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Caledonian Ball Volume 2

TAC 102 S1: The White Heather jig 8 x 40J, Blue Mess Jacket 3 x 32S, Red House 8 x 40R, Strsthspey and Reel 32 + 32, Lord Rosslyn's Fancy 8 x 32J S2: Lord Maclay's Reel 4 x 40R, Robertson's Rant 1 x 80S, Waltz Country Dance, Letham Ladies 4 x 40S, Irish Rover 8 x 32R

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Stirling Branch Dem Team 1994

Cutting from The Stirling Observer, 21/7/1994. Photograph show the Stirling Branch demonstration team and musicians outside the Guildhall, where they were participating in an event organised by the Stirling Tours and Guiding Organisation.

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Dance On Magazines

Dance On (first issue November 2004) and published monthly, includes articles, letters, New Dances, CD reviews, Web Page reviews, and a Dance Diary
Box 1 Issues 1-27
Box 2 Issues 28-52

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Miscellaneous Clippings related to Scottish Country Dancing

  1. Photo of Forthill Class, Broughty Ferry - winners of junior section of the David Findlay Memorial Rosebowl Competition 1990
  2. Stirling Observer, 22.12.2006 - Jean Sim, Callander's Citizen of the Year - short article.
    3.Daily Mail, 8.11.2012 - Article related to "The Piper and the Penguin".
  3. Dundee Courier 3.8.2017 Article about Summer School 2017
  4. Northern Dispatch 12.9.1961 Article about SCD in the North of England
  5. Daily Express 8.11.2023 Article about Katherine Ramsay Duchess of Atholl
  6. Helensburgh Advertiser 12.3.2015 Article about Schools Dao of Dance - Helensburgh and Lomond
  7. Perthshire Advertiser 17.11.15 Article about the ASM 2015
  8. Guardian 30.12.2000 Letter re Jimmy Shand Obituary
  9. Evening News 7.2.77 Report on Jean Milligan's nomination for the London Victoria Sporting Club's Award for Valour

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Wirral Branch Newsletters

Newsletters for 1983, 1984, 1985, 1997 (2 issues),1998 (2 issues), 1999 (1 issue), 2000 (1 issue), 2003 (3 issues), 2004 (3 issues), 2005 (3 issues), 2006 (3 issues), 2007 (3 issues), 2008 (3 issues), 2010 (3 issues), 2011(3 issues), 2012 (3 issues), 2013 (3 issues), 2014 (3 issues), 2015 (3 issues), 2016 (3 issues),2017 (2 issues), 2024 (1 issue);
Historical Review of the Branch ("20 Years On" written in 1983).
All items located: D:\Digital Repository\SCD-8\SCD-8-6\File 9 Wirral Branch

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Jean Milligan Papers

  • GB GB 3410 RSCDS-JM
  • Coleção
  • 1906 - 2000

This collection contains personal notebooks, correspondence, certificates and testimonials of Jean Milligan. There are also papers relating to her death, including obituaries and memorials. This material is complemented by papers collected by Alistair MacFadyen and Florence Adams including interviews with Jean Milligan's contemporaries at Jordanhill College.

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Miscellaneous Dance Programmes

A collection of dance programmes from (mainly) non-Scottish Branches and Clubs 1950s to 1980s
Included is the RSCDS Golden Jubilee Ball Programme in bundle A.
A pdf file of this programme is at GB 3410 RSCDS-8-10
Includes programmes for the Strachur Smiddy Trust SCD 1990s to 2000s
Packet 9 contain programmes for Dances/Balls attended by Leslie Martin 1972-2002

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