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Memory Lane Canada's Scottish Country Dance Bands

TACSound TAC 005 (2 records) S1: Memory Lane R, The moray Reel R, Birks of Invermay S, Meeting of the Waters R, Off She Goes in the North J S2:The Dancing Man R, Glasgow Highlanders S, Todlen Hame J, 4x32S, 4x32R S3:Merrily Danced the Quakers Wife J, Peggy's Love S, Lamb Skinnet J, Wind that Shakes the Barley R, White Heasther Jig J S4: General Stuart R, Banks of Clyde S, 4x32J, 4x32R, Lasty of the Lairds 8x32J, mason's Apron R

Canada's Scottish Country Dance Bands (5)