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Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 50 Spring Fling 12 Scottish Country Dances

Instructions and music for: The Spring Fling Reel (R); Les Remparts d Seville (J); There's Something about Thirty (S); 192 Miles Home (J); Tge Doonhammer Delight (R); Mathilde is a Delight (S); The Wandering Wallaby(J); Double Trouble Triangles (R); Shadow (J); A Trip to Applecross (J); Dancing Spirit (J); La Baratte your Way Home (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

A Tribute to William Hannah

A musical tribute to the life of William Hannah by Luke Daniels with the assistance of Neil Ewart, Ian Carr, and John Paul Gandy. The enclosed booklet contains a brief biographical review of William Hannah and his work. The CD contains 12 tracks and was produced by Wren Records (CDTRAX369)

Luke Daniels

The Playford Assembly

The introduction is a detailed commentary on English Country Dance covering the history, style and music. 125 country dances from the period 1651 - 1820 are listed with a modern interpretation of the dance instructions and music. Compiled by Graham Christian and published by The Country Dance and Song Society, Easthampton, MA USA

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 49 12 Scottish Country Dances

Instructions and music for the following dances: Neil M Grant (J); Orpington Caledonians (R); Midsummer Common (S); The First Rain of Spring (J); Miss Eleanor (S); The Ruby Rant (R); Round and Roundabout (Rundumadum) (S); Flora's Fancy (J); The Library of Birmingham (S); John Cass (J); MacDonald of Keppoch (M); The Countess of Dunmore's Reel (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Scottish Country Dancer April 2015

News from Coates Crescent 4
From the Chair and Committee Reports 6
Young Dancers' Page 8
A Love Letter to Scottish Dance 9
Th e youth scene in Scotland through Canadian eyes
RSCDS T-Shirt Competition
But Does She Dance? 10
Retiri ng Secretary/ Executive Officer Elizabeth Foster looks back
Dancing with Hugh Foss 12
A former student of Hugh Foss remembers him
Dancing Cheek to Cheek: 13
A Glimpse of Scottish Dance
An inside view of filming wit h the BBC
Interview with Margaret Bennett 14
SCD and the RSCDS from a folklorist's point of view
The Kandahar Reel 15
Showing the Joy of Dance: 16
Demonstration Teams
Two experienced team leaders explain their approach
Won't You Join the Dance ...Project? 18
Joseph Bell applies new tech nology to SCD
Two Unusual SCD Events 19
In My Opinion 20
Bobby Brown Music Scholarship
A Gallery of Scottish Country Dance T-Shirts 21
From around the World 22
Overheard on the Web 27
Reviews 28
Obituaries 29
Day School Diary 30

Scottish Country Dancer October 2015

From the Chairman and 5
Management Committees
Who's Who? 7
Young Dancers Page 8
Report on a new branch and other youth-related events
24-hour Ceilidh Challenge 9
Report on the STV Children's Appeal
Spring Fling - London 2015 10
Celebration of Culture 11
Metis dancers and Scottish country dancers celebrate together
Interview with Raphaelle Orgeret 12
CeilidhKids - now aged eight and a half 14
The World of Scottish Country Dancing 16
On camera
Digital Communication 18
Michael Greenwood and Tom Halpenny describe the Society's increasing involvement in Social Media
Overheard on the Web 19
The Story of Parliament - and the RSCDS The Archive

Imperial Book of Scottish Country Dances Volumes 1-3 Combined Edition

Descriptions of dances originally published in three volumes by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Volume 1 1966 contains dances devised by Edna Russell and Jack McConachie. , Volume 2 1971, Volume 3 1977 contain dances which where placed 1-3 in competitions arranged by the ISTD in memory of McConachie. All without music.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 48 15 Scottish Country Dances

Instructions and music for: Newburgh Jig(J); The Rutland Reel (R); The Golden Years (S); Monica's Way (J); Rye Twist (R); City of Belfast (S); Sunshine and Sweetie's Jig (J); The Tri-Mariner (R); A Summer Meeting (S); The Festival Man (J); The Fireworks Reel (R); Rougemount Castle (S); Lady in Red (J); Farewell to Helensburgh (S); McLeod's Wedding (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Commonwealth Ceilidh Brochure

RSCDS celebratory event in support of the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. All RSCDS Branches were encouraged to promote a local event. Advertising brochure for Falkirk Branch's event held in the Town Hall June 21st 2014. Illustration shows from L to R: Peter Wood (RSCDS Youth Team), member of Indian Folk Dance group, Fiona Hyslop (MSP), member of Indian Folk Dance group, Elizabeth Harry (Edinburgh Branch).

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Elegant Elspeth Gray.

The Elegant Elspeth Gray, a 32 bar Reel for three couples in a four couple set. Devised by Alan Macpherson for Elspeth Gray on the occasion of her retirement as Secretary of the RSCDS 20th December, 2014. Music for the dance by Lindsay Ross. 2 copies of leaflet and music.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Bannockburn 700

Eleven dances with music written by or for members of the branch: Bannockburn 700 (J); City of Stirling Reel (R); Miss Shearer's Strathspey (S); The Treasurer (J); Janet's Cup of Tea (S); Argyll's Farewell to Stirling (R); Jim's Haberdashery (J); The Silver Castle Reel (R); The Walkers of Avonlea (S); Birls Allowed (J); The Reel Archie (R)

Stirling Branch RSCDS

Happy Tartan

Ten Dances devised by Yuko Kondo: Happy Tartan (R); The White Dragon (J); St. Andrews Sea (S); Chasing and Elf (J); A Geometry Class (S); A Masquerade S); Sakura (S+R); A Renaissance Dance (S); A Maze in the Mirror (J); El Toreador (S); Happy Tartan R)
Accompanying CD contains the music (written by Kana Otake) for the dances and performed by Kana Otake and Akiko Kasama

Yuko Condo

Oral Histories

An oral history project was undertaken as part of the overall archive development project 2014/2015 to record the memories of members of RSCDS branches and other country dance groups and clubs
Interviews were mostly conducted by other members and include one on one and group interviews.
Topics covered include the personal histories of members and their connections to Scottish country dancing.
Originally recorded on digital voice and camera records and transferred to mp3 and mp4 formats.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 47 - 12 Dances to Celebrate the 90th Anniversary

Contains the music and instructions for 12 Scottish Country Dances with an introduction to the book by the late Dr. Alastair Macfadyen, President of the RSCDS.
Dances: Bill Clement MBE (Jig); Linea's Strathspey (Strathspey); Flight to Melbourne (Reel); Aging Gracefully (Strathspey); Vintage Simon (Jig); The One O'clock Canon (Reel); Memories of Mary Ann (Strathspey); Welcome to Ayr (Jig); The Kissing Bridge (Reel); It wisnae me (Strathspey); Glastonbury Tor (Reel); The Mentor (Strathspey).


S Quadrille

A recording of a Guiness World Record for the greatest number of people dancing the first set of Quadrilles. Participants were fromn 51 cities in 8 European countries.
Also includes instructions on how to dance the Quadrille figures.

Dancesport Federatiion of Slovenia

Delaware Valley Gold

A Booklet of dances commemorating the Delaware Valley Branch of the RSCDS 50th Anniversary. The Booklet contains descriptions of dances (with music) created by members and former members of the Branch. A short history of the Branch is inclded.

RSCDS Archivist

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