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Records of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Con objetos digitales
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Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances

Instructions and music for twenty-four traditional Scottish Country Dances published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, 1960: Leap Year (J); Watson's Reel (J); The Merry Reapers (J); Davy's Locker (R); Galloway House (R); The Highland Fair (J); Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel (J); The Honeymoon ((R); Mr. Watson's Favourite (R); Mrs, Cholmondeley's Reel (R); The Moray Reel (J); Mrs. Stuart Sinton's Reel (J); Miss Welsh's Reel (J); Berwick Johnnie (J);The Isles (J); Duff's House (J); Miss Betty Boyle (R); Wedderburn's Reel (R); Kitty Campbell's Reel (J); Tarry A While (J); Regent's Favourite (R); Kendall's Hornpipe (J); Argyll's Fancy (J); Miss Flora's Favourite (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Bulletin No. 1 March, 1932

Contents: Editorial; Summer School 1932; Minutes of Annual General Meeting 7 November 1931; Festival Booklet; Article by the President reprinted from The Scots Year Book, 1931 ? 1932; Examination for Teachers Certificate; Copy of letter to Mr William Watson, Blantyre; Names and Addresses of Office Bearers; Terms of Membership of Scottish Country Dance Society; The Following are Official SCDS Gramophone Records;

How Do You Do It

A video made in 1995 for the use of dancers, which demonstrates the RSCDS method of performing the following dances:
Haughs of Cromdale; The Jimp Waist; Green Grow the Rashes; Fiddle Faddle; The Gentle Shepherd; the 21st of September; Loch Leven Castle; Holyrood House; Miss Janet Laing's Strathspey; Mrs. Hamilton of Wishaw; Let's Meet Again; Mrs. Hill's De;ight; Land O' Cakes; The Charmer; Sir Murdoch MacDonald's Strathspey; Mrs. Stewart of Fasnacloich; The Glasgow Highlanders.

Scottish Country Dances for Children Reprint 1991

Instructions and music for ten Scottish Country Dances for Children published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, 1981:
The Dhoon (J); Le Papillon (J); A Jig for Mrs. Dunn (J); The Misses Cramb of Linlithgow (J) Miss Falconer's Fancy (R); The Old Man of Storr (R); The Maids of Currie (R); The Edinburgh Castle Reel (R); The Braes of Balluder (R); Come Under my Plaidie (J)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Issue no.5

Issue 5 July-August 2004. Two articles; Linda Gaul talks about Summer School and Wilson Nicol on Scottish Music and Dance.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Scottish Country Dance Book - Book 1

Issued by the Scottish Country Dance Society, music arranged by J. Michael Diack. Published by Patterson, Sons & Co., Ltd (1924, 1925).
Published by Paterson's Publications, Ltd (1926, 1929, 1930, 1934, 1937, c.1938, c.1943, c.1946, c.1947).
By the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, music arranged by J. Michael Diack. Published by Paterson's Publications, Ltd (1952, c.1955, 1956, 1957, 1985, 1998).
Dances: Petronella (R); The Triumph (R); Circassian Circle (R); The Nut (J); Meg Merrileees (R); The Flowers of Edinburgh (R); Strip the Willow or Drops of Brandy (J); Duke of Perth or Pease Strae or Broun's Reel (R);Rory O'More (J); Fight About the Fireside (R); Cumberland Reel (J); The Merry Lads of Ayr (R)
Issued by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, music arranged by J. Michael Diack. Includes notes made by Ysobel Stewart (2000).

Scottish Country Dance Society

Scottish Country Dancer No. 10 April 2010

News from Coates Crescent 4 Changes and developments at Headquarters From the Chair, Management Committees and Executive Officer 5 Including key points from the RSCDS strategy 2010 – 2013 Dance Scottish Week 8 A look back at 2009 and plans for this year’s event. What will you be doing in DSW ‘10? Who’s Who 10 AGM and Conference Weekend 2009 11 News in Pictures 12 The Hill Manuscript 14 RSCDS President, Alastair MacFadyen, brings this 18th Century manuscript to life Interview with Sophie Rickebusch 16 Jimmie Hill talks to the Secretary of the International Branch From around the world 18 Reports from our regional correspondents A Trip to Russia 21 Patrick Chamoin braves the cold to visit this vibrant outpost of SCD Tom and Joan Flett 22 RSCDS Archivist, Marilyn Healy, meets Joan Flett and hears about important research into traditional Scottish dancing. Mind your pas de basque! 24 Tips on how to pronounce some of our most loved dances Technique Doctor 25 Christine Mair on reels of three In my opinion 26 Gary Coull takes a turn on our soap box Overheard on the web 27 Our regular column monitoring views and opinions on SCD websites Reviews 28 Recent releases reviewed by RSCDS members Day School Diary 30

Bulletin No 10 October 1936

Contents include:
Annual Report 1935 - 1936
Branch reports from the following: Aberdeen, Angus, Ayr, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, Western Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Hamilton, Inverness, London, Manchester, Newtown-Stewart, Perth, Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire, East Stirlingshire, Wigtown;
Reports from Affiliated Groups: Durban Caledonian Society, Fort-William Scottish Country Dance Club, Hartlepool Burns Club, Ilford Scottish Association, Jersey SCD Club, Leicester Scottish Dance Society, Manchester and Salford Caledonian Association, Sydney Scottish Country Dance Circle, St Andrews Society of Otago New Zealand, Paris ?Les Amis De La Danse Populaire ;
Answers to Correspondence;
Financial Report;
Summer School;
The Branle;
Autumn School notice.

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