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Miscellaneous Dance Programmes

A collection of dance programmes from (mainly) non-Scottish Branches and Clubs 1950s to 1980s
Included is the RSCDS Golden Jubilee Ball Programme in bundle A.
A pdf file of this programme is at GB 3410 RSCDS-8-10
Includes programmes for the Strachur Smiddy Trust SCD 1990s to 2000s

Archivist RSCDS

Nan Main- A Short Biography

A short biography of Nan Main and her association Scottish Dance and Music written by Jean Martin. The biography is two pags and the remaiing six are photocopies of some of her musical compositions. Include is a hand-written note from Jean Martin with additional information.

Archivist RSCDS

O'er the Border

Parlophone PMC 1069 S1: None so Pretty 8x40R, Duke of Athol's Reel 8x32J, Glasgow Highlanders 9x32S, Reelof the 51st Division 8x32R, S2: Hamilton House 8x32J, Hornpipe Selection 8x48R, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch 32S 32R 64R, Waltz Country Dance, Eightsome Reel

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Come Scottish Country Dancing with Andrew Rankineand his Band

Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 102 S1: A Toast to St Andrews 4x48R, Twixt Don and Dee 4x32S, Jennifer's Jig 8x32JThe Byron Strathspey 3x32S, Cadgers in the Canongate 8x48R S2: Wicked Willy 4x32R, Let the Hackle's Rise 4x48J, Sugar Candie 8x32S, General Stuart's Reel 8x32R, The Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32J

Andrew Rankine and his Band

The Newcastle Collection

  • Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 101 S1: Old Nick's Lumber Room 8x32J, Fidget 8x32R, The Conundrum 4x32S, Barley Bree 4x40J, The Duran Ranger8x32R, Medley 48R+56S S2: My Mither's
  • coming In 8x32R, Lord Rosslyn's Fancy 8x32J, Rob Roy Macgregor/The Silver City 8x32R, West's Hornpipe 4x32R, Set of Jigs 8x32J

The Danelaw Country Dance Band & David White and his Band

The Border Country Dance Band

SIDE ONE: 1 (REELS): Trip to Bavaria, Bill Sutherland, Cadum Woods, Kenmay House. 2. (HORNPIPES): Dennis Murphy's, The Athlone, Sherlock's. 3. (JIGS): Davy's Brae, Iain's Hunting Horn, The 19th Hole, Donald Ian Rankine.4. Dancing Fingers (Accordion Solo), 5. (STRATHSPEY): Braes of Breadalbane, Cambleton Kiltie Ball, Capt. Home. 6. (REELS): Maguire's, Rattigan's, and Jackie Colman's. SIDE TWO: 1. (JIGS): Mr and Mrs MacRogerson, The Pig that Shaks, The Piggery and Mr and Mrs T.M. Robertson. 2. (REELS): Bratach Bana, Highland Donald, Black Bear and Airlie Bobbies. 3. (MILITARY TWO-STEP): Lassie Come Dance With Me and The Hot Potato. 4. (REELS): Morpeth Rant, Miss K. Rose, Miss C.M. Barfour and New High Level. 5. When You and I were Young, Maggie Dear. 6. (JIG): The Castle.

RSCDS Archivist

Caledonian Ball

Thistle Records BSLP 122S S1: The Frisky 8 x 32J, Burn's Hornpipe 8 x 32R, New Scotland Strathspey 8 x 32S, Baldovan Reel 4 x 32R, Golden Pheasant 8 x 40J S2: Kiss Me Quick my Mither's comin' 8 x 32R, Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8 x 32S, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch 32S+32R+64R, Miss Murray of Lintrose 8 x 32R

Rob Gordon & his Band

Don Bartlett and the Scotians "In Triumph"

TAC001. SIDE ONE: Triumph, Lucky Scaup, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Miss Nancy Frowns, Taladh, Trip to Galway, Miss Nancy Girdwood of Tillicoutry, Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel, Fiddler Play the Light Strathspey, George Walker, Lady Ann Hope, The Gentle Shepherd, George Kinloch of Kinloch, O Saw Ye My Wee Thing, Davy Nick Nack, Quickstep, Kirk's Hornpipe, SIDE 2: Teviot Brig, Emerald Green, Don William's Steeplechase, The Biolog, The Old Man Will Never Die, John Brown, Tune Your Fiddles, Miss Douglas, The Laird of Milton's Daughter, Royal Irish, Harrington's Hall, Denis, Don't Be Threatening, Glenburnie Rant, Pig Town, Silver Spear & Fill Up The Bowl.

RSCDS Archivist

Music for Scottish Country Dancing. Chosen by The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Music for Scottish Country Dancing. Chosen by The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Full Length Dances in Strict Tempo.
Side One: Miss Dumbrecks Reel, The Braes of Mellinish Strathspey, The Holly Bush Jig, Kingussie Flower Reel. Side Two: The Bramble Bush Jig, The Three Bonny Maidens Strathspey, The Wild Geese Jig and The Sailor Hornpipe.

RSCDS Archivist

The Best of the Scottish Dance Bands

Talisman Records Record No STAL 5002 S1: Linton Ploughman - J, Killarney Waltz, March Selection, Longwise Eightsome Reel, Teviot Brig(J), West'a Awake Hornpipe. S2: Circle Waltz, Earl of Errol's Reel, Para Handy, Donald Bane - S, Strip the Willow, Gay Gordons.

Jimmy Shand, Ian Holmes, Jim Johnstone, The Glenlomond Scottish Band, Max Houliston, Jimmy Shand Jnr.

Highland Fling.

Highland Fling. Selection of Scottish music. Readers Digest. Decca Records. GNOB-6A/S7
SIDE ONE: Gay Gordons: Lord Lovat's Lament. Lament and Reel: Flowers of the Forest, The Little Cascade. Come to the Ceilidh. Beautiful Scotland, Ceilidh Selection. SIDE 2: Medley of Reels, Amazing Grace, Tin Whistle Border Medley: Bonnie Gallowa', Annie Laurie. Waltz Come Out of this World. The Gallan' Forty-Twa, Balmoral Highlanders.

RSCDS Archivist

Zonder titel

Scottish Dance Party With Jimmy Blair. The World Record Club Limited. T840.

SIDE ONE: Elwyn's Fairy Glen: The Barnyards O'Delgaty, The Hopeful Lover, Wee Malcolm.The Dundee Reel,: Bonnie Dundee, The Cock O' The North, The Highland Brigade at Tel-El-Kebir, Colonel Robertson. Hebridean Waltz Medley: Island Homing Song, Fil-O-Rel, Rothesay Bay. The Scotsmen In America: The Scotsmen in America, Miss Millicent's Favourites, The Wife She Brewed It. McDonald of Sleat: Dovecote Park, The Para Handy Polka. SIDE 2:The Devil Amang The Tailors: The Devil Amang The Tailors, Roxburgh Castle, Blair's Reel. Irish Jig Medley: The Blackthorne Stick, The Rakes of Kildare, The Irish Washerwome. The Baldovan Strathspey: The Baldovan Strathspey, Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie, Mrs Mary McManus. Coming Through The Rye Waltz: Coming Through The Rye, My Love is Like A Red Red Rose, The Auld Hoose. Blue Bell Polka: March Strathspey & Reel - John D. Burgess, Kafoozalum, The Mason's Apron. Harry Lauder Medley: I Love Lassie, Roaming In The Gloaming, Stop Yer Tickling Jock and Breakdown.

RSCDS Archivist

New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy

12 inch LP. DECCA. LK 4539. New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy.

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, The Old House (O'Connor), Westering home The Road and Miles to Dundee , Granny's Highland Hame, The Day I Marry Jamie, Down in the Glen, Skye Boat Sng, The Kirk By the Gleside, Jeannie and John, Old Scotch Mother Mine, Lewis Bridal Song, Donal McDarlin, My Ain Folk

RSCDS Archivist

Stan Hamilton and The Flying Scotsmen. Scottish Dance Music

12 inch LP. RCA Victor. RD7809. Stan Hamilton and The Flying Scotsmen. Scottish Dance Music.
Stan Hamilton and The Flying Scotsmen. Scottish Dance Music. LP. Side one: Jimmy Shand Special (Medley):The Heather Mixture Jig, Kaly Shaw, Gowan Hill. Trumpet Polka, The Heart is Highland (Medley): Hame, Hame, Hame, My Heart's Desire, My Darling Anna, The Tender Dairy Maid. The Gay Gordons(Medley), The Lovat Scouts, The Australian Ladies. The Call of the Pipes (Medley): The Rowan Tree, The Rose Among the Heather, Circassian. Memories of Harry Lauder (Medley): She's My Daisie, Early in the Morning, Killiecrankie, That's the Reason, The Waggle o' the Kilt. The Flying Scotsman (Medley): The Fairy Dance, The De'il Among the Tailors, Hay for the Heilan' Body, The High Road to Linton. The Piper's Medley: Donald Mclean's Farewell to Oban, The Heights of Cassino. A Scottish Waltz (Medley): Lassie o' Mine, My Grannie's Hielan' Hame, Auld Scotch Mither Mine, the Lass o' Lowrie. The Highland Brigade (Medley): Pipe Major Sam Scott, McNeil of Ugadale. The Swing of the Kilt (Medley): Loch Duich, Drummond Castle Laundry, Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Andrew Stewart Favourites (Medley): The Lass of Fyvie, Campbelltown Loch, Take Me Back, Cock of the North and Haste Ye Back

RSCDS Archivist

The Scottish Dance Masters Volume 2

Atholl Brose AB 002 S1: The Wind that Shakes the Barley 8x32R; Todlen Hame 8x32J; She's Ower Yound to Mary Yet 8x32S; Admiral Nelson's Hornpipe 4x64R. S2: The Alewife and her Barrel 8x32R; Airie Brennan 5x32J; Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes 8x32S; Earlstoun Loch 5x32R; The Rakish Highlandman 8x40J

Iain MacPhail and Ron Gonnella

Going to An Orkney Barndance

Going to An Orkney Barndance by Hamnavoe Scottish Dance Band. Grampian Records, Wick. SGW5005.
SIDE 1: Going To The Barn Dance, Maggie Watsons Polka, The Pipers Cave, Black Mask Waltz, Shetland Two Step & Kirks Hornpipe.
SIDE 2: Bothy Ballads, The Maid I Adore, Scapa Flow Reel, John Spence, Boys of Blue Hill & Flett From Flotta

RSCDS Archivist

Sounds Scottish Jim MacLeod and his Band

Sounds Scottish. Jim MacLeod and his Band. EMI Records Ltd. GLN 1022.
SIDE ONE: Dashing White Sergeant, Pittenweem Jo, Slow Air & Jig, Forty Shades of Green, Military Two Step: Alf's Two Step, Come To Fiona's Wedding, Scottish Waltz.
SIDE Two: Reel Selection, Dunblane, Accordion Duet, Pride of Erin Waltz, If My World Should End Tomorrow, Gay Gordons, Gay Gordons (Encore).

RSCDS Archivist

Scottish Dance Time

Custom Audio Records SMT 70 28 S1: The Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32R, The Machine Without Horses 8x32J, Lochiel's Rant 8x32S, The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R, Scottish Waltz S2: The Hamilton rant 8x48R, Leith Country Dance 8x32J, Up in the Air 8x32S, Genweral Stuart's Reel 8x32R

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

RSCDS Sydney Branch 70th Anniversary Booklet 1952-2022

The history of Sydney Branch, from its formation in 1952 to the 2022 , is documented through articles and photographs marking important dates. The booklet includes a section detailing dances with a connection to the Branch. Written by Diana Hastie and Debbie Baker, Brian Charlton and Morag Napier. Published by RSCDS Sydney Branch 2022.

Archivist RSCDS

Frank Reid Plays Just For You

AD001 published by Dorney Productions 1979. Frank Reid Band
S1: 1 Burnham Park J3x40 (Friday Evening, Rakes of Kildare, Humours of Donnybrook. 2 Toddlin' Tim R4x32 (Evy Atha, Ale d Dear, Drowsy Maggie, Sleepy Maggie). 3 Chippy's Rant J3x32 (Christie MacLeod, Donachd Head, Jamie Rae.
S2: Dorney Wood S2x40 (Heart's Desire, Marie's Wedding) 2 Just For You R5x32 (Coutts Concert Hornpipe, Arthur's Seat

Archivist RSCDS

Single Play Ian Powrie

Parlophone No. 45-R 4615 Published by EMI Records Ltd. Hayes. Ian Powrie Band 1959
S1:Cock A Bendie (George Ross's Farewell to the Black Watch. Mrs H L Macdonald of Dunach) . S2: Scottish Waltz (Road to Dundee, The Starry Song, The Wells O' Weary, Glens of Angus)

Archivist RSCDS

Single Play Ian Powrie

Parlophone No. 45-R 4818 published by EMI Records Ltd, Hayes. 1961 Ian Powrie Band
S1:Quiet and Snug (Alex McGlashan's Farewell, Lady Carmichael, Miss Betsy Robertson
S2: On Tour Scotland 1960 Reels (Peebles - The Tweedale Reel, Thurso - The Thurso Wedding Banff - The Deveron Reel

Archivist RSCDS

A Swirl of the Kilt - Jimmy Shand

Parlophone GEP8618 Extended Play. Published by EMI Records Ltd, Hayes. no date. Jimmy Shand and his Band
S1: ! The Angus Reel. 2 The Punch Bowl Reel ( The Bottom of the Punch Bowl, Kate Dalrymple, Sisters Elders Reel)
S2: 1 Phyllis Waltz. 2 Silver City Waltz

Archivist RSCDS

Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band

Fontana TFE.17311 Published by Fontana Records no date.
S1: 1. Petronella R8x32 (Petronella, Caddam Wood, The Old Grey Cat. 2. Off She Goes in the North J4x32 (Mrs. Seller's Favourite, Jeremy's Jig
S2: 1 La Russe (La Russe, Wee Robin, Dornoch Links). Macdonald of Sleat J120 (Dovecote Park)

Archivist RSCDS

Scottish Country Dances Volume Three - Dunedin Scottish Country Dance Band Volume Three

ELP 104 published by Waverley Records. Played by The Dunedin Scottish Country Dance Band.
S1: 1 Gay Gordons (Scotland the Brave. Walter Douglas, McLeod of Mull). 2. Strip the Willow (The Curlew, Hen's March)
S2: 1. Highland Schottische (Brig O' Perth, Cutty's Wedding, Captain Horn). 2. Waltz Country Dance (Uist My Love, Maid with the Lustrous Hair, The Cuckoo, Mull of the Cool Bens, Leaving Stornoway).

Archivist RSCDS

Scotland Dances to Alasdair Downie and his Scottish Band No.3

Beltona SEP (89) Mono Published 1960 Beltona Records. S1: 1. Inch of Perth - Strathspeys - (Bridge of Perth, Cutty's Wedding, Captain Horne. 2. La Tempete - Reels - (Original, Blooms of Bon Acord, Waves of Torry
S2: 1. Blue Bonnets -Jig - (Blue Bonnets Over the Border, Ballochmyle, Dr. J G Hnter of Aulthea) 2. Retrat Airs (Lochansise, Green Hills of Tyrol, Dream Valley of Glendaruel)

Archivist RSCDS

A Dozen Dances

Cassette Side 1: A Tribute to the Borders 8x32J, A Trip to Bavaria 4x32R, Autumn in Appin 4x32S, Postie's Jig 4x32J, Reel of the %1st Division 8x32R, Seton's Ceilidh Band 4x64R
Side 2: Brisk Young Lad 5x48JWind on Loch Fyne 3x32S, Earl of Mansfield, 4x48R, Major Ian Stewart 8x32J, Johnny Walker64x64M, Shiftin' Bobbins 8x32R. Produced by David Cunningham.

RSCDS Archivist

The Ladies of Dunse

Cassette Duns 01 Side 1: The Reels 8x40, Founder's Jig 8x32, Strathcare 8x32S, The Whisky Association Reel 8x32R, The Scots Guards 8x32S, 8th Battalion Royal Scots 8x32R, Duns 500 1x64S
Side 2: Campbell of Laphroaig Medley 8x 16S + 8x 16R, Jim Dougal of Eyemouth 3x32S, Peggy's Joy 8x32J, The Ruby Strathspey 4x32S, St. Ebba's Strand 4x40R, Millerton Brig 8x32S, The Border Bridge 8x32R, The Scot's Gate 4x32J, Muriel Johnstone and Marion Anderson published by Duns and District RSCDS, 1995
Jimmy Shand Band published byGrasmere Music Ltd. 1989

RSCDS Archivist

A Scottish Fancy Jimmy Shand

Cassette GRTC 37 Side 1: White Heather Jig 8x40, Grosvenor House Strathspey 1x96, The Campbells Are Coming Jig 4x32, Balmoral Strathspey 4x32, Miss Hadden's Reel 8x32.
Side 2: Quiet and Snug Strathspey 8x32, Hooper's Jig 8x32, Waltz Country Dance, Galloway House Reel 8x32
Jimmy Shand Band published byGrasmere Music Ltd. 1989

RSCDS Archivist

The White Cockade

Cassette AB015C Side A: J8x32 Campbell's Frolic, R8x32 Corn Rigs, S1x64 A Concord Wedding, R4x32 Crockett's Victory Garden,J8x32 The Hunting Horn.
Side B: R8x32 Hey Johnnie Cope, R1x88 The Round Reel of Eight, J8x32 Set of 3 Jigs, S3x32 Queen City Strathspey, Waltz

RSCDS Archivist

RSCDS Preliminary Test Dances 1990

Cassette RSCDS 38 Side 1: The Scotch Circle, Duke of Perth, The Deil Amang the Tailors, Fair Donald, The Lover's Knot, Sandy O'er the Lea.
Side 2: The Isle, The Linton Ploughman, Frog in the Middle, Bridge of Nairn, The Braes of Breadalbane, Lady Glasgow. Pianist Muriel Johnstone, published by the RSCDS 1990

RSCDS Archivist

A Taste of Andrew Rankine

Cassette No.NRSCDS107 Side 1: J8x32 Lord Rosslyn's Fancy, S8x32 Rob Roy Macgregor (Silver City) Strathspey, J8x32 Set of Jigs, S8x32 Byron Strathspey, R4x48 Toast to St. Andrews.
Side 2: R4x32 Wicked Willie, J4x48 Let the Hackles rise, S4x32 Twixt Don and Dee, J8x32 Luckenbooth Brooch, R4x48The Alexandria Reel.

RSCDS Archivist

Life Begins at Forty

Cassette NRSCDS 106 Side 1: J4x40 Life Begins at Forty, S1x80 The Tyneside Schottische,R4x32 Nice and Easy, S4x32 The Octogenarian, J4x32 Windmills are Turning, S8x32 The Long Sands.
Side 2: R8x32 Tosson Hill, S8x32 Ronda Blue, J8x32 The Snake Pass, S4x32 Moorgate Ramble.

RSCDS Archivist

Across the Tay

Cassette No. IB9305. Side 1: R4x32 Trip to Bavaria, J4x48 Across the Tay, S4x32 Dundee Whaler, R8x32 The Sailor, J8x32 Duke of Attoll's Reel, S3x32 Wind on Loch Fyne, Waltz
Side2: J8x32 Luckenbooth Brooch, S4x32 Autumn in Appin, R8x32 College Hornpipe, S4x32 Butterscotch and Honey, R4x32 Blooms of Bon Accord,S3x32 Byron Strathspey, R8z32 Duke of Perth

RSCDS Archivist

Come Scottish Country Dancing

Newcastle & District Branch RSCDS NRSCDS 105C S1: Maxwell's Rant 8x32R, Miss Cahoon's Reel 8x48J, Drumelzier 4x32S, Red House 8x40R, Ladies' Fancy 8x32J S2: Mr Wilson's Hornpipe 8x32R, The Robertson Rant 80S, Muirland Willie 8x32J, Jimmy's Fancy 8x32S, Lauderdale Lads/Corn Rigs 8x32R

RSCDS Archivist

Scottish Dance Masters Volume 5

Atholl Brose Recordings AB012 S1: Caller Herrin' 8x32R; Murdoch cairnie 8x32J; Our Compliments to William Marshall 4x32S; Douglas Henderson 0f Dundee 8x32J; Netherby Hall 8x32R; S2: Wha'ii be King but Charlie? 8x32J; The Highlandman Kissed his Mother 8x32R; Rumblin Brig; The Hills of Lorne Air; Miss Stewart's Jig 8x32J. Includes extensive recrding note and instructions for Murdochcairnie, Douglas Henderson of Dundee, and Rumbling Brig

The Ron Gonnella Strings with George MacIlwham

In Strict Tempo

Lismor LICS 5112 S1:Balcomie House 3x48J; Farewell to the North 32J 32S 32R; The Black Mountain Reel 5x32R; Wee Cooper of Fife 5x40R; The Duchess Tree 4x32S; Miss C M Barbour 4x32R; Hopetoun House 8x32J S2: None So Pretty 4x40R; Johnny Walker 64S 64J; Argyll's Fancy 4x48J; Strathglass House 4x32S; Spey Royal 40R 40S 40R; Postie's Jig 4x32J; Lothian Lads 8x32R

The Lothian Scottish Dancce Band

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