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Parlophone No. R 5323 S1: Dundee City police Pipe Band; Dr. Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering S2: Howard Lockhart Polka

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Scottish Dance Masters Vol.4

Atholl Brose Recordings AB009C S1: The Merry Oddfellows 8x32J; The Dundee Whaler 4x32S; Morag Murray of Dunning; The Robertson Rant 80S; The Lass of Humberside; The Loon Mountain Reel 4x32R. S2: Senator Robert C Byrd of West Virginia 8x32R; From Scotcia's Shores We're Noo Awa 8x32S; The Black Craig of Dee 8x32R; Molly Blair;s Cradle Song/Reel; Captain Whiteside 8x32J.

Ron Gonnella; Bobby Brown; Stan Hamilton

To Dance To: A Programme of Scottish Country Dances

Thistle Records BSC 123S S1: Solway Reel 4 x 48R, Shepherd's Crook 1 x 72, Round Reelo of Eight 1 x 88R, The Rose of Benbecula 8 x 16W, Bonnie Anne 1 x 96J, The Winding Nith 4 x 40S, Laird of Dochart's Reel S2: Macdonald of Sleat 120J, Bonnie Brux 40S+40R, White Sands Jig 8 x 32J, MacNeil of Barra 48S+48R, Doon Hame 2 x 56R, Rouken Glen 72S, Lamont of Inveryne 208R

Ian Holmes & His Scottish Country Dance Band


Scottish Records SRCM 153 S1: Bonnie Geordie's Wig (32R), Kiss Under the Stairs (32J), Happy Returns (32R), Lady Charlotte Bruce (32S) S2:Argyle Broadswords, Macdonald of Sleat, Macleod of Harris, Shepherd's Crook, Bonnie Anne, Rouken Glan, Ovefr the Dee and Over the Don, McNeil of Barra

William Clement (pipes) & Nancy Dickson (piano)

Country Dancers Delight

Thistle Records BSC 125S S1: 8 x 32R, 4 x 32J, 3 x 32S, 4 x 32R, The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord, 8 x 32J S2: 4 x 32R, 4 x 32S, 5 x 32R, 5 x 32J, 64S=64R, The Irish Rover 8 x 32R

The Danelaw Country Dance Band

Caledonian Ball

Thistle Records BSC 122S S1: The Frisky 8 x 32J, Burn's Hornpipe 8 x 32R, New Scotland Strathspey 8 x 32S, Baldovan Reel 4 x 32R, Golden Pheasant 8 x 40J S2: Kiss Me Quick my Mither's comin' 8 x 32R, Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8 x 32S, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch 32S+32R+64R, Miss Murray of Lintrose 8 x 32R

Rob Gordon & his Band

Scottish Country Dances Vol.2

Ayrespin AYRC 123 S1: Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32R; C'est L'Amour 8x32J; The White Rose of Scotland 8x32S; Shiftin' Bobbins 8x32R. S2: Mhari's Wedding 8x40R; The Robertson Rant 80S; Round Reel of Eight 88R; Hooper's Jig 8x32J; The Oriel Strathspey 4x32S; Postie's Jig 4x32J

The George Fleming SCD Band

Great Scottish Dance Bands Vo.2

Polydor 3192 361 S1: Cullen Bay; Two Pipe Reels; Mackay's Medley; Waltz; Da Turlers; Sean Trews and Reels; Gay Gordons. S2: Gay Gordons; Foursome Reel; Clog Dance; Accordian Solo; Medley; Waltz; The Little Cascade; Hornpipe

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

A Scottish Welcome

Lismor LICS 5029 S1: The Reivers, Polka, Canadian Barn Dance, Cumberland Reel, Morag's Waltz, Heroes of Vittoria S2: Highland Laddie, Scottish Reform, Military Two Step, Highland Wedding, Ashudie Rant, Gay Gordons

Jim Johnstone and his Band

The Shepherd's Choice

Springthyme Records SPRC 1008 S1: Grand March; Circassian Circle; Military Twostep; Barn DanceSt. Bernard's Waltz; Eva Threestep; Broun's Reel S2: Strip the Willow (J); Polka; Gay Gordons; Scottish Reform (J); Highland Schottische; Hamilton House (J) S2:

Bill Black and his Scottish Dance Band

Golden Hour of Jim Macleod Scottish Dancing

Precision Tapes Ltd ZCGH 536 S1: Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh; Macdonald of Sleat; Circassian Circle; Lamb Skinnet; Duke of Perth; Schiehallion; Duke of Atholl's Reel; Gay Gordons S2: Mairi's Wedding; Holyrood House; Eightsome Reel; Deil Amang the Tailors; Bonnie Anne; Dashing White Sergeant; Gaelic Waltz

Jim Macleod and his band

The Ladies of Dunse

Scotscore DUNS01 S1 The Reels 8x40R; Founders Jig 8x32J; Strathcare 8x32S; The Whisky Association Reel 8x32R; The Scots Guards 8x32S; 8th Battalion Royal Scots 8x32R S2: Campbell of Laphroaig 8x16S 8x16R; Jim Dougal of Eyemouth 3x32S; Peggy's Joy 8x32J; The Ruby Strathspey 4x32S; St. Ebba's Strand 4x40R; Millerton Brig 8x323S; The Border Bridge 8x32R; The Scot's Gate 4x32J

Marion Anderson and Muriel Johnstone

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 4

Scotscores SS.9 S1: Lady Dumfries 8x32R; Merry Oddfellows 8x32J; The Marquis of Lorne 8x32S; Rosnor Abbey 8x40J; Brechin Lassies 8x32R S2: Inverary 8x32S; Miss Margaret Hill 8x32J; Lady Lucy Ramsay 8x32S; Andersons Rant 8x32R

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

Music for Nine Traditional Dances

RSCDS 06 S1: Collichur 8x32J; Hame Came opur Guidman 8x32S; The Highland Lass 8x32R; Strip the Willow 8x40J (9/8) S2: A Man's a Man for A' That 8x32S; The Guidman of Balangigh 8x32J; The Cadie's Lady 8x32R; Short and Swet 8x40J

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Frae a' the Airts - Vol. 1

RSCDS 36 S1: Portnacraig 8x32R; The Road to Mallaig 4x32S; Quarries' Jig 8x32J; Gang the Same Gate 8x32S S2: the Whistling Wind 8x32R; The Argyll Ludging 8x32S; Anniversary Reel 4x32R; The Gilly Flower 8x32J

Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Great Scottish Dance Bands

Polydor 2384 088 S1: Miss Mary Douglas(J), Gay Gordons, Flowers of Edinburgh (R), Scottish Waltz, Kiss Me Quick(R), Set of Jigs S2: Military Two Step, St. Bernard's Waltz, Gay Gordons, Lady Louisa Macdonald's Strathspey, The Abercairny Highlanders

Lindsay Ross and his Scottish Dance Band


Scottish Records 33SR 153 S1: Bonnie Geordie's Wig (32R), Kiss Under the Stairs (32J), Happy Returns (32R), Lady Charlotte Bruce (32S) S2:Argyle Broadswords, Macdonald of Sleat, Macleod of Harris, Shepherd's Crook, Bonnie Anne, Rouken Glan, Ovefr the Dee and Over the Don, McNeil of Barra

William Clement (pipes) & Nancy Dickson (piano)

Scottish Country Dance Music

Scotscan Records AJM 001 S1: Corn Rigs 8 x 32R, Braes O' Mellinish 8 x 32S, Argyle's Fancy, Davy Knick Knack 8 x 32R S2: Loch Leven Castle 8 x 32R, Jimmy's Fancy 8 x 32S, Roaring Jelly 8 x 32R, Angus McKinnob's Hornpipe 8 x 32J

Angus MacKinnon and the Scots Canadians

The Scottish Dance Masters Andrew Rankine & Ron Gonnella

Artisan Records ART 305 S1: Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe 8 x 32R, Ladies' Fancy 8 x 32J, Peggy's Love 8 x 32S, Lady Harriot Hope's Reel, 8 x 32R S2: The Fireside Reel 8 x 32R, The River Cree 8 x 32J, The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper 8 x 32S, Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife 8 x 40J

Andrew Rankine and Ron Gonnella

7 Favourite Scottish Dances ?

Thistle Records BSLP 105S S1:Cumberland reel 8 x 32J, Dumbarton's Drums 8 x 32R, Muirland Willie 8 x 32J, Flowers of Edinburgh 8 x 32R S2: The Express 8 x 40J, Perthshire Highlanders 8 x 32S, Mrs McLeod of Raasay 8 x 32R

George Stirrat and his Scottish Dance Band

Ian Reid and his Scottish Dance Band

Thistle Records BSLP 107S S1: The Swilcan (J), The Primrose Polka, The Black Dance, Waltz, Barn Dance,Mairi's Wedding (R) S2: Campbell's Frolic, Happy Harry Polka, The Braes of Breadalbane (S), Wild Geese (j), the Gay Gordons, College Hornpipe (R)

Ian Reid and his Scottish Dance Band

The Scottish Sound of the Bill Hendry Band

Thistle Records BSLP 112(S) S1: The Hollin Buss (J), Highland Laddie (R), Polka, Scottish Waltz, Roxburgh Castle (R), Kenmure's On and Awa' (J), Highland Schottische, Gay Gordons S2: The Marrit Man's Favourite (R), Miss Hadden's reel (J), Gay Gordons, Gaelic Waltz, Maxwells rant (R), Jimmy's Fancy (S), Hooper's Jig (J), Reels

The Bill Hendry Band

Caledonian Ball

Thistle Records BSLP 122S S1: The Frisky 8 x 32J, Burn's Hornpipe 8 x 32R, New Scotland Strathspey 8 x 32S, Baldovan Reel 4 x 32R, Golden Pheasant 8 x 40J S2: Kiss Me Quick my Mither's comin' 8 x 32R, Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8 x 32S, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch 32S+32R+64R, Miss Murray of Lintrose 8 x 32R

Rob Gordon & his Band

Dance to Bobby Crowe's Band

Thistle Records BSLP 67 S1: Galloway House 4 x 32R, Scottish Waltz, The Rievers 4 x 32R, The Logan Brig (S), Marrit Man's Favourite 4 x 32R, Threesone Reel (S+R), Highland Schottishe S2: St Johnstoun Reel 4 x 32R, Gaelic Waltz, La Tempete 4 x 48R, Drumelzier 2 x 32S, Cauld Kail 4 x 32 S+R, The Cumberland Reel 4 x 32J, The Wild Geese 5 x 32J

Bobby Crowe's Band

On Stage with the Thistle Band

Calclan Records CAL 004 S1: The white Cockade 8 x 32R, The Machine Without Horses 8 x 32J, South of the Grampians 4 x 32S, Reel of the 51st Division 8 x 32R, Hooper's Jig 8 x 32J S2: The Isle 8 x 32J, Mr Watson's Reel 8 x 32R, The Braes of Breadalbane 8 x 32S, Jessie's Hornpipe 8 x 32R

The Thistle Band

On Stage with the Thistle Band

Calclan Records CAL 005 S1: Flowers of Edinburgh 8 32R, La Flora 8 x 32J, Balmoral Strathspey 4 x 32S, Diamond Jubilee Jig 4 x 32J, Gay Gordons, Robertson Rant 1 x 80S S2: The Hollin Buss 8 32J, From Soctis's Shores We'er Noo Awa' 8 x 32S, The Montgomeries' Rant 8 x 32R, The Frisky 8 x 32J

The Thistle Band

On Stage with the Thistle Band

Calclan Records CAL 006 S1: St. Andrew's Fair 8 x 32J, Monymusk 8 x 32S, The Baldoven reel 4 x 32R, Kendall's Hornpipe 8 x 32J, Neidpath Castle 3 x 32S S2: The Wild Geese 8 x 32J, Round Reel of Eight 1 x 88R, The silver tassie 8 x 32S, The White Heather Jig 4 x 40J, Petronella 8 x 32R

The Thistle Band

Rob Gordon's Fourth Caledonian Ball

Fellside Recordings FE 029 S1: Ellwyn's Fairy Glen 8 x 32R, Welcome to Queen's Cross 4 x 48S,Off She Goes I the North 4 x 32J, Sean Truibhas Willican 4 x 32S, Reels of Five 32S+32R S2: Maxwell's Rant 8 x 32R, Waltz Country Dance, Tribute to the Borders 8 x 32J, Garry Strsthspey 4 x 32S, Teviot Brig 8 x 24J

Rob Gordon and his Band

Scottish Country Dance Favourites Volume 1

Emerald Records GES 1055 S1: Bratach Bana 8 x 32R, The Hogmaynay Jig 8 x 32J, Braes of Balquidder 24+40Gay +40+24S, The Peat Fire Flame 8 x 40R S2: Duke of Atholl's Reel 8 x 32J,The Water Kelpie 8 x 32R, The Dundee Whaler 4 x 32S, Haste to the Wedding 8 x 32J

Andrew Rankine and his Scottish Band

The Sound of Scotland

Golden Guinea GSGL 10314 S1: Grand Marvch, Dashing White Sergeant, Scottish Waltz, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch, Pipe Marches S2: Reel of the 51st Divison, Strip the Willow, Gaelic Waltz, Gay Gordons, Eightsome Reel

Jim MacLeod & his Band

Scottish Accordion Hits

Lismor Recordings LILP 5075 S1: The 6-20 Two Step, The Mason's Apron, Royal Scots Polka, The Agnes Waltz, Bel Fiore, The Highland Wedding S2: Dashing White Sergeant, The Cukoo Waltz, Liberton Pipe Band (Polka), Household Brigade, Life in the Findland Woods, The Para handy Polka

Calum MacLean

Scottish Country Dance

Lismor Records LILP 5098 S1: Grand March, Quite Contrary, Shetland Waltz, canbadian Barn Dance, Wicked Willie, Leven Lassies S2: The last of the Lairds, Glen Cova, Doreen's Waltz, Gay Gordons, Polka-Musette, Fiddler's Fancy

Glendaruel Scottish Dance Band

Looking for a Partner

Laird Records LRD 1001 S1: The Merry Reapers 8x24J, There's Nae Lucl Aboot the Hoose 8x32S, Glayva 8x32J, Knit the Pocky 8x32R S2:
Merry Dancers 8x32J, Captain McBride's Hornpipe 8x32R, Strathglass House 8x32S, The Black Dance 8x32R

Nancy Dickson (Dixon on front cover!)

Awa Frae Hame

Music for Pleasure MFP 50224 S1: The Dundee Reel 8x40R, La Russe 8x32R, Scottish Ramble 8x32S, The Isle of Skye 8x32R S2: The Montgomerie's Rant 8x32R, Petronella 8x32R, Madge Wildfire's Strathspey 8x32S, The Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32R

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Music for 12 Scottish Country Dances

Corbridge No number - recorded from tape S1: Summer in Assynt 4x32S, Bannocks and Brose 4x32J, Cannonhill Assembly 4x32S, The Rothsey Rant 4x 32J, The Rosette 4x32M, The Culag 4x32J, Two Bonnie Lads 8x32R S2: Glenmoor 8x32J, Campbell's Hornpipe 4x32R, Aisa Craig 4x32S, The Lad's Awa 4x40R, Campbell of Cawdor 8x32S

Composed and played by Beryl S Johnston

Come Scottish Country Dancing with Robert Whitehead and his Band

Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 103 S1: The Alexandra reel 4x48J, Prince Charles of Edinburgh 4x40R, Dunvegan Castle 32S+32R, Dunsinane 8x32S, Round Reel of Eight 88R, Campbelltown Loch 4x48J, The Montgomerie's Rant 8x32R S2: Lady Susan Stewart's Reel 8x32R, The Haunt of the Gnomes 64S, The Pines of Pitlochry 8x48J, Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch 32S+32R+64R, Mary Hamilton 4x32S, Pinewoods Reel 8x32R

Robert Whitehead and his Band

Come Scottish Country Dancing with Andrew Rankineand his Band

Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 102 S1: A Toast to St Andrews 4x48R, Twixt Don and Dee 4x32S, Jennifer's Jig 8x32JThe Byron Strathspey 3x32S, Cadgers in the Canongate 8x48R S2: Wicked Willy 4x32R, Let the Hackle's Rise 4x48J, Sugar Candie 8x32S, General Stuart's Reel 8x32R, The Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32J

Andrew Rankine and his Band

Scottish Pipes

Parlophone PMC 1059 S1: Gathering of theClans P1, Highland Fling, Marches Medley P1, Skye Boat Song, Sword Dance, Strsthspey and Reel Medley S2: Gathering of the Clans P2, Eightsome Reel, Shean Truibhs, Wi' a Hundred Pipers, Marches Medley P2, Flowers of the Forest

Miscellaneous Pipe Bands

Something to Celebrate. 25 years of Scottish Dancing in Sutton Coldfield

RSCDS Sutton Coldfield Branch SC 1 S1: The Falls of Rogie 8x32R, Seaton's Ceilidh Band 4x64J, The Irish Rover 8x32R, The Silver Tassie 8x32S, Sleepy Maggie 8x32J S2: Whippity Stourie 8x32R, Kendall's Hornpipe 8x32J, The Silver rose 4x32R, Miss Ogilvie's Fancy 8x32S, Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich 8x32R

The Lothian Band

Second Celebration

RSCDS Sutton Coldfield Branch SC 2 S1: Gavin's Reel 5x32R, A Hot Toddy 8x32J, Singing Sands 3x32S, Lady Sophia Linday 4x32R, Argyll is my Name 8x32J, Wind on Loch Fyne 3x32S, Devil's Elbow 8x32R S2: Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32R, The Phamtom Piper 4x32J, Butterscotch and Honey 4x32S, Nottingham Lace 4x24R, Wild Goose Chase 4x32J, The Dark Mile 3x32S, Tam O'Shanter 8x48R

The Lothian Band

Honour the Piper

Scots Disc SDL 004 S1: Honour the PIper48s, 48R Medley, Reel of the 51st Division 8x32R, Duke of Atholl's Reel 8x32J, Monymusk 8x32S S2: Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R, Cauld Kail 8x16S16R Medley, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch 32S 32R 64R, Eighthsome Reel

Wm. Clement and the Atholl Highlander Pipers

Scottish Dance Time

Custom Audio Records SMT 70-2 S1: The Sailor 8x32R, The Haddington Assembly 8x32J, Balquidder Strathspey 8x32S, The Hollin Buss 8x32J S2: The Wild Geese 8x32J, Maxwell's Rant 8x32R, The Saint John River 4x32S, Miss Mary Douglas 8x48 J

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

Scottish Dance Time

Custom Audio Records SMT 70 28 S1: The Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32R, The Machine Without Horses 8x32J, Lochiel's Rant 8x32S, The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R, Scottish Waltz S2: The Hamilton rant 8x48R, Leith Country Dance 8x32J, Up in the Air 8x32S, Genweral Stuart's Reel 8x32R

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

Scottish Dance Time

  • Custom Audio Records SMT 7029 S1: The Duke of Perth 8x32R, The Deuks Dang Ow're My Daddy 8x40J, The Braes od Breadalbane 8x32S, Cadgers in the Canongate 8x48R S2: The Buchan Eightsome 10x40R, The Lea Rig 8x32S, The Baldoven Jig 8x 32J, Thye
  • College Hornpipe 8x32R

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

Scottish Dance Time

Private recording SMT 70-31 S1: The Isles 8x32J, The White Cockade 8x32R, Maggie Lauder 8x32S, Reel of the 51st Division 8x32R S2: Mrs. Macleod of Raasay 8x32R, The Duke of Atholl's Reel 8x32J, The Braes of Tullimet 8x32S, Corn Rigs 8x32R

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

A Scottish Fancy

EMI SZLP 2125 S1: White Heather Jig 4x40J, Grosvenor House 96S, The Campbells Are Coming 4x32J, Balmoral Strathspey 4x32S, Miss Hadden's Reel 8x32R S2: Quiet and Snug 8x32S, Hooper's jig 8x32J, Waltz Country Dance, Galloway House 8x32R

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Ready ? And!

TACSOUND TAC 003 S1: Bauldy Bain's Fiddle 8x32R, The Bonnie Briest Knots 8x32S, The Highlandman's Umbrella 4x32R, Aukd Nick's Lumber Roon 8x32J, Salute to Summer 4x32R S2: The Lassies od Dunse 8x32J, The Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32R, Bonnie Stronshiray 8x32S, The Duran Ranger 8x32R

Bobby Brown, The Scottish Accent, Cape Breton Symphony, and Guest Artists

Heather Medley Scottish Country Dancing

EMI Music for Pleasure MFP 1317 S1: Set of Jigs 4x32, a Tusker 4x32R, Irish Barn Dance, Miss Hadde3n's Reel 4x32, Gay Gordons, Jessie's Hornpipe 4x32R S2: Roxburgh Castle 4x32R, Scottish Waltz, Dumbarton's Drums 4x32R, Military Two Step, Campbell's Frolic 4x32J, Highland Schottische, Polka, The3 Swilcan 8x32J

Jim Johnstone and his Band

Jigtime with Jimmy Shand

Waverley SZLP 2122 S1: Heather Mixture Rant 4 x 32J, The Weaving Lilt (Full Dance), Larkhill Welcome 8 x 32J, Rory O'More, 8 x 32J, Drumelzier 4 x 32S, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder 32 x 64 x32J S2: The Hollin' Bus 8 x 32J, The Black Dance 8 x 32R, Rock and Wee Picle Tow 8 x 32J, Bonniw Lass O'Bon Accord 8 + 56S, Ashludie Rant 8 x 32J
ore 8 x 32J, Drumelzier 4 x 32S, Ian Powries Farewell to Auchterarder 32 x 64 x32J

Jimmy Shand

Heather Medley

Music for Pleasure MFP 1317 S1: Set of Jigs 4 x 32J, Irish Waltz, Da Tushker 4 x 32R, Irish Barn Dance, Miss Hadden's Reel 4 x 32R, Gay Gordons, Jessie's Hornpipe 4 x 32R, S2: Roxburgh Castle 4 x 32R, Scottish Waltz, Dumbarton's Drums 4 x 32R, Military Twostep, Campbell's Frolic 4 x 32J, Highland Schottische, Polka, The Swilcan 8 x 32J

Jim Johnstone

Introducing the Lothian Scottish Dance Band

The Lothian Scottish Dance Band RF4 S1: PM Sam Scott, Flowers of Edinburgh, Leaving Lismore, Dr. Dorothy Main, March March My Kiltie Lad, Caroline's Polka, The Massacre of Glencoe, S2:Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, Marchhall Crescent, Dream Valley of Glendarvel, Jim McBay's Welcome, Lamb Skinnet, Lament for the Death of the REV. Archie Beaton, King George V's Army

Lothian band

Tae Gar Ye Loup

Beechwood Records JW 0001 S1: Shiftin Bobbins 8 x 32R, Schiehallion 64S 64R Medley, The Bees O' Maggirknockater 4 x 32J, The Duchess Tree 8 x 32S, Jennifer's Jig 8 x 32J S2: Cold and Raw 8 x 24J The Moray Rant 4 x 48S, Johnnie's Welcome Hame 8 x 40R, The Balmoral Strathspey 4 x 32S, The Knock of Braemoray 4 x 40J

Drummond Cook

The Highland Dance Album

  • Ross Records WGR 041 S1: 16 Pas de Basque, Sword Dance (2 and 1), Sword Dance (3 and 1) Highland Fligh (4s), Highland Fling (6s), Seann Truibhas (3 and 1), Seann Truibhas (4 and 2), Strsthspey, Reel and half Tulloch, Irish Jig S2: Sailors Hornpipe, \Scottish Lilt, Blue
  • Bonnets, Barracks Johnnie, Flora Macdonald's Fancy, Scotch Measure, Village Maid, Highland Laddie, Earl of Errol

LP 131

Tilt 0' the Kilt

PRT COMP2 S1: Flower of Scotland, Scottish Soldier, Shetland Reels, The Tartan, The Dark Island, Mary of Argyll S2: Amazing Grace, Skye Boat Song, Scotlandf the Brave, Quick March, Pentland Hills, Theme in Glory S3: Donal Where's Yer Troosers, Bonnie Lass of Fyvie, These are my Mountains, Auld Scots Mither, Here's to the Gordons, Gay Gordons S4: Songs of the West,Selection of Jigs, Tobermory Bay, My Highland Home, Star O' Rabbie Burns, Auld Lang Syne


London Highland Club at Paternoster Square

London Highland Club LHC LP1 S1: Pipe Band, Dashing White Serge8 x 48Jant 8 x 32R, Neidpath Castle 6 x 32S, New Rigged Ship 8 x 48J, Pipe Band S2: Pope Band, The Irish Rover 8 x 32R Earlsoun Loch 5 x 32R (Pipes and Drums), Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord, Eigthsome Reel, Auld Lang Syne

Frank Reid's Ceilidh Band and Scottish Pipes and Drums

Souvenier of the Highlands

Thistle Records BSLP 84 S1: Eight Men of Moidart (R), Wee Tod (J), Lonely Scapa Flow, Highland Schottische, Gaelic Waltz, An Teid Thu Leum(song), Reel of the 51st Division S2: Canadian Barn Dance, Flower of the Quern (Violin Solo), Eva Three Step, St Bernard's Waltz, Gay Gordons, Earl of Errol (J)

Strathpeffer Scottish Dance Band

Music for Scottish Country Dancing

BBC Records REC 94 S S1:Miss Drumbeck 8 x 32R, The Braes of Mellanish 8 x 32S, The Hollin Buss 8 x 32J, Kingussie Flower 8 x 40R S2: The Bramble Bush 8 x 32J, The Three Bonnie Maidens 8 x 32S, The Wild Geese 8 x 32J, The Sailor 8 x 32R

David Findlay Ensemble

The Best of the Ian Powrie Band

Talisman STAL 5001 S1: St. Johnstoun Reel, Margaret-Anne Robertson, The Garry Strathspey, The Last of the Lairds, Bandboys, Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord S2: Set of Reels, Gloomy Winter, Silver City Waltz, The Flower of the Quern, Shetland Reels

Ian Powrie

Scottish Country Dancing

Rediffusion ZS 147 S1: Irish Rover 8 x 32R, The Frisky 8 x 32J, Black Mountain Reel 5 x 32R, Madge Wildfire's Strathspey 4 x 32S, New Waterloo Reel 8 x 32R S2: Set of Jigs 8 x 32J, Sikver Tassie 4 x 32S, Trip to Bavaria 4 x 32R, Angus McLeod 4 x 32R, Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord 96S, College Hornpipe 8 x 32R

McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band

Scottish Dance Along

Beltona SBE 136 Dunoon Barn Dance, Dumbarton Drums, Bonnie Dundee, Glasgow Highlanders, Gay Gordons, Mrs. MacLeod's Reel S2: Cadgers on the Canongate, Hamilton House, Flowers of Edinburgh, Corn Riggs, 6/8 Marches, The Gatherings

Bobby MacLeod

Scottish Country Dancing

Peerless Record company DT 006 ilver Tassie (S), Trip to Bavaria (R), Angus McLeod (R), Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accod (S), College Hornpipe (R) S3: Jessie's Hornpipe (R), Braes of Breadalbane (S), Swilcan (J), 5x32 Reels S4: The Fyket, The Winding Road, 5x32 Jigs, J.B. Milne, Last of the Lairds

McBain's Band

The Sound of Jim Johnstone

  • Lismor LILP 5005 S1: A Kiss for Nothing (J), The Laird and the Mason (SR), Gay Gordons, St. Bernard's Waltz, The Eight Men of Moidart (R), Jacky Tar Two Step, Strip the Willow S2: Isle of Skye, Highland Barn Dance, Miss
  • Bennet's Jig, Scottish Waltz, Military Two Step, Hooper's Jig, The Waves of Tory (R)

Jim Johnstone

elma's tunes

Brownrigg BRG 008 s1: Reels 8x32, Strathspeys 8x32, Jigs 8x32, Strathspey + Reels 4x32, Flitration Hornpipes 4x32 S2: Jigs 8x32, Strathspeys 8x32, Reels 8x32, strathspeys 4x32, Jigs 4x32

Elma Grech

Reelin' n' Ramblin'

Lismor LILP 5046 S1; Hoop Her and Gird Her, Tribute to Jimmy Shand, Accordian Solo, Boston Two Step, Dunoon Barn Bance, Carse of Stirling (R) S2: Gay Gordons, Fairly Shot of Her (J), Scottish Waltz Medley, Happy Returns (R), Fiddle Solo, Duff House (J)

Glendaruel SCD Band

Scottish Dance Party

Pye Golden Guinea GGL 0348 S1: Come to the Ceilidh, Bonnie3 Anne, Penny Whistle Barn Dance, Mairi's Wedding, Fare Thee Well, Annabelle S2: Gay Gordons, Happy Hours, My Highland Home, Lamb Skinnet

Jim MacLeod

Come to the Dance

Emeral Gem GES 1018 S1: Set of Reels 4x32R, Alyth Burn (J), Geordie Medley, Internation Marches, Forty Shades of Green, Edzell Waltz S2: West Country Barn Dance, The Glens of Angus, Jaws Harp Selection, Dance with a Dolly, Pride of Erin, Folk Waltz Selection

Jimmy Shand Junior Band

Northern Jubilee

World Records WRC1 2626 S1: The Jubilee Jig 8x32J, Salute to Miss Milligan 8x32R, The Royal Wedding 8x32S, Fraser's Favourite 8x32R S2: Geneva Park 4x40J, Hame O' Mine 2x 32S+32R, The Silver tassie 8x32S, Waverley 8x48J

Bobby Frew Trio

When Auld Friends Meet

EMI Waverley SZLP 2137 S1:Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Ian Powrie, Lament, Strathspey and Reel, 79ths Farewell to Gibraltar, the Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering, Lord Elgin of Broomhall, O Gin I were a Baron's Heir S2 Medley of Reels, Air, Srathspey and Reel, \pipe Marches, Scottish Waltzes, 2/4 Marches, My Ain Folk

Jimmy Shand and Ian Powrie

The Best of Jimmy Shand Jnr.

EMI Talisman STAL 5011 S1: The Haymakers 4x48R, Mrs. Garthlands strathspey 4x32S, Lassie Waltz, Set Reels 4x32R, Burns Selection, Country Marches S2: Waves of Torry, Waltz Country Dance, Silverton Polka, West country Barn Dance, Highland Schottishe, Looking for a Partner (Two Step) Scottish Waltz

Jimmy Shand Jnr.

Come dancing at the Highlanders' Institute

Thistle Records BSLP 43 S1: Military Two Step, Pride of Erin Waltz, Strip the Willow, Ceilidh Folk Medley, Old Time Gaelic Waltz, Mason's Apron, Heather ramble S2: Argyll Barn Dance, Gay Gordons, Hesitation Waltz, Duke of Atholl's Reel, Highland Schottische, Duke of Perth

Fergie Macdonald Band


Lismor LILP 5083 S1: Swinging Westward, Shetland Reel, Sicilian Dance, Hebridean Waltz, Strathspey and Reel, Marches in 2/4 and 6/8 Time, Gaelic Medley S2: Looking Lively, Jigtime, Barn Dance, Irish Reels, Continental Waltz, A Toast to Nova Scotia, Slow Air and Jig

John Carmichael Ceilidh Band

Scottish Pipes for Dancing

Beltona SBE 119 S1; Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Thruibhas, Argyll Broadswords, Hornpipe, Irish Jig, Scottish Lilt, Miss Forbews, Flora Macdonald, Highland Laddie, Blue bonnets, Strathspey and Reel of Tulloch S2: Eightsome reel, Waltz Country Dance, Hamilton House, Petronella

Pipe Major J.B. Robertson M.B.E.

Lindsay Ross and his SCD Band

Polydor 582 018 Mono S1: Petronella, Highland Schottische, Gay Gordons, Waltz Medley, The Auld Maid, The Honeymoon S2: Miilitary Two Step, Gay Gordons, Reel of the 51st Division, Last of the Lairds, Scottish Waltz, The Hamilton Rant, Jig Selection

Lindsay Ross

The Scottish Scene

Marble Arch MAL 765 S1: My Highland Home (jim McLeod), Bonnie Gallawa (John Dunbar), She Moved Through the Fair (Moira Briody), Miller O' Hurn (David McCallum), My Big Kilmarnock Bunnet (Colin Stuart), S2: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl (Colin Stuart), Spey in Spate (David McCallum), Meeting of the Watersa (Moira Briody), Lochnagar (John Dunbar), Come to Fiona's Wedding (Jim MacLeod)

Vocals various artistes

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