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Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances book 7

RSCDS 09 S1: Lady Mary Menzie's Reel 8x32R; Hamilton House 8x32J; The Menzies Rant 8x32R; Tartan Plaidie 4x32S; Mid Lothian 4x40R; Ye're Welcome Charlie Stuart 8x32R S2: Red House 8x40R; Ye'll Aye be Welcome Back Again 4x32S; Come Ashore Jolly Tar 4x32R; The Priest and His Books 8x32J; The Braes of Tullimet 8x32S; Captain Macdonald's Fancy 4x32R

Colin Finlayson & his Scottish Dance Band

Scottish Country Dances

A teaching manual for teachers of young children, teenagers and young adults. The text contains: Notes taken from J C Milligan's talks; Teaching Aids for junior or beginner teachers; Hints and Ideas for children's and teenager cla.sses; Section on suitable Music for junior classes (written by Frances E Wilson); Notes regarding participation in SCD Festivals; Selection of suitable dances for young people; Singing Games; History of Strathcona Junior Dancers (illustrated)

Jean B Douglas

Music for Eight Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 25 S1: The Silver Tassie 8x32S; Fraser's Favourite 8x32R; From Scoria's Shores we're Noo Awa' 8x32S; The Saltire Society Reel 8x32R S2: Mrs. Stewart of Fasnacloich 8x32R; Drumtochty Glen 8x32S; Queen Victoria's Visit Quadrilles 5x40Q

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Folder: examination results 1987-1988

Pass and Fail TAC Summer School, London, Newcastle & District, Stirlingshire, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Florida North and South, Central Kentucky, Northern Virginia, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Ayr, Glasgow, Doncaster, Leicester, South Argyll, Lochaber, Cambridge, East Lothian, South Wales, Northern Ireland, Twin Cities, Phoenix, Halifax, Seattle, Vancouver,

Tae Gaur Ye Loup

A collection of 20 original compositions for Scottish Country Dancing: 7 Strathspeys, 6 Jigs, & Reels by Drummond Cook, published by Drummond Cook, Moray

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Two Hundred Dancing Years

The booklet written by Shirley Andrews and Peter Ellis and published by the Australian Bicentennial Authority describes how to celebrate two hundred tears of dancing in Australia by reconstructing an authentic Colonial Ball. The booklet includes a selection of programmes from the 19thC and also suggestions for programmes which include modern bush dancing. Dance instruction and basic dance technique are included.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 10

RSCDS 27 S1: The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R; Lady Jean Murray's Rant 4x32S; Crieff Fair 4x24R; The Infare or Will Ye Go and Marry Ketty? 4x16S; The Scots Bonnet 8x32J; Maggie Lauder 4x32S; Isle of Skye 8x32R S2: There's Nae Luck About the Hoose 8x32S; Miss Mary Douglas 8x48J; The Lady's Briest Knot 8x16S; The Shepherd's Crook 4x32S; General Stuart's Reel or the New Way of Gildon 8x32R

Colin Finlayson & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances book 11

RSCDS 29 S1: Knit the Pocky 8x32R; Monymusk 4x32S; Johnny McGill 8x40J; Inch of Perth 4x32S; Sleepy Maggie 8x32R; Glasgow Flourish 4x32S S2: Dainty Davie 4x16S; The Moudiewort 8x32J; The Long Chase 4x64R; Invercauld's Reel 4x32S; Rakes of Glasgow 8x32S; Miss Murray of Ochtertyre 8x16R

Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Examination Committee Papers April 1987- September 1988

Pass/Fail list for examinations held at: TAC; Summer School; London; Stirlingshire; Birmingham; Edinburgh; San Gabriel Valley; Florida/N/S; Central Kentucky; Northern Virginia; Fredericton; Nova Scotia; Toronto; Hamilton Ont; Kingston; Ayr; Glasgow; Doncaster; Leicester; South Argyll; Lochaber; East Lothian; S Wales; ; Cambridge; Newcastle; Northern Ireland; T3win Cities; Montreal; Seattle; Vancouver; Halifax; Canberra; New Zealand; Melbourne; Boston; New Haven; Phoenix; Los Angeles; Washington; De Lauara Valley; Denver;

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Bbok 12

RSCDS 30 S1: Grant's Rant 8x48R; Green Grow the Rashes 8x32S; Jenny Dang the Weaver 4x32R; The Laird of Dumblidykes Favourite 8x40R; Fiddle Faddle 8x32S; The Machine Without Horses S2: The Yellow Haired Laddie 4x64 Minuet; The Reel of Glamis 4x32S; Sodger Laddie 4x32J; The Black Dance 4x32R; The Earl of Home 4x32S; Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming 8x32R

Colin Dewar & his Scottish Dance Band

Stirling Branch Retirement Function for Rachel Prentice (Treasurer) and Jim Taylor (Chairman)

Photograph taken at the retirement party for Jim Taylor and Rachel Prentice. Photograph shows cutting of the retirement cake surrounded by some branch members L to R:
Margaret Cunningham, ? , Aileen Ballie, Angus McIvor, Rachel Prentice, Jim Taylor, Mary McKechnie, John Crawford, Jenny Crawford, Wilson Brown.

Stirling Branch RSCDS

Frae a' the Airts - Vol. 1

RSCDS 36 S1: Portnacraig 8x32R; The Road to Mallaig 4x32S; Quarries' Jig 8x32J; Gang the Same Gate 8x32S S2: the Whistling Wind 8x32R; The Argyll Ludging 8x32S; Anniversary Reel 4x32R; The Gilly Flower 8x32J

Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Glasgow Branch Records

Committee Minute Book 1949-1953.
Branch correspondence various dates from 1964 -1990.
Includes the Branch’s Diamond Jubilee programme and guest list.
Correspondence relating to a possible “Scottish Spectacular Military Tattoo” in Glasgow
In 1986.
Correspondence relating to the organisation of the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival.
Programme for the 1981 “A Glasgow Flourish”. Photograph of the participating dancers.
Florence Adams Obituary

Glasgow Branch RSCDS

Mary Isdale McNab Papers

  • GB GB 3410 RSCDS-MIM
  • Coleção
  • 1910

This collection contains notes, correspondence and printed material (all photocopies)

Mary Isdale McNab et al

Scottish Country Dances for Children Reprint 1991

Instructions and music for ten Scottish Country Dances for Children published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, 1981:
The Dhoon (J); Le Papillon (J); A Jig for Mrs. Dunn (J); The Misses Cramb of Linlithgow (J) Miss Falconer's Fancy (R); The Old Man of Storr (R); The Maids of Currie (R); The Edinburgh Castle Reel (R); The Braes of Balluder (R); Come Under my Plaidie (J)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Berwick-upon-Tweed Branch Records

Branch correspondence various dates from 1953 -1997
Newspaper cuttings and photographs of 50th Anniversary Ball held in the Guildhall Berwick-Upon-Tweed 2003. One photograph of the then Chairman Douglas Ewart cutting the cake with two founder members; Alice lee and Peter Steel.

Berwick upon Tweed Branch

Island Games

6 dances by John Drewry (5) and Bill Libby (1) with music, published by The Prince Edward Island Scottish Country Dancers. 3 dances; Midwinter, Abegweit, Marylou's Reel to mark the Canada Winter Games 1991. 1 dance; the Road to The Isle in support of the PE Island Tourist Theme for 1991. 3 other dances: The Rossington Strasphey, The Jolicure Jig and The Graelynda Strathspey.


Frae a' the Airts - Vol. 2

RSCDS 45 S1:The Reverend John Macfarlane 4x32R; Moment of Truth 8x32S; Gothenburgh's Welcome 8x32J; Wissp of Thistle 8x32S S2: St, Andrew's of Brampton 4x32J; Bonnie Ina Campbell 8x32S; The Nurseryman 8x32J; The Queen City Salute 4x32S 4x32R

Fiddlers Three plus Two

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