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Manx Folk Dances Set I (Five Dances) and Set II (Seven Dances)

Collected by Mona Douglas.
Set I: A suite of five dances and airs collected from traditional sources
Hollantide Processional
The Ploughboy
Kings of Mann Dirk Dance
Return the Blow
Mona's Delight
Set II: A suite of seven dances and airs collected from traditional sources

  1. Hunt the Wren
  2. Fairy Reel
  3. Fathaby Jig
  4. Peter O'Tavy
  5. Wedding Reel
  6. Cum yn Shenn Oanrey Cheh
  7. Juan Nan's Reel

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A Toast to the Future

A suite of five dances devised to celebrate the RSCDS 100th Anniversary devised by Iain Boyd:
Our Two Great Ladies 3C - 32 - S
Building On The Past 3C - 32 - R
Celebrating 100 Years 4C - 32S + 32R + 32S + 32R
A Toast To The Future 2C - 32 - J

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Scottish National Dances - A Practical Handbook

A Handbook containing details and advice for the teaching of Reels and Strathspeys by J Grahamsley Atkinson Jr.. The foot movements for the various steps are clearly detailed as are the instructions for the main dances: Foursome, Tulloch, Reel of Three, Reel of Eight. Published in Edinburgh by the author, 1900.

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Glasgow Weekend in Hamburg 1974

Items relating to the weekend event 4-9 March 1974. Information booklet and leaflet about the City of Hamburg and the Scottish Concert. Itinerary and details for the participating members of the RSCDS. Images with a history of the Glasgow City Arms.

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Scottish Dance Party With Jimmy Blair

Scottish Dance Party With Jimmy Blair. The World Record Club Limited. T840.

SIDE ONE: Elwyn's Fairy Glen: The Barnyards O'Delgaty, The Hopeful Lover, Wee Malcolm.The Dundee Reel,: Bonnie Dundee, The Cock O' The North, The Highland Brigade at Tel-El-Kebir, Colonel Robertson. Hebridean Waltz Medley: Island Homing Song, Fil-O-Rel, Rothesay Bay. The Scotsmen In America: The Scotsmen in America, Miss Millicent's Favourites, The Wife She Brewed It. McDonald of Sleat: Dovecote Park, The Para Handy Polka. SIDE 2:The Devil Amang The Tailors: The Devil Amang The Tailors, Roxburgh Castle, Blair's Reel. Irish Jig Medley: The Blackthorne Stick, The Rakes of Kildare, The Irish Washerwome. The Baldovan Strathspey: The Baldovan Strathspey, Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie, Mrs Mary McManus. Coming Through The Rye Waltz: Coming Through The Rye, My Love is Like A Red Red Rose, The Auld Hoose. Blue Bell Polka: March Strathspey & Reel - John D. Burgess, Kafoozalum, The Mason's Apron. Harry Lauder Medley: I Love Lassie, Roaming In The Gloaming, Stop Yer Tickling Jock and Breakdown.

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New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy

12 inch LP. DECCA. LK 4539. New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy.

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, The Old House (O'Connor), Westering home The Road and Miles to Dundee , Granny's Highland Hame, The Day I Marry Jamie, Down in the Glen, Skye Boat Sng, The Kirk By the Gleside, Jeannie and John, Old Scotch Mother Mine, Lewis Bridal Song, Donal McDarlin, My Ain Folk

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