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York and North Humberside Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence: 1993. RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Annual Report, RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Secretary's Report 1991/1992, RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Seventh Annual General Meeting Agenda & Minutes of 17th March 1984, RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Minutes of the Eighth Annual General Meeting on 17th March 1984, RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Sixth Annual General Meeting Minutes of 20th March 1981, RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Minutes of the Fourth Annual General Meeting on 15th March 1980, RSCDS York and North Humberside Branch Second Annual General Meeting Minutes of 18th March 1978 and Dance instructions for "Homage" a dance devised by a Branch member and Dance instruction sheets.

Wirral Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence -1983-1993. Photo of Chairman's Badge of Office., RSCDS Wirral Branch Newsletter August 1985, Black and White photo of RSCDS Wirral Branch with Wallasey Scottish Country Dance Group (Affiliated) and RSCDS Wirral Branch 10th Birthday Dance Programme which contains a brief history of the Branch.

Wirral Branch Newsletters

Newsletters for 1983, 1984, 1985, 1997 (2 issues),1998 (2 issues), 1999 (1 issue), 2000 (1 issue), 2003 (3 issues), 2004 (3 issues), 2005 (3 issues), 2006 (3 issues), 2007 (3 issues), 2008 (3 issues), 2010 (3 issues), 2011(3 issues), 2012 (3 issues), 2013 (3 issues), 2014 (3 issues), 2015 (3 issues), 2016 (3 issues),2017 (2 issues), 2024 (1 issue);
Historical Review of the Branch ("20 Years On" written in 1983).
All items located: D:\Digital Repository\SCD-8\SCD-8-6\File 9 Wirral Branch

RSCDS Archivist

Winnipeg Branch Records

Winnipeg Branch (established 1963) correspondence various dates from 1962-2003, 2000 Branch Report, RSCDS Winnipeg Annual Report- June 1992. RSCDS Winnipeg Chaiman's Report 1990, Publicity Report for 1989-1990,Teacher's Committee Report 1989/1990, Vice-Chairman's Report 1990, Demonstration Secretary's Report 1989-1990 Season, RSCDS Winnipeg AGM 23rd May 1989, "Mug Pub Recipes" Booklet,
Group photograph taken at 40th Anniversary dance 030583.
RSCDS Winnipeg Branch Committee Reports 1984-1985, RSCDS Winnipeg AGM Minutes, 6th June 1981, RSCDS Winnipeg Constitution, RSCDS Winnipeg AGM Minutes of 7th May 1973, Brief History of RSCDS Winnipeg Branch,
Spiral bound notebook containing copies of various committee meetings of the Branch and its predecessor the Winnipeg Scottish Country Dance Society 1957-1966

Windsor Ontario Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence 1975-1994. RSCDS Windsor Ontario Branch April 1985 Newsletter, AGM Minutes May 30th 1984, Chairman's Report May 25th, 1983, AGM Minutes May 25th, 1983, RSCDS Windsor Ontario Constitution and Byelaws, RSCDS Windsor Ontario Newsletter January 1982, Colour photo of RSCDS Windsor Ontario Branch Demonstration Team dancing in the grounds of Hiram Walker & Sons, Windsor, Ontario.

Winchester Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence 1951-1994, RSCDS Winchester Branch Committee Minutes 2006-2011, RSCDS Winchester Branch AGM Minutes 1987-2001, Secretary's Report for 1992/1993, Secretary's Report for 1992, Winchester Branch Committee Minutes 1984-2005,.

Whitehead Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence: 1953-2004.RSCDS Whitehead Constitution, RSCDS Whitehead Licence Agreement between RSCDS and RSCDS Whitehead Branch, 1996 Branch Report, 1997 Branch Report, 1998 Branch Report, 1999 Branch Report, 2000 Branch Report, 2002 Branch Report, 2001 Secretary's Report Form.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

When Auld Friends Meet

EMI Waverley SZLP 2137 S1:Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Ian Powrie, Lament, Strathspey and Reel, 79ths Farewell to Gibraltar, the Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering, Lord Elgin of Broomhall, O Gin I were a Baron's Heir S2 Medley of Reels, Air, Srathspey and Reel, \pipe Marches, Scottish Waltzes, 2/4 Marches, My Ain Folk

Jimmy Shand and Ian Powrie


Lismor LILP 5083 S1: Swinging Westward, Shetland Reel, Sicilian Dance, Hebridean Waltz, Strathspey and Reel, Marches in 2/4 and 6/8 Time, Gaelic Medley S2: Looking Lively, Jigtime, Barn Dance, Irish Reels, Continental Waltz, A Toast to Nova Scotia, Slow Air and Jig

John Carmichael Ceilidh Band

Western Australia Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence:--1976-1994 . Newsletter "The Postie's Jig" Volume 13, No 1, Summer 1982, "Posties's Jig" Newsletter October 1976, "Posties's Jig" Newsletter 7th March 1977, 2000 Branch Report, RSCDS Western Australia Constitution, Proposal to amend Constitution and Rules and Colour photo of Miss Jean Milligan , Perth, Western Australia, 1974.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Welcome to Tayside

Thistle Records BSLP 117S S1: J B Milne, Dundee Whaler, Dundee Reel, Waltz, Gay Gordons, The Hollin Buss S2: Barn Dance, Broun's Reel, The Cornet's Lass, Trip to Bavaria, Baldovan Reel, Miss Hadden's Reel.

The Maple Leaf Scottish Dance Band

Welcome th the London Highland Club

  • The London Highland Club LHC LP5 S1: The Irish Rover 8x32R, The Blacksmith of Elgin 8x48J, Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord 8+56S, Bob Gilmours's Return 5x32J, Cannon Hill Assembly 4x32S, The Sailor 8x32R, Encore (Sailor) S2: Ian Powrie's Farewell 128J, Mrs. Hepburn Belches 8x48R, The Duchess Tree 8x32S, Macdonald of Sleat 120
  • J, Duke of Perth 8x32R, Encore

Frank Reid

Waulking Songs from Barra

Tangent TNGM 111 S1: Were You in the Mountains?; My Love Alan; Ho ro hug o hug o; One Day as I Roamed the Hills; Pipe Reels. S2: Woman over there who Laughed; The Silver Whistle; Early today I set out.

Mary Morrison, Callum Johnston, Kate Buchannan, Flora Boyd, Chorus

Washington D.C. Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence:- 1968-1994. 2000 Branch Report, Comments on items to be discussed at the Society's Annual General Meeting for 1990, RSCDS Washington D.C. Constitution, Membership list 1976, 3 black and white photos of RSCDS Washington dancers at Virginia Highland Games.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Victoria Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence:-1972 - 1994. RSCDS Victoria Branch Newsletter May 2012, RSCDS Victoria Branch Newsletter June 2012, 2000 Branch Report, RSCDS Victoria Branch Constitution, Newspaper article photocopy from 14th April 1973, RSCDS Victoria 50th Anniversary Annual Ball & Programme, Secretary's Report April 1974, RSCDS Victoria Branch Constitution, RSCDS Victoria Branch Newsletter 1973 and newspaper article "Country Dances of Scotland Alive and Well" from The Daily Colonist 29th October 1972.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Vancouver Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence:-1960-1993 . includes 2000 Branch Report, RSCDS Vancouver Constitution, Newspaper article cutting 25th April 1988, Drummond Cavers of Burnaby set Guinness World Record for the largest Scottish Country Dance, RSCDS Vancouver Branch Committee of Management 1985-1986,RSCDS Vancouver Branch Committee of Management 1983/1984, RSCDS Membership list 1970-1971 & " A Submission concerning a Five Year Strategic Plan for the RSCDS Submitted by the Vancouver RSCDS Branch 20th February 1998 " bound booklet.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Archivist

Up Among the Heather

  • Beltona SBE 141 S1: Angus Mac
  • leod (R), Hornpipe medley, Hebridean Waltz, The Road to Inverness, Tango Lorraine, Gay Gordons S2: Oban Two Step, Up Among the Heather, The ea Rig (S), March and Reel, Dunoon Barn Dance, The Old Scottish Waltz

Colin Campbell

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