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Folder: Book 30

Music, descriptions and diagrams for Collichur, Hame Came Our Gudeman, The Highland Lass, The Bawk, A Mans A Man For A That, The Guidman of Balangigh, The Cadies Lady, Short and Sweet; correspondence concerning arrangement of music and publication

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Interview with Miss Catherine Mowat, Leven Branch

Recording of an interview of Miss Catherine Mowat by Flora Selwyn about Miss Mowat's association with Country Dancing. Includes correspondence from Flora Selwyn regarding thre interview. Also included is correspondence from Nan Lawson to Alastair Macfadyen about country dancing in Fife and which mentions Miss Mowat.

Flora Selwyn

Feather Fan

Feather Fan owned by Jean Milligan. Damage to 3 of the fronds

Jean Milligan

Birmingham Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1960
Includes photographs of Branch’s 75th Anniversary Ball. One photograph is of the then Chairman and Vice-Chairman Fiona Mitchell and Mark Lewis, taken 31/3/98 at the Shirley Community Centre, Solihull

Birmingham Branch

Bulletin No. 13, March 1938

Contents include:
Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 14 November 1936;
Lady Dorothes Ruggles-Brise;
Extracts from Overseas Correspondence;
Richmond Caledonian Society;
Autumn School at Aberdeen November 1937;
List of dance leaflets;
Names and Addresses of Office Bearers;
Terms of membership;
Summer School Notice and Application form.

Scottish Country Dancer No. 13 October 2011

News from Coates Crescent 4 The latest news and information from Headquarters From the Chair and Management Committees 6 Ruth, Bill and Di bring you up to date Youth 8 The Society is involving more young people in SCD Summer School, St Andrews 10 Summer School celebrates 80 years TAC Summer School 11 Summer School, North American style The Archive 12 Marilyn Healy on how you can access this treasure trove A Week in the Life of a Branch Secretary 13 Nicola Scott (Birmingham) has a busy seven days Interview with Lesley Martin 14 Helen Beaney talks to a renowned stalwart of the Society News in pictures 16 Images from around the world of Scottish country dance and music From around the world 18 Reports from our regional correspondents Notes on MCing 21 Bill Zobel offers some helpful advice Lord James’ Cabinet 22 Jimmie Hill and Bill Clement uncover the original M a d g e W i l d f i r e In my opinion 24 Bob Grant argues that a diamond should be for ever Overheard on the Web 25 Chris Ronald picks out some nuggets from cyberspace Letters to the Editor 26 Reviews 27 RSCDS members write about some recent recordings and publications Obituaries 28 Day school diary 29

Jigtime with Jimmy Shand

Waverley SZLP 2122 S1: Heather Mixture Rant 4 x 32J, The Weaving Lilt (Full Dance), Larkhill Welcome 8 x 32J, Rory O'More, 8 x 32J, Drumelzier 4 x 32S, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder 32 x 64 x32J S2: The Hollin' Bus 8 x 32J, The Black Dance 8 x 32R, Rock and Wee Picle Tow 8 x 32J, Bonniw Lass O'Bon Accord 8 + 56S, Ashludie Rant 8 x 32J
ore 8 x 32J, Drumelzier 4 x 32S, Ian Powries Farewell to Auchterarder 32 x 64 x32J

Jimmy Shand

Alwyn Suite

Demonstration dances set to a suite of Scottish Dances of late 18th Century arranged by Thomas Alwyn. Dance performance by members of Winnipeg Branch.

Winnipeg Branch RSCDS

Grampian Television Interview with Jean Milligan

Part of a Grampian TV series made in the 1970s which traced the origins and development of Scottish Dance. Here Jean Milligan is interviewed by the programme presenter about the origins of the RSCDS. VHS tape quality was poor and this is reflected in the digitised extract. The original programme video recording was destroyed by Grampian TV.

Heather Medley

Music for Pleasure MFP 1317 S1: Set of Jigs 4 x 32J, Irish Waltz, Da Tushker 4 x 32R, Irish Barn Dance, Miss Hadden's Reel 4 x 32R, Gay Gordons, Jessie's Hornpipe 4 x 32R, S2: Roxburgh Castle 4 x 32R, Scottish Waltz, Dumbarton's Drums 4 x 32R, Military Twostep, Campbell's Frolic 4 x 32J, Highland Schottische, Polka, The Swilcan 8 x 32J

Jim Johnstone

A Measure of Scotch

Talisman STAL 5022 S1:Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, Doreen's Waltz, Le retour des Hirondelles, Rory O'More, Leith Country Dance, Slow Air Strathspey and Reel, Gay Gordons, S2: Thirteen Fouteen, The Duran Ranger, Dantesque, Fight About the Fireside, Shetland Waltz, Elwyn's Fairy Glen

Jim Johnstone

Second Celebration

Sutton Coalfield Branch SC2 S1: Gavin's Reel 5 x 32R, A Hot Toddy 8 x 32J, The Singing Sands 3 x 32S, Lady Sohia Lindsay 4 x 32R, Argyll is my Name 8 x 32J, Wind on Loch Fyne 3 x 32S, The Devil's Elbow 8 x 32R, S2: The Reel of the Royal Scots 8 x 32R, The Phantom Piper 4 x 32J, Butterscotch and Honey 4 x 32S, Nottingham Lace 4 x 24R, Wild Goose Chase 4 x 32J, The Dark Mile 3 x 32S, Tam O' Shanter 8 x 48R

Lothian band

Introducing the Lothian Scottish Dance Band

The Lothian Scottish Dance Band RF4 S1: PM Sam Scott, Flowers of Edinburgh, Leaving Lismore, Dr. Dorothy Main, March March My Kiltie Lad, Caroline's Polka, The Massacre of Glencoe, S2:Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, Marchhall Crescent, Dream Valley of Glendarvel, Jim McBay's Welcome, Lamb Skinnet, Lament for the Death of the REV. Archie Beaton, King George V's Army

Lothian band

The Kilt is my Delight

Talisman STAL 5018 S1: Rosnor Abbey 4 x 40J, Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe 8 x 32R, The Lea Rig 4 x 32S, Rakish Highlandman 4 x 40J, Threesome Reel 48+48, O'er the Dee and O'er the Don 32+24+32+32, S2: Hooper's Jig 8 x 32J, Altshellach 4 x 32S, Buchan Eightsome 10 x 40, Lady Shopia Anne of Bute 4 x 48R

Rob Gordon

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