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Aberdeen Branch Records

Aberdeen Branch Minutes - 1925-1945 Photocopies
Aberdeen Branch correspondence various 1956-2000
Includes Newspaper cuttings and photos:
1935-36 Aberdeen Press and Journal report on Aberdeen SCDS Festival. JCM comment on the dancing standard.
Evening Express 20/5/74 Report on Aberdeen RSCDS winning team at Edinburgh Music Festival. Includes photo of the team and pen sketches of each team member.
Buchan Observer 17/12/91: Photo of children St Fergus school who took part in an “Hour of Dance” organised by Peterhead Branch RSCDS.

Aberdeen Branch

Adelaide Branch Records

Adelaide Branch correspondence various 1952-1997, 2000 Branch Report, RSCDS Adelaide Accounts 1995, 1996, 1997, RSCDS Adelaide & Districts Branch Annual Meeting Teachers' Panel Report, 18.11.97. Minutes of RSCDS Interbranch Meeting 4th October 1996,

Included is the correspondence with HQ relating to the formation of the Branch. Details of the first committee members and the Branch teacher.

Letter of appreciation regarding a visit to the Branch by Florence Lessie 27/6/70
"The Reel Spiel" Newsletter No1, January 1990., "The Reel Spiel" Newsletter No.2. March 1990, "The Reel Spiel" Newsletter No.3. May, 1990.

Adelaide Branch

Atlanta Branch Records

2 Boxes.
Box 1: Correspondence from 1988-1999, 2000 Branch Report, Black & White Photo Atlanta Branch Tartan Ball at Stone Mountain Highland Games October 1982, pictured D. Macleod, Rosemary Lipscomb and Duchess of Argyll, RSCDS Atlanta Constitution

Atlanta Branch

Ayr Branch Records

Photocopies of Branch committee minutes October 1933 - March 1937
Photocopy of Newspaper article The Ayrshire Post 31st March 2000 "75 Years of The Reel Thing".
Branch correspondence various dates from 1963 -1997.
2000 Branch Report
Report of the Trustees 1st May 1996-30th April 1997,
RSCDS Ayr Branch Constitution, RSCDS Ayr Accounts 1996, 1997, Ayr Branch Report 1997
Includes undated photographs of Branch teams ( member details)

Ayr Branch

Banff Branch Records

Extracts from first minute book:
Public Meeting 9/9/29 establishing Buckie Branch of SCDS.
First AGM 27/6/30
Branch correspondence various dates from 1953-1991, RSCDS Banff Constitution. 2000 Branch Report.

Banffshire Branch

Bedfordshire Branch Records

Branch Correspondence: 1972-.1994. 2000 Branch Report.
4 Black and White Photos undated. 1 Group photo & 3 copies of same photo. 2 Colour photos of RSCDS Bedfordshire branch display stand. 1 Colour photo of Dance instructor on stage and children dancing.
RSCDS Bedfordshire Constitution.
Newsletters No. 16. 1981, No. 22. June 1982, No 25. December 1982, No. 26. February 1983, No. 27. March 1983, No 28. June 1983, No. 30. October 1983, No 37. December 1984, No. 39. April 1985, No. 41. September 1985, No, 42, November 1985.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Berks, Hants and Surrey Border Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1977 - 1997 and "Bonnie Anne" or "The Royal Child" Dance instruction sheet (3 copies).RSCDS Berks Hants Surrey Constitution, Annual Report of RSCDS Berks Hants Surrey Branch 1995-1995. 2000 Branch Report.
Includes correspondence related to the Branch formation.

Berks Hants Surrey Branch

Birmingham Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1960-1997
2000 Branch Report.
RSCDS Birmingham Branch Newsletter Autumn 1995.
Birmingham Branch Report as of 31st May 1996.
RSCDS Birmingham Constitution.
RSCDS Birmingham s submitted a dance "Furth O' Clyde" Dance Instruction sheet.
International Folk Dance Festival 13th-15th September 1981 Report by RSCDS Birmingham Branch.
Includes photographs of Branch’s 75th Anniversary Ball. One photograph is of the then Chairman and Vice-Chairman Fiona Mitchell and Mark Lewis, taken 31/3/98 at the Shirley Community Centre, Solihull

Birmingham Branch

Boston Branch Records

Box 1: Branch correspondence various dates from 1953 - 1983, Boston Branch Annual Report 1979-1980
Boston Branch Newsletter "The Tartan Times" No. 3 January 1976, "Tartan times" No.2 . November 1982"Tartan times" No. 3. January 1982, "Tartan times "No. 5. June 1982,"Tartan times "No.4. April 1983", Tartan times "No2. November 1983, "Tartan times "No.4. April 1983", Tartan times "No.3. January 1983" " Pinewoods Post Script" November 1977,
Programme and Booklet for New Hampshire Gathering of Scottish Clans, 1978

Box 2: Correspondence from: 1984-2000
"The Teachers' Newsletter" Published for area teachers by the Boston Branch, RSCDS. Vol. 2, No. 3. Spring 1985
"Scottish Dancing in New England" June 1997
Programmes for Annual Highland Balls
Photographs (annotated) of Branch Ball 1992 and Highland Ball 1992.

Bournemouth Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1964 to 1997
Includes correspondence relating to the formation of the Branch
Two undated photographs of Branch’s junior Section at a New Year Charity Dance

Undated photograph of dancers at a day school

Bournemouth Branch

Bramhall Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1963 - 1993.
Colour photo of group cutting cake. RSCDS Bramhall Annual Dance Feb 29th 1992, Anniversary 29 years.
Bulletin 1992.
Includes correspondence relating to the branch formation, Membership Lists

Bramhall Branch

Buffalo Branch Records

Correspondence:1978-1985. 2000 Branch Report. Includes correspondence relating to the formation of the Branch from the Affiliated group. Gives a list of founding members.
Buffalo Scottish Country Dance Group Newsletter Nov.1977,
Correspondence relating to acceptance of a non RSCDS qualification in lieu of the Preliminary Certificate: Mrs Mary McCreadie 30/5/80. Programme for Clarence Summer Music Festival 7/7/85 and press cutting relating to the Branch Participation. Programme lists the dances demonstrated. Correspondence relating to the event.

Buffalo Branch

Burlington (Ontario) Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1971-1989
Includes correspondence relating to the formation of the Branch.
Notice of AGM 1970, 1971. Minutes of AGM 13th Mag 1971., RSCDS Committe of Management Meeting October 13th 1971,November 10th 1971, Minutes of RSCDS Burlington 15th February 1972., Minutes of Special meeting of Hamilton RSCDS 15th March 1972.
"The Hamilton Rant" newsletter July 1972. Volume 6. No. 1, RSCDS Hamilton Ontario Newsletter February 1971., Newsletter January 1972. 1973/74 Season Report for RSCDS Bulletin, Burlington Ontario Branch Newsletter September 1979.
Correspondence relating to acceptance of a non RSCDS qualification in lieu of the Preliminary Certificate: Mrs Mary McCreadie 30/5/80
Newspaper Article "Scots dances can lead to romance" The Burlington Gazette, Wednesday 26th January 1972.

Burlington Branch

Canberra and District Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1977-1997
Includes correspondence related to the formation of the Branch
RSCDS Canberra Constitution.
AGM 27th February 1988.
Annual Report for 16/9/89 to 22/9/90.
Accounts 30th June1997.
RSCDS Canberra Constitution.
"Scotch Circle" RSCDS Cabnberra and District Branch Newsletter March 2985. Vol. 5 No. 14

Canberra Branch

Capetown Branch Records

branch correspondence various dates 1952-1997. Branch reports.
RSCDS Cape Town Branch Newsletter"From The Pen Of Your Scribe" 30th April 1977, 31st March 1977, 3rd Edition 31st May 1977, 4th Edition 30th June 1977.
Secretary's Report 1977, 1978, 1979, 1990, 1991/1992, 1994, 1995.
Obituary Mrs (Kay) Catherine Rebecca Gibson.

Capetown Branch

Castle Douglas Branch Records

Branch Constitution dated 1951
Branch correspondence various dates from 1964 - 1994
Includes a newspaper obituary about Helen Walker a founder member of the Branch and Scroll recipient, 27th November, 1987
Colour photo Hope-Willie Little Golden Wedding (undated)

Castle Douglas Branch

Chicago Branch Records

1Box: Correspondence : 1986-, RSCDS Chicago AGM Minues 14th June 1987, RSCDS Chicago Constitution, "The Blethers" RSCDS Chicago Newsletter February 1989, RSCDS Chicago Semi-Annual General Meeting 7th November 1993 Minutes, 2000 Branch Report, Black and White Photo of Chicago Branch Dancers "At Artfair, Chicago, 1986." Colour photo of dancers "Pipefest, Chicago Highland Games, July 1985, Downtown Chicago skyline, Colour photo of 4 ladies Octobet 1980 Hamilton (Ontario) Weekend.
"The Blethers" RSCDS Chicago Newsletter May 1987, September 1987, December 1987, February 1988, April 1988, August 1988, November 1988, May 1989, September 1989, October 1989, December 1989, March 1990, April/May 1990, September 1990, March 1991, August 1991, November 1991, February 1992, April 1992, August 1992, February 1993, April 1993, August 1993, December 1993, March 1994, August 1994,October 1994, May 1995.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Cincinnati Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence : 1976-1994, 2000 Branch Report, RSCDS Cincinnati Branch Constitution, Colour photo of Nora Kindness, honoured by a new dance for her work with the Branch, Life member of the RSCDS Cincinnati branch. Picture taken at Ballon , 14th March , 1992. History of the Scottish Dance Society of Cincinnati (September 1958-September 1978).

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Clackmannanshire Branch

Extracts from the first minute book regarding the formation in 1927
Branch correspondence various dates from 1973
Includes two photographs of 75th anniversary celebrations 2003 with accompanying letter: 1. Cake cutting (no details), 2. Members group (detailed)

Clackmannanshire Branch

Cornwall Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence : 1990-1997, RSCDS Cornwall Branch Report May 1992, Report of the Missionary Visit to Cornwall, September 1993, Report on Visit to Cornwall Branch - August 1997, 2000 Branch Report.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Delaware Branch Records

Correspondence from 1969-1993; Local Newspaper article about a Branch Class.
33rd Annual Hogmany Ball Programme 31st December 1985, 35th Annual Hogmany Ball Programme 31st December 1987
Spring Ball Programmes
RSCDS Delaware Branch Newsletter "The Rampant Lion" July-August 1991, Vol. 26, No. 7.
RSCDS Delaware Branch Newsletter "The Rampant Lion" April 1992, Volume 27, No. 4.
RSCDS Delaware Branch Report May 1992
Newspaper Article "Right in Step" from The News Journal 1st April 1993, about Delaware Branch.

Archivist RSCDS

Delft Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence : 1973-, "Scottish Country Dancing Euronews" Published for the St. Andrew's Society of Delft" No. 13, December 1973, "Scottish Dancing in The Hague!" August 1978 (translation of newspaper article from De Posthoorn , The Hague Edition, Correspondence related to Branch formation, St. Andrew's Society of Delft (As of 12th May, 1979, RSCDS Delft Branch) Report for the Year 1978/1979, "The Thistle and The Tulip" Bulletin of the Scottish Societies in the Netherlands, June 1980, RSCDS Delft Branch Constitution, RSCDS Delft Branch License Agreement, RSCDS Delft Branch Accounts 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, Secretary's Report 1997/1998, Secretary's Report as per 31/5/1999, RSCDS Delft Branch Report 31st May 2000, RSCDS Delft Branch Report 31st May 2001,Secretary's Report as per 31/5/2000, 2000 Branch Report.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Detroit Branch Records

Correspondence 1978-1994;
Secretarys report May 28th 1981, 1982/83
Minutes 1980
RSCDS Detroit Annual Workshop booklet with sheet music and dance instructions.
RSCDS Detroit Branch Newsletter - March 1984. Volume 4. No . 3
RSCDS Detroit Branch Newsletter . April 1991. Volume 11, No. 4
Newspaper photocopy "The Mackinac Island Town Crier" August 1984. re Commanding Officers Ball 28th July and 2 Colour photos of dance group.

Archivist RSCDS

Dundee Branch Records

Photocopies of the first eight Committee Meetings including the inaugural meeting 9/2/25
Dundee Branch correspondence various dates from 1957 - 1997
Includes: Correspondence relating to the gift to the Society of the Chairman’s Badge of Office by Mr J C Hutchison in memory of his wife. Correspondence related to the David Findlay memorial Rose Bowl. Photographs (no details) of young dancers at the 1990 Dundee Festival.

Dundee Branch

Dunfemline Branch Records

Dunfermline Branch correspondence various dates from 1955-2008. Correspondence: letters and newspaper articled from 1955 "Fife dancer in Scots team for Pretoria" about Mr A. Leslie Cumming from Dunfermline going to Pretoria with the Scottish country dancing team taking part in the Centenary celebrations there.

Archivist RSCDS

East Lothian Branch Records

Correspondence from 1952-1994; "Westering Home" dance instruction sheet, AGM Minutes 3rd October 1985, 9th October 1987, 7th October 1988, 13th October 1989, 4th October 1991, 2nd October 1992, 8th October 1993, 26th March 1994, Chairmans reports, Colour Photograph of RSCDS East Lothian 3 people cutting cake and RSCDS East Lothian constitution.

Archivist RSCDS

Edinburgh Branch Records

2 Boxes.
1st Box from 1952:
Correspondence from 1952-1982 ; Autumn Term 1973 Newsletter, Photocopy of articel "MacCountry Pleasures Searching for my Scottish Roots" by Marjorie Harris, RSCDS Edinburgh Visit to Turkey , June, 1981 report, Colour Photograph of Mrs Margaret Hunter from RSCDS Edinburgh, Dance Programmes; "An Edinburgh Fancy" Programmes 1955, 1957, 1985.

2nd Box: Correspondence from 1983- 1997. Agenda AGM 12th June 1985, Agenda AGM 11th June 1986, Agenda AGM 10th June 1987, 2 Colour photos of RSCDS Edinburgh Dance team in Yugoslavia.. Black and White photo of Edinburgh Demonstration Team, colour photo of Edinburgh Branch, RSCDS Edinburgh Branch "Dancing Forth" Newsletter Spring 2010, RSCDS Edinburgh Branch "Dancing Forth" Newsletter Issue 1 April-July.

Archivist RSCDS

Exeter Branch Records

Correspondence from 1969-1993 and 2000 Branch Report. Colour photo of 75th Anniversary Dance 19th December 1998 of Teacher Sue Tyler with Dr Leyton Morris , Piper and former President, Colour photo of 30th Anniversary Annual Ball of RSCDS Exeter on 13th March 1999 of Dr Naomi Krazer, Holland and Mr Ted Davey.

Archivist RSCDS

Falkirk Branch Records

Falkirk Branch correspondence various dates from 1950-1982. Correspondence File; Various dance programmes; Crieff Hydro Weekend Programmes; Extracts from the Minutes related to the formation of the Branch in 1932 (as East Stirlingshire Branch).

Archivist RSCDS

Florida Branch (South) Records

2 Boxes.
1st Box: Correspondence from 1984-1994., RSCDS North Florida Constitution, Minutes, RSCDS North Florida Branch Report from the Chairman Robert A. Hall. Secretaries Annual Report January 1993, Secretary's Report 1994.

2nd Box : Correspondence from 1986-1990. includes Minutes.

RSCDS Archivist

Glasgow Branch Records

2 Boxes:
1st Box: Correspondence from 1964-1988, Branch Report 1975, RSCDS Glasgow Branch Annual Report 1986/1987,
Committee Minute Book 1949-1953.
2nd Box: Correspondence from 1989-
Includes the Branch’s Diamond Jubilee programme and guest list.
Correspondence relating to a possible “Scottish Spectacular Military Tattoo” in Glasgow
In 1986.
Correspondence relating to the organisation of the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival.
Programme for the 1981 “A Glasgow Flourish”. Photograph of the participating dancers.
Florence Adams Obituary

Glasgow Branch RSCDS

Hamilton and Clydesdale Branch Records

Minutes of the Branch Committee; 1935-1952; 1952-1960; 1960-1968; 1968-1981.
Cash Book for the period 1935 -1950 (includes some membership details 19-35-45).
Correspondence from 1968-1992. RSCDS Hamilton and Clydesdale Branch 80th Anniversary Ball Friday 24th April 2015 A Short History of The Branch. RSCDS Hamilton and Clydesdale Branch Golden Jubilee Ball 1935-19895, 19th April 1985 Programme.

Hamilton and Clydesdale Branch

Hamilton (Ontario) Branch Records

1st Box: Correspondence; 1964-1982. Minutes, Hamilton (Ontario) Newsletter for April-May 1979, December 1982/January 1983 Newsletter.
2nd Box: Correspondence: 1983-1993, Annual Report 1982-1983, Christmas 1983 Newsletter, Members Report 24th March 1986Newsletter October 1987, AGM Reports 1983,1984, 1986 & 199-2000 Yearly Reports.

Archivist RSCDS

Hereford and District Branch Records

Herefordshire District Branch correspondence various dates from 1966-2015. Correspondence: letters and folder of newspaper articles, Hereford Branch RSCDS 40th Anniversary dance instruction booklet, Photos of the RSCDS 40th Anniversary Garden Party at the Gouldens' on 7th July 2007.Nigel Carter's caper dance instruction sheet, The Down House Strathspey dance instruction sheet, The Jovial Vet strathspey dance instruction sheet, Black Mountain Anniversary Jig dance instruction sheet and the Black Mountain Reel dance instruction sheet., Branch Newsletter 2015 item on Nigel Carter.

Archivist RSCDS

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