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The Complete Andrew Rankine Collection of Scottish Country Dance Tunes

The complete collection of Andrew Rankine's Reels (15), Jigs (15), Strathspeys (8), Marches (4), and Polkas(2) with, so some of the tunes, background information. A photograph of Andrew Rankine's Band and an introduction by John Douglas Chairman of the Newcastle Branch RSCDS at the time of publication. Published by Newcastle RSCDS, Newcastle. n.d.

Archivist RSCDS

Kitchen Capers

9 modern Scottish Country Dances compiled By Priscilla Burrage and Silvia Miskoe. No information about the devisor(s) but possibly the co-authors. The booklet also contains tunes (with their sources) for the dances and a selection of recipes.

Archivist RSCDS

Sundry Writings Anent Scottish Dancing

The Booklet contains personal thoughts and commentaries on aspects of Scottish Country Dancing. The topics covered are diverse and include; Phrasing and Teamwork, Deportment and Technique, devising New Dances, Fringe (non RSCDS Dances), William Marshall, and Forgotten Ways. Interspersed among the main topics are personal interpretations of dances through prose.

Archivist RSCDS

Scottish Dance Archives Leaflet Dances

Leaflet dances published by the Scottish Dance Archives, Editors S E Clowes and R A Donald. Dances published between1972 and 1981 (numbers 1 to 190) with an index for1972-1982. The index is in two parts; an alphabetic listing of the dances and a classified index which groups the dances into categories as suitable for: Demonstration, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners, Children. In addition there are several discussion sheets about various topics related to SCD, and a valedictory letter, dated September 1982, from R A Donald announcing the closure of the Scottish Dance Archives .

Archivist RSCDS

The Tin Woodman

A Book of Twelve Scottish Country Dances devised by Milton Levy and first published in 1995 by Scotia Dance and Music Publishers New York. Specially composed tunes for the dances included. Music by Jim Stevenson. An instructional note on Strathspey Balance in Line is included.

Archivist RSCDS

The West Wynd

Ten Scottish Country Dances written by Nan Lawson. (Private publication).
Dances: The West Wynd; The Octogenarian; The Laigh Stathspey; Life Let Us Cherish; A Jig For Jennifer; Saturday Morning Jig;Sherwood Strathspey; Gleniffer Circle

Archivist RSCDS

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