (MILITARY TWO-STEP): Lassie Come Dance With Me and The Hot Potato. 4. (REELS): Morpeth Rant, Miss K. Rose, Miss C.M. Barfour and New High Level. 5. When You and I were Young, Maggie Dear. 6. (JIG): The Castle.

RSCDS Archivist

Sundry Writings Anent Scottish Dancing

The Booklet contains personal thoughts and commentaries on aspects of Scottish Country Dancing. The topics covered are diverse and include; Phrasing and Teamwork, Deportment and Technique, devising New Dances, Fringe (non RSCDS Dances), William Marshall, and Forgotten Ways. Interspersed among the main topics are personal interpretations of dances through prose.

Archivist RSCDS

Don Bartlett and the Scotians "In Triumph"

TAC001. SIDE ONE: Triumph, Lucky Scaup, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Miss Nancy Frowns, Taladh, Trip to Galway, Miss Nancy Girdwood of Tillicoutry, Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel, Fiddler Play the Light Strathspey, George Walker, Lady Ann Hope, The Gentle Shepherd, George Kinloch of Kinloch, O Saw Ye My Wee Thing, Davy Nick Nack, Quickstep, Kirk's Hornpipe, SIDE 2: Teviot Brig, Emerald Green, Don William's Steeplechase, The Biolog, The Old Man Will Never Die, John Brown, Tune Your Fiddles, Miss Douglas, The Laird of Milton's Daughter, Royal Irish, Harrington's Hall, Denis, Don't Be Threatening, Glenburnie Rant, Pig Town, Silver Spear & Fill Up The Bowl.

RSCDS Archivist

Music for Ten Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 48 S1: Fife Ness 8x32R; Staffin' Harvest 4x32S; West's Hornpipe 4x32R; Her Majesty is Welcome 4x32S 4x32R; Cullins of Skye 8x32S S2: General Stuart's Reel 8x32R; Sugar Candie 8x32S; Miss Hadden's reel 8x32J; Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8x32S; Triumph 6x24R

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

File relating to Publications and Research 1 July 1977- December 1979

Includes correspondence from the secretary for meetings of the committee not included with SCD/1/5/3, NOT CLEAR WHETHER THOSE MEETINGS WERE MINUTED/ HELD; Draft minues of meetings that are included in SCD/1/5/3; correspondence re 'Know The Game', HQ stocking TAC Notes for Teachers, Collins Publishers; Book 29; Leaflet for 1978; Submissions to the committee including 'The Reel of Hong Kong- Lo Man Yui, The Merry Lads of Glasgow collected by Cedric Clark; Suggestions for the committee regarding the publication of records for older dances; Formation Index by E.C. Sharp, including a copy; Recounting a lesson from Jean Milligan A Trip to Glasgow and Frost and Snow- by Florence Adams; comments from committee members and individuals on dances for Miss Milligans Miscellany; Book 30; Booklet produced by Col Murray for his Battalion;correspondence with Richard Goss re his research; letters of complaint and comments on Society publications

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

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