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The Scots Magazine January 1991

Includes 6 letters to the Editor, from Mary Currie; Mary Hamilton; G H Swirles; Alan Wightman; Helen Beat, Stella Phillips & David Hollings (Dundee Branch) and Angus Henry in reply to David Bell's article 'Take Your Partners - Now' in the July 1990 issue

Anna Marshall's Strathspey

A 32 bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple set. Devised by Alan Macpherson in 2017 to recognise the contribution of Anna Marshall to the running of the Falkirk Branch Weekend over a period of 25 years. First performed at the 25th anniversary weekend at Crieff Hydro on 19th January 2018. Original tune by Gordon Shand.

Falkirk Branch RSCDS

The People's Journal Album of Scottish Country Dances 4 October 1930

The illustrated album was included as a free gift with the Journal, published by John Leng and Co., Dundee and London. The introduction to the booklet is by the Duchess of Atholl and contains a description of the style and steps of SCD along with instuctions and music for; Circassian Circle ,Petronella, Scottish Reform, Triumph, Brown's Reel, The Flowers of Edinburgh, Jenny's Bawbee, Cawdor Fair, Haymakers, Foursome Reel, The Soldier's Joy, Rory O''More, Barn Dance, Highland Schottische and Waltz Country Dance.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Scottish Dance Archives Leaflets

Scottish Country Dances by various devisors published by Scottish Dance Archives Formby, Liverpool. (Editors R Clowes and R A Donald) 198 leaflet dances designated by: tempo, type, set size and grading with index. Discussion sheets on SCD topics. Highland steps description.

Editors Scottish Dance Archives

Dances for Five Couple Sets

A leaflet of eight dances for 5 couple sets taken from the Glendarroch Leaflets:
Polharrow Burn, Loch Skerrow, Loch Doon Castle, Kinfauns Castle,Earlstoun Loch, Cairnsmore of Carsphairn, Airie Bennan, The Black Mountain Reel.

Scottish National Dance Company

Dances devised by Milton Levy

Includes: The Quaker, 1995; The Tin Wiidman, 1982; Tweedledun and Tweedledee, 1989; The Cashcrom, 1991; Dogsbody, 1995; Jolly John, 1982-1990; Little G Howard, 1992; Pernell, 1989; Abbot of Unreason, 1982; Bellantine House, 1990; Betty Burke, 1993.

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