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The Scotch Piano. Strathspeys Jigs & Reels

Clansmen Records GH smt 70100 S1: Mary Branigan's Delight 8 X 32r Strathclair 8 x 32S, Miss Nancy Frows 8 x 32J, The King's Rant 8 x 32R, Triumph 8 x 24R S2: Fight About the Fireside, Sauchie Haugh 8 x 32S, Lasie Wehat Mair Wad Ye Ha'e? 8 x 32J, Miss Catherine Allan 8 x 32S

Stan Hamilton

Caber Feidh

Decca LHR LP6 S1: Reelm of the 51st Division 8 x 32R, Dunsinane 3 x 32S, Linkumdoddie 5 x 48R, Shetland Waltz, The New Rigged Ship 8 x 48R, Hebridean Weaving Lilt S2: Mairi's Wedding 8 x 40R, The Bees of Maggieknocater 4 x 32J, The Winding Road 4 x 32S, Airie Bennan 5 x 32J, Irish Rover 8 x 32R, Encore for Irish Rover 4 x 32R, Polka

The Caber Feidh Band

The Lothian Scottish Dance Band "in Strict Tempo"

Lismor Recordings LILP 5112 S1: Balcomie House 3 x 48J, Farewell to the North32J+32S+32R, The Black Mountain Reel 5 x 32R, The Wee Cooper O' Fife 4 x 40J, The Duchess Tree 4 x 32S, Miss C M Barbour 4 x 32R, Hopetoun House 8 x 32J S2: None so Pretty 4 x 40R, Johnnie Walker 64S+64J, Argyll's Fancy 4 x 48J, Strathglass House 4 x 32S, Spey Royal40R+40S+40R, Postie's Jig 4 x 32J, Lothian Lads 8 x 32R

The Lothian Scottish Dance Band

The Best of the Pipes & Drums of Scotland

Lismor Recordings LILP 5114 S1: The Granton and District Pipe Band, The Dysart and Dundonald Pipe Band, Shotts and Dykehead caledonian Pipe Band, Pipe Major Donald MacLeod MBE, Glasgow and Strathclyde University OTC Pipe Band, Seumus MacNeil S2: Various selections by the bands

Various pipe bands

"Scottish Box and Fiddle". The Best of Accordion & Fiddle Music

Lismor Recordings LILP 5115 S1: Selections by: Robib Brock band, Ron Gonnella, Calun MacLean, Charlie Cowie, Stuart Anderson, Calum Wilson Band, Alan Roy, Charlie Cowie S2: Glasgow S and R Society, John Ellis Band, Currie Bros, Ron Gonnella, Alan Roy, Calum Maclean, Charlie Cowie, John Ellis Band

Various bands: Robin Brock, Ron Gonnells, Calum MacLean, Charlie Cowie, Stuart Anderson,Calum Wilson, Alan Roy, Charlie Cowie etc. etc.

The Magic Sounds of Jimmy Shand and his Band

EMI Music for Pleasure MFP 5613 S1: Waves of Torry (J). The Buchan Waltz, 6/8 Marches, Heather Mixture Rant (J), Grosvenor House Strathspey, Waltz Country Dance, Queen's Bridge (R) S2: The Cumberland Reel, Balmoral Circle Dance, Schottishe, Pipe Marches, Old Tyme Waltz, Hornpipe Selection, Miss Hadden's Reel

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Meet the Olympians

Thistle Records BSLP 59 S1: Baldovan Reel ?, The Swilcan ( J), Jenny's Bawbee (S), Across the Tay (J), Gay Gordons, Highland Schottische, Happy Returns R, S2: Maxwell's Rant R, The New Rigged Ship J, Scottish Waltz, Gay Gordons, Glasgow Country Dance (SR Medley), Miss Hadden's Reel (J)

The Olympians

Bow and Curtsy

Rob Roy RRLP 00831 S1: The Happy meeting 8x32J; Trip to Bavaria 4x32R; Garry Strathspey 4x32S; Postie's Jig 4x32J; Ellwyn's fair Glen 8x32R; St. Andrew's Fair 8x32R S2: Mhairis Wedding 4x40R; Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32J; Baldovan reel 4x32R; Winding Road 4x32S; Round Reel od Eight 1x88R; Bonnie Anne 1x96J; Irish Rover 8x32R.

Jim Dawson Scottish country Dance Band

A Scottish Welcome

Waverly GLN 1024 S1: Ta Li Ho Two Step; KGV's Army; Plaisir d'Amour; Reel Selection; The Happy Haggis; Killiecrankie; The Haunt of the Gnomes. S2: Shand Marches; Scot Skinner Waltzes; Triste Sourire; Slow Airs; Toot, Toot Tootsie; The pioer's Weird; Set of Jigs.

The Donaldson Brothers

Bedford Bairns

Back Row:Nick van Loan, Bobby Woodward, David Baily, Richard Hyde, Alan Miler, David Givens. FR: Susan Majesky, Nancy Lane, Sandy Bostwick, Doris Rice, Barbara Ton, Tina van Loan

The Scottish Country Dance Book - Book 3

By the Scottish Country Dance Society, music arranged by J. Michael Diack. Published by Paterson's Publications, Ltd (1926, 1927, 1931, 1936, 1937, c.1945, 1946, 1948, 1949, 1950). By the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, music arranged by J. Michael Diack. Published by Paterson's Publications, Ltd (1952, 1954, c.1955, 1958, 1964). By the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, music arranged by Muriel A. Johnstone and J. Michael Diack. Published by Paterson's Publications, Ltd (1985, 2001).
Dances: Scottish Reform (J); The Dashing White Sergeant or Highland Reel (R); Saint Patrick's Day; Jenny Come Down to Jock (J); Blue Bonnets (J); The Fairy Dance (R); The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow (J); Rachael Rae (R); The Duke is Welcome to Inverness (R); The Eighjt Men of Moidart (R); The Foursome Reel (R); The Reel of Tulloch (R).

Scottish Country Dance Music

Scottish Country Dances for young people and new dancers. Book 40

Instructions and music for ten Scottish Country Dances for young people and new dancers published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, 1981:
A Reel for Jeannie (R); Cutty Sark (J); Nice to See You (R); Forth Bridge (J); 12 Coates Crescent (S); EH3 7AF (J); Rabbie's Reel (R); Airyhall Delight J); The Royal Deeside Railway (R); Simon's Dance (R) Delight (J);

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 50 Spring Fling 12 Scottish Country Dances

Instructions and music for: The Spring Fling Reel (R); Les Remparts d Seville (J); There's Something about Thirty (S); 192 Miles Home (J); Tge Doonhammer Delight (R); Mathilde is a Delight (S); The Wandering Wallaby(J); Double Trouble Triangles (R); Shadow (J); A Trip to Applecross (J); Dancing Spirit (J); La Baratte your Way Home (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

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