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A Tribute to William Hannah

A musical tribute to the life of William Hannah by Luke Daniels with the assistance of Neil Ewart, Ian Carr, and John Paul Gandy. The enclosed booklet contains a brief biographical review of William Hannah and his work. The CD contains 12 tracks and was produced by Wren Records (CDTRAX369)

Luke Daniels

The West Wynd

Ten Scottish Country Dances written by Nan Lawson. (Private publication).
Dances: The West Wynd; The Octogenarian; The Laigh Stathspey; Life Let Us Cherish; A Jig For Jennifer; Saturday Morning Jig;Sherwood Strathspey; Gleniffer Circle

Archivist RSCDS

Bulletin No. 9 March 1936

Contents include:
Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 9 November 1935;
Scottish Country Dancing in England;
The Shangai Reel Club;
Annual Summer School;
Book 10;
Hey, Jenny Come Down to Jock;
List of Dance Leaflets;
Names and Addresses of Office Bearers;
Terms of membership;
Summer School Notice and Application form.

Scottish Country Dancer No. 9 October 2009

News from Coates Crescent 4 A competition, elections and awards From the Chair and Management Committees 5 News and comment from Alex Gray and the Convenors Banffshire Branch take tea with The Queen 7 Kaleidoscope 8 The world-wide seminar on Scottish country dancing Teachers’ Association Canada 10 Australian Winter School 11 Spring Fling 12 The annual gathering for young dancers Youth Weekend West 13 Like Spring Fling, but with warmer weather Lyon Branch go to Summer School 14 St. AndrewSociety(London)celebrates100years 15 The centenary of our oldest Affiliated Group Interview with Bill and Atsuko Clement 16 From around the world 19 Reports from our regional correspondents Technique Doctor 23 Morag Napier on The Knot In my opinion 24 Graham Berry gives his thoughts on Scottish country dance music Letters to the Editor 25 Reviews 26 Recent CD releases reviewed by RSCDS members Overheard on the Web 28 Chris Ronald reports back from cyberspace Day School Diary 29

Balance and Swing

A personal selection of Square, Contra and Triple time dances in the "New England Tradition" with a tune for each dance. Included is an extensive introduction which gives a historical perspective and a commentary on the New England Tradition on the Boston Area. Appendix 1 grades the dances with regard to suitability and dancer competence. Two other appendices contain a detailed list of suitable recorded music for the dances. An index of included music is provided. Published by the Country Dance and Song Society of America, New York 1982.

Ted Sanella

The Border City Collection

30 compositions by Felix Burns published by The National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs, 2003. The booklet also includes: a short biography of Felix Burns; a contribution from Leo Burns (son); and a listing of all known compositions.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

English Country Dances - Fallibroome Collection

English Country Dances (instructions and music) published by The English Folk Dance and Song Society (editor B J Bentley)
Book 1 17 dances from various sources 1713-c1800
Book 2 17 dances from "The Dancing Master" 1713-1728
Book 3 17 Dances from Johnson's Favourite Country Dances
Book 4 17 dances from various sources 1713-1799
Book 5 18 dances from various sources 1713-1790
Book 6 17 dances from various sources

English Folk Dance and Song Society

Highland Dancing

A page extracted from "The Navy and Army Illustrated" of 1896. The text describes the origin and form of "The Reel of Four", Reel of Tulloch" and "The Gillie Callum". Three accompanying illustrations show the dances being performed my members of a Highland regiment.

Not known

Mr. John Rice's Gift

A suite of three dances (Reel, Strathspey and Medley) contained in a bound volume and devised by Maureen Chevens as a tribute to Mr. John Rice, Orthopaedic Surgeon.
The DVD contains a video of the dances being performed by dancers from Dublin SCD Club and the CD contains original tunes for the dances composed by Pat and Peter Clark and George Meikle. Also included are letters from Maureen Chevens which relate to the background to the suite of dances and a photograph of John Rice and Maureen Chevens

Maureen Chevens

"Dancie" John Reid Remembered

A reminiscence of John Reid by Jim Kilpatrick. Published in the souvenir booklet of the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust, 2nd September, 2000. An account of the life of John Reid, with an introduction by Evelyn Hood.

The Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust

New Zealand Journal of Physical Education No.15

Published by the Physical Education Society of New Zealand (Inc), Dunedin, July,1958. This issue of the Journal contains an extensive report and analysis of the introduction of SCD into the Physical Education syllabus of Kokopu Primary School, Northland. The report describes the search for suitable dances and music; the progress made and the reaction of the pupils to the learning process. The report ends with a summary of the benefits , both physical and mental, of learning SCD.


McGill Manuscript

A MS (ca 1752 ) written by John McGill, Dance Master. The Manuscript lists Minuets and Reels used at his school in Dunse, steps for the Hornpipe and Gige, and twelve country dances viz: The Cameronians March; Because he was a Bony Lad; Jock the Drummer; Lady Macikintoishes Reel; Ephy Macnab; Old adge and young; The Cadgers in the Canongate; Kilkubright; Jack Hoomes Reel; The Colonel;; Just as I was in the morning; My Wife's a wanton wie thing; The Dustie Millar; The Short Appron; The Carl he cane o'er the Craft; Jokie's lost his DearieThe Malt man; The Dutch Supper; The Lads of Dunse; Steer the Gile
Includes is a photocopy of "Notes and Queries " Vol 12 July - September 1855 which discusses dance steps with particular reference to this MS

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Bulletin No. 79, November 2001

Contents include:
Message from the President;
Chairman's Foreword;
Annual Report;
Standing Committee Reports;
Minutes of the 2000 AGM;
Courses for 2002;
News From Branches: Aberdeen, Isle of Islay, Isle of Skye, Lanark, Washington, London Ontario, West Renfrewshire, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Northern Territory, San Diego, Lorn Argyll, Stirling, Whitehead, Western Australia.
Branch Workshops;
Money, the Menzies Manuscript and Me- Jim Healy
Blind Dance - June McKay;
Teaching Skills Course: Teachers View; Students View;
Is It Time to Change Your Feet? Research and dsicussion of the reel / jig Poussette;
Attracting Younger Dancers;
Donations 2000-2001;
GATOV-UH-EEE! (Ready... And) RSCDS Members visit Moscow;
Teaching an old dog new tricks- Fiona Turnbull;
Obituaries: Freda Irene Galway, John Robinson, Chris Gaul.

Bulletin No 8 October 1935

Contents include:
Annual Report 1934 - 1935;
Branch reports from the following: Aberdeen, Angus, Ayrshire, Banffshire Clackmannanshire, Dundee, Western Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Hamilton Inverness, London, Newtown-Stewart, Perth, Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire, East Stirlingshire, Wigtownshire;
Reports from Affiliated Groups: Leicester Scottish Dance Society, the Scottish Country Dance Society of British Columbia, St Andrews Society of Otego;
Answers to Correspondence;
Financial Report;
Account of International Folk Dance Festival;
Account of SCDS stand at Highland and Agricultural Show;
List of Perth Hotels;
Autumn School notice.

Scottish Country Dancer No. 8 April 2009

News from Coates Crescent 4 Changes and developments at Headquarters
From the Chair and Management Committees 5 News and comment from Alex Gray and the Convenors
How can we improve? 8 An analysis of the members’ survey
AGM and Conference Weekend 11 The Homecoming 12 The RSCDS and the whole of Scotland celebrate Robert Burns’ 250th Anniversary
Dance Scottish Week 14 Looking back at 2008 and forward to this year’s event
Interview with Sinclair Barbour 16 Jimmie Hill meets the inspiration behind a successful team of young dancers
CeilidhKids 19 From around the world 20 Reports from our regional correspondents
In my opinion 23 Angela Bulteel (Ribble Valley Branch) gives her view from the dance floor
Scottish country dancing and health 24 You know it’s good for you, and here’s the proof
Overheard on the Web 25 Chris Ronald reports back from cyberspace
Reviews 26 Recent CD releases reviewed by RSCDS members
Obituaries 27 Letters to the Editor  28 Day School Diary

Bulletin No. 78, November 2000

Contents include:
Message from the President;
Chairman's Foreword;
Annual Report;
Standing Committee Reports;
Minutes of the 1999 AGM;
Courses for 2001;
Anniversary Reports: 75th: Ayr; 50th: Cape Town; Boston, Monklands.
Branch Workshops;
A Day in the Life of... A Dance Devisor- Roy Goldring;
Potential Tutors Course;
Dances for Publications;
Examiners' Seminar;
Courses for Teachers;
Letters to the Editor;
Ladies Step Dancing;
Youth Committee Like Jam;
RSCDS Catalogue
Jean Milligan Memorial Fund;
CD Player;
Obituaries: Tihi West, Iain Stuart Robertson, Susan Nedderman.
Sadly Missed: James Taylor, Marion Donaldson, Nancy Stephen, Johanna Galloway, Laurie Ray Leavett Brown, Karin Willberg, Ina Narin, Gale Cragg, Kay Parsons

Bulletin No. 77, October 1999

Contents include:
Message from the President;
Chairman's Foreword;
Annual Report;
Standing Committee Reports;
Minutes of the 1998 AGM;
Anniversary Reports: 75th: Edinburgh; 50th- Annan, Inverness; 25th: Hunter Valley.
Diary of Day/Weekend Schools;
A Day in the Life of... A Band Leader;
A Postcard from South Africa;
Scottish Country Dance 'A Reel Ceilidh On'
Highlights: Dan Blackwood, Margaret Parker;
The Archives- Alan Macphearson;
RSCDS Price List;
Jean Milligan Memorial Fund;
New Recordings;
A Gift to the Archives 'The four Margarets and a Notebook'- Alistair MacFadyen
Core Programme for 2000;
Sadly Missed: Lillian Chamoin; Douglas Sutherland; Margaret McLaughlan Cameron Prentice, Catherine J. Mowatt, Flora C. Inglis

Bulletin No. 76, October 1998

Contents include:
Chairman's message;
Minutes of 1997 AGM;
Annual Report;
75th Anniversary Special;
Anniversary Reports: 75 Years: Glasgow; 50 Years NW Ayrshire, Bath Stonehaven; 25 Years: Hawaii, Victoria
A Day in the Life of... Summer School;
Diary of Day/Weekend Schools;
Postcard from Vancouver;
Reviews Section;
Letter to the Editor;
Jean Milligan Memorial Fund;
People: Kitty McLauchlan - an apprication; Francis Martin (hon vice president Falkirk Branch; Jim Nicholson - an apprication.
Obituaries: Bob Blackie, Margaret (Peggy) Dyks, Bessie Gilroy, Helene Jenson, George Mechan

Stirling Branch Dem Team 1994

Cutting from The Stirling Observer, 21/7/1994. Photograph show the Stirling Branch demonstration team and musicians outside the Guildhall, where they were participating in an event organised by the Stirling Tours and Guiding Organisation.

RSCDS Archivist

Bulletin No. 74, October 1996

Contents include:
Foreword by Chairman;
Spotlight of the Year;
A Word from the Secretary;
Annual Report;
Standing Committees;
Future Events;
Day, Weekend and other Schools,
Anniversary Branch Reports from the following: Kilmarnock and District, West Lothian, Birmingham, Belfast, Southport, Wolverhampton, Tucson.
Records Breakers;
A Dip into the Archive;
Teaching Tout of Southern Africa;
Young Scottish Dancers Association;
Jean Milligan Memorial Fund;
1998 Contingency Fund;
Branch Secretaries;
Affiliated Group Secretaries;
Obituaries: George Iain 10th Duke of Atholl, Dr William Blane Adam, Nancy Kate Allibon, Mary (May) Collie, James B. Cosh, Isobel Cramb; Jean Forsythe (Gillespie) London, Peg McAulay, Barbara Paris, Barry Priddy, Alexander Murray Stephen, William Stoddart.

Bulletin No. 73, October 1995

Contents include:
Foreword by Chairman;
Spotlight of the Year;
A Word from the Secretary;
Annual Report;
Standing Committees;
Future Events;
Day, Weekend and other Schools,
Young Scottish Dancers Association
Member's price list;
Dance World 1995;
RSCDS Application form
Jean Milligan Memorial Fund;
Obituaries: Stan Harland, Francis Mary Gordon, Tom Dazalgette, Graeme Stephens, May (Murray) Wilson L. R. A. M., Margaret A. Rae, Chrissie Forsythe, Alex T. Queen, Anna Holden, Eugenia Callandar Sharpe.

The Thistle Magazine of the West Point Grey SCD Club B.C. Canada

A hand produced newsletter/journal published in February, May, October and December from 1961. The publication features: descriptions and comments about SCDs; Articles relating to Dance Masters, Books, Ballroom Guides and items of general interest to Dancers. Most issues contain a Question/Answer section; Letters to the Editor; Advertisements. Several contributions from Hugh Thurston and Hugh Foss
Published in Vancouver

Bulletin No. 72, October 1994

Contents include:
Annual Report 1993;
Standing Committees;
Summary Report on New Legislation relating to Charities in Scotland;
Branch Secretaries and Memberships;
Affiliated Groups;
RSCDS Scholarships and Application Form
Summer School 1995
Day, Weekend and other Schools,
Dance World 1994
Books with Music- revision of;
Jean Milligan Memorial Fund;
Chairman?s Vision Fund;
Members price list
Annual General Meeting 1993
Estimate of Income and Expenditure
Statement of Accounts
Obituaries: Cor Ligtmans, Robert Smith, Jean W Thompson, Phyllis Wood.

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