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The Gay Gordons Volume 2

IAS 3048
Side 1: 1.The Dashing White Sergeant, 2. Hesitation Waltz, 3. Royal Exchange, 4. The Laird of Drumblair and The Mason's Apron, 5. The Gay Gordons,
Side 2: 1. Hamilton Rant. 2. The George Black Polka, 3. The Doris Waltz, 4. The Braes of Breadalbane, 5. THe Gordon Waltz

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MacGregor's Gathering

BSLP 1188S
Side 1: 1. Last of the Lairds, 2.Party Polka 3. Circle Waltz 4. Waltz, 5. Macdonald of the Isles, 6. Boston Twostep 7. The Gay Gordons
Side 2: 1. Fireside Reel. 2. Highland Schottische, 3. Pride of Erin, 4. Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder, 5. Dinky One-Step, 6. The Dashing White Sergeant

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Music for Scottish Country Dancing. Chosen by The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Music for Scottish Country Dancing. Chosen by The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Full Length Dances in Strict Tempo.
Side One: Miss Dumbrecks Reel, The Braes of Mellinish Strathspey, The Holly Bush Jig, Kingussie Flower Reel. Side Two: The Bramble Bush Jig, The Three Bonny Maidens Strathspey, The Wild Geese Jig and The Sailor Hornpipe.

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Highland Fling! The Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion The Liverpool Scottish

12 inch LP. Embassy Records. WLP 6008. Highland Fling! The Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion The Liverpool Scottish.
SIDE ONE: (SET) The Skye Boat Song, The Pibroch O' Donheil Blu, The Marquis of Huntley, The Piper of Drummond, Highland Laddie.(MARCHES): The March of the Cameron Men, Up in The Morning Early, The Steam Boat. (STRATHSPEY): The Standard on the Braes O'Mar. (REEL): Sandy Duff. SIDE TWO: (FOURSOME): Monymusk, Louden's Bonny Woods and Braes. (REELS): Reel O' Tulloch, Mrs Macleod of Raasay. (MARCHES): Lochanside, Magersfontein, The Glendaruel Highlanders, Scotland The Brave, Mhairi Ban Og, The Inverness Gathering.

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Don Bartlett and the Scotians "In Triumph"

TAC001. SIDE ONE: Triumph, Lucky Scaup, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Miss Nancy Frowns, Taladh, Trip to Galway, Miss Nancy Girdwood of Tillicoutry, Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel, Fiddler Play the Light Strathspey, George Walker, Lady Ann Hope, The Gentle Shepherd, George Kinloch of Kinloch, O Saw Ye My Wee Thing, Davy Nick Nack, Quickstep, Kirk's Hornpipe, SIDE 2: Teviot Brig, Emerald Green, Don William's Steeplechase, The Biolog, The Old Man Will Never Die, John Brown, Tune Your Fiddles, Miss Douglas, The Laird of Milton's Daughter, Royal Irish, Harrington's Hall, Denis, Don't Be Threatening, Glenburnie Rant, Pig Town, Silver Spear & Fill Up The Bowl.

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New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy

12 inch LP. DECCA. LK 4539. New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy.

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, The Old House (O'Connor), Westering home The Road and Miles to Dundee , Granny's Highland Hame, The Day I Marry Jamie, Down in the Glen, Skye Boat Sng, The Kirk By the Gleside, Jeannie and John, Old Scotch Mother Mine, Lewis Bridal Song, Donal McDarlin, My Ain Folk

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Sounds Scottish Jim MacLeod and his Band

Sounds Scottish. Jim MacLeod and his Band. EMI Records Ltd. GLN 1022.
SIDE ONE: Dashing White Sergeant, Pittenweem Jo, Slow Air & Jig, Forty Shades of Green, Military Two Step: Alf's Two Step, Come To Fiona's Wedding, Scottish Waltz.
SIDE Two: Reel Selection, Dunblane, Accordion Duet, Pride of Erin Waltz, If My World Should End Tomorrow, Gay Gordons, Gay Gordons (Encore).

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Scotland The Dances and Dance Bands

Lismore LILP 5163
Side 1: Ian Holmes and his Scottish Dance Band; Jim Johnstone and his Band; Fergie Macdonald and his Highland Band; Ian McPhail anf his Band; Jim Johnstone and his Band; Lex Keith and his Scottish Country Band; Fergie Macdonald and his Highland Band
Side 2: Calum Wilson and his Scottish Counrty Dance Band; Lothian Scottish Dance Band; Jim Johnstone and hid Band; John Ellis and his Highland Country Band; Glenaruel Scottish dance Band; Bobby Macleod and his Music; Colin Campbell and his Highland Band; John Ekkis and his Highland Ciuntry Band; Jim Johnstone and his Band

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Canada On Tour

Ross Records No. WGR 046 Bobby Brown The Scottish Accent and the Cape Breton Symphony
Side 1: Canadian Medley; Strathspey and Reel Medley; Hornpipe Medley; Marches; Polka; Air, Strathspey and Reel Medley;
Side 2: Selection of Jigs; Marches; Strathspey and Reel Medley; Waltz Medley; Hornpipe Medley; A Scottish Fancy

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North of the Border

BS Productions No. BTS 1005: Jim Macleod and his Band with Bryan Smith
Side 1: Modern Waltz: Modern Waltz; Balmoral Blues; Balmoral Blues; Gay Gordons; Gay Gordons
Side 2: Lilac Waltz; Lilac Waltz; Saunter; Saunter; Mayfair Quickstep; Mayfair Quickstep

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Bow to the Fiddle

SIDE ONE: T1 Balmoral Castle (March), Glenlivit (Strathspey), David Adams (Reel) T2. The Flowers of the Forest (slow air) T3 Gorgaff Castle, Marquis of Huntly, Eugene Stratton T4 The Athole Highlanders Farewell to Loch Katrine. T5 The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord
T6 Edgefauld House, Forbes Morrison, The Hurricane T7 The Hen's March, Willafiord Jack, Ollifiord Jack
SIDE TWO: T1 Scott Skinner's Compliment to Dr. Macdonald, The Marchioness of Huntly. Willie Mann of Paddy T2 Mrs Major L Stewart of Java Bob Johnstone's Strathspey, Bob Johnstone's Reel T3 The Taps of Fechle, The Jimmy Blue Strathspey, The Jimmy Blue Reel T4 Mrs. Scott Skinner, Graigellachie Brig, Lassies O' Stewarton T5 Blackthorn Strick, Connaught Man's Rambles, Tenpenny Bit, Biddy the Bowl Wife T6 Niel Gow's Lamentations for James Moray of Abercairnie, Miss Marion Oliphant, Cross of Inverness T7 Oh! Lady Be Good

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Stan Hamilton and The Flying Scotsmen. Scottish Dance Music

12 inch LP. RCA Victor. RD7809. Stan Hamilton and The Flying Scotsmen. Scottish Dance Music.
Stan Hamilton and The Flying Scotsmen. Scottish Dance Music. LP. Side one: Jimmy Shand Special (Medley):The Heather Mixture Jig, Kaly Shaw, Gowan Hill. Trumpet Polka, The Heart is Highland (Medley): Hame, Hame, Hame, My Heart's Desire, My Darling Anna, The Tender Dairy Maid. The Gay Gordons(Medley), The Lovat Scouts, The Australian Ladies. The Call of the Pipes (Medley): The Rowan Tree, The Rose Among the Heather, Circassian. Memories of Harry Lauder (Medley): She's My Daisie, Early in the Morning, Killiecrankie, That's the Reason, The Waggle o' the Kilt. The Flying Scotsman (Medley): The Fairy Dance, The De'il Among the Tailors, Hay for the Heilan' Body, The High Road to Linton. The Piper's Medley: Donald Mclean's Farewell to Oban, The Heights of Cassino. A Scottish Waltz (Medley): Lassie o' Mine, My Grannie's Hielan' Hame, Auld Scotch Mither Mine, the Lass o' Lowrie. The Highland Brigade (Medley): Pipe Major Sam Scott, McNeil of Ugadale. The Swing of the Kilt (Medley): Loch Duich, Drummond Castle Laundry, Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Andrew Stewart Favourites (Medley): The Lass of Fyvie, Campbelltown Loch, Take Me Back, Cock of the North and Haste Ye Back

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Scottish Dance Party With Jimmy Blair

Scottish Dance Party With Jimmy Blair. The World Record Club Limited. T840.

SIDE ONE: Elwyn's Fairy Glen: The Barnyards O'Delgaty, The Hopeful Lover, Wee Malcolm.The Dundee Reel,: Bonnie Dundee, The Cock O' The North, The Highland Brigade at Tel-El-Kebir, Colonel Robertson. Hebridean Waltz Medley: Island Homing Song, Fil-O-Rel, Rothesay Bay. The Scotsmen In America: The Scotsmen in America, Miss Millicent's Favourites, The Wife She Brewed It. McDonald of Sleat: Dovecote Park, The Para Handy Polka. SIDE 2:The Devil Amang The Tailors: The Devil Amang The Tailors, Roxburgh Castle, Blair's Reel. Irish Jig Medley: The Blackthorne Stick, The Rakes of Kildare, The Irish Washerwome. The Baldovan Strathspey: The Baldovan Strathspey, Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie, Mrs Mary McManus. Coming Through The Rye Waltz: Coming Through The Rye, My Love is Like A Red Red Rose, The Auld Hoose. Blue Bell Polka: March Strathspey & Reel - John D. Burgess, Kafoozalum, The Mason's Apron. Harry Lauder Medley: I Love Lassie, Roaming In The Gloaming, Stop Yer Tickling Jock and Breakdown.

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Highland Fling.

Highland Fling. Selection of Scottish music. Readers Digest. Decca Records. GNOB-6A/S7
SIDE ONE: Gay Gordons: Lord Lovat's Lament. Lament and Reel: Flowers of the Forest, The Little Cascade. Come to the Ceilidh. Beautiful Scotland, Ceilidh Selection. SIDE 2: Medley of Reels, Amazing Grace, Tin Whistle Border Medley: Bonnie Gallowa', Annie Laurie. Waltz Come Out of this World. The Gallan' Forty-Twa, Balmoral Highlanders.

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Frank Reid Plays Just For You

AD001 published by Dorney Productions 1979. Frank Reid Band
S1: 1 Burnham Park J3x40 (Friday Evening, Rakes of Kildare, Humours of Donnybrook. 2 Toddlin' Tim R4x32 (Evy Atha, Ale d Dear, Drowsy Maggie, Sleepy Maggie). 3 Chippy's Rant J3x32 (Christie MacLeod, Donachd Head, Jamie Rae.
S2: Dorney Wood S2x40 (Heart's Desire, Marie's Wedding) 2 Just For You R5x32 (Coutts Concert Hornpipe, Arthur's Seat

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Going to An Orkney Barndance

Going to An Orkney Barndance by Hamnavoe Scottish Dance Band. Grampian Records, Wick. SGW5005.
SIDE 1: Going To The Barn Dance, Maggie Watsons Polka, The Pipers Cave, Black Mask Waltz, Shetland Two Step & Kirks Hornpipe.
SIDE 2: Bothy Ballads, The Maid I Adore, Scapa Flow Reel, John Spence, Boys of Blue Hill & Flett From Flotta

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Steppin' Out

Cabbage records CAB 420 S1; The Swilcan 4x32J; Shetland Reels 8x32R; Leaving St. Kilda; Braes of Mellanish 8x32S; La Bastringue. S2: Pipe reels 8x32R; Back Home; Thistle on the Faultline; Brisk Young Lad 5x48J; Waltz. Includes a leaftlet with music and dance notes.

John Tayor; Andrew Imrie

Dancing Through Scotland

EMI Records Record No PCS 7030 S1: The Back o'Bennachie 8x32R, Lochiel's Rant 8x32S, Just as I was in the Morning 8x40J, Waltz Country Dance, Bonnie Anne 1x96J. S2: Angus MacLeod 2x64R, Peggy's Wedding 4x64J, Dalkeith's Strathspey 8x32S, De'il amang the Tailors 8x32R, Two and Two 8x32J.

Jimmy Shand and his Band

The Best in Scottish Dance Music

SRC Record no C 1004 S1: Maxwell's Rant, Mrs Alice Simpson's Silver Jubilee, Dunoon Barn Dance, Hamilton House, MacPhail Reels, Polka, Dke of Perth, Scottish Waltz, Scottish Reform. S2: Marching with Robin, Bagpipe medley, Highland Laddie, The Lea Rig, Hesitation Waltz, Isle of Skye, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder, Set of Reels, Gay Gordons.

Jim Johnstone, Iain MacPhail, Andrew Rankine.

The Gates of Edinburgh

International Artists IA3032 S1: The Gates of Edinbrgh 4x32R; Hamilton House 4x32J; TheCamp of Pleasure 4x32S; Maria's (sic) Wedding 4x40R. S2:Highland Laddie 4x32R; The Gay Gordons; Waltz Country Dance 4x32W; Duke of Perth 4x32R; Bonnie Anne 96J

Blue Bonnets Scottish Country Dance Band

Come Dance With Me

Lismor Recordings Record No LILP 5059 S1: Thingummy Jig Polka, Lewisvale Waltz, Strip the Willow, March of the Marches, Jack O'Tar Hornpipe, Drowsy Maggie. S2: Military two-step, Air, Strathspey + Reel, Continental Waltz, Brittania Two-step, Jigs, Reels.

Jim Johnstone and his Band

A Breath O' Shetland

Polydor Special Record No 2384-074 S1: Shetland reels, Pipe marches, Set of jigs, Shetland waltzes, Norwegian waltz, Polka, Shetland marches. S2: Shetland reels, Waltzes, selection of marches, Fiddle solo, Set of reels, Pipe marches, Strathspeys, Up-helly-aa.

The Hamefarers

The Best of the Scottish Dance Bands

Talisman Records Record No STAL 5002 S1: Linton Ploughman - J, Killarney Waltz, March Selection, Longwise Eightsome Reel, Teviot Brig(J), West'a Awake Hornpipe. S2: Circle Waltz, Earl of Errol's Reel, Para Handy, Donald Bane - S, Strip the Willow, Gay Gordons.

Jimmy Shand, Ian Holmes, Jim Johnstone, The Glenlomond Scottish Band, Max Houliston, Jimmy Shand Jnr.

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

Lismor Recordings Record No LILP 5197 S1: The Gay Gordons, Regent's Favourite -R, Polka, Medley S+R, 4/4 Marches, Bothy Ballad, Pipe jig, strathspey + reel, Gaelic Waltz, Pipe hornpipes, Folk tune medley. S2. March, 3/4 + 9/8 pipe marches, The Fairy Dance - R, Ancient Scottish Air + marches, Boston two-step, Hornpipe, Gaelic Waltz, Highland Scotiishe, The Dundee Reel -J.

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

Waulking Songs from Barra

Tangent TNGM 111 S1: Were You in the Mountains?; My Love Alan; Ho ro hug o hug o; One Day as I Roamed the Hills; Pipe Reels. S2: Woman over there who Laughed; The Silver Whistle; Early today I set out.

Mary Morrison, Callum Johnston, Kate Buchannan, Flora Boyd, Chorus

Sounds of the Perthshire Glens

Grampian SGW 5009 S1: Set of Reels; March, Strathspey and Reel; Waltx; Military Two Step; Set of Jigs; March, Strathspey and Reel. S2: Set of Reels; Foursome Reel; Waltz; Military Two Step; Canadian Barn dance; Set of Jigs.

Bill Black and his Scottish Dance Band

A Scottish Welcome

Waverly GLN 1024 S1: Ta Li Ho Two Step; KGV's Army; Plaisir d'Amour; Reel Selection; The Happy Haggis; Killiecrankie; The Haunt of the Gnomes. S2: Shand Marches; Scot Skinner Waltzes; Triste Sourire; Slow Airs; Toot, Toot Tootsie; The pioer's Weird; Set of Jigs.

The Donaldson Brothers

The Tartan Album

REL Records RELP 466 A selection of Scottish Songs and Music

Queen's Own Highlanders; The Tarten Lads; Scottish Fiddle Orchestra; Freeland Barbour; Sandy Coghill; Gordon Highlanders; 12th Royla Lancers; Lothian SCD Band; Mary Sandeman.

The Scottish Fiddlers' Welcome to Edinburgh

Scottish Records 33 SR 141 S1: Marches;Pastoral, March, Strathspey and Reel; Jig (Hamilton House); Marches and Reels; Strathspeys and Reels; The Dashing White Sergeant. S2: Bluebell Polka; Scott Skinner Selection; Jig (Balvenie Castle; Pastoral, March, Strathspey and Reel; Marches; Eightsome Reel; Auld Lang Syne.

Scottish Fiddlers

Bobby MacLeod's Tobermory Treasure

RCA INTS 1252 S1: Reels; All's Polka; Ceilidh Waltz; Swingalong Reels; Wild Mountain Thyme; 2/4-6/8. S2: From Duart to the Isles; Thro' the Mist to the Dance; The Auld Alliance; Forty shades of Green; Island Schottische; Irish jiggery

Bobby Macleod and Band with Calum Maclean

Bobby's Kind of Music

RCA INTS 1106 s1: Gay Gordons; Old Time Waltzes; Irish Jigs; Corinne; Irish Marches; Singalong Selection. S2: International Medley; Hornpipes; Madame Bonaparte; Gaelic Waltz; Road to the Isles Medley; Pipe Marches

Bobby MacLeod and his Band

Jimmy Blue's Accordian Club

Phillips 6382 104 S1: Reels; Cherrybank Polka; Hayfield Two Step; The Dying Year; Heinzelmarchen; Dovecote Park; Harry Scott of Friockheim. S2: La Tempete; Mclean of Pennycross; Marches; Entrainante; Ann and Laura Polka; I See Mull

Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Band

The Jimmy Blue Band Show

Pye PKL 5562 S1: Jigs; Polka; Irish Waltzes; Accordian Solo; wo Marches; Accordian Duet (Jacqueline Waltz). S2: Tobermory Two Step; Scottish Waltz; Accordian Duet (Bandboy's Polka); Fiddle Solo; A Thresh of Reels

Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Dance Band

Fiddle Me Jig

MFP MFP 50373 S1: Set of Reels; Latheron Wheel Polka; Set of Reels; Pride of Scotland Waltz; Set of Jigs; Kate Dalrymple. S2: Set of Reels; Scandanavian Barn Dance; Jigs; Set of Reels; Barn Dance

Wick Fiddlers; Orkney S and R Society; Ochil Players

The sound of Scotland

Lochshore LBLP 2002 S1: Grand March; Dashing White Sergeant; Scottish Waltz; Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch; Pipe Marches. S2: Reel of the 51st Division; Strip the Willow; Gaelic Waltz; Gay Gordons; Eightsome Reel

Jim MacLeod and Band

A tribute to Jimmy Shand

Emeral Gem GES 1073 S1: The Hawthorn Band Tribute; Jimmy Shand Waltzes; March, Strathspey and Reel, Para handy Polka; Set of jigs S2: Jimmy Shand Reels; Strathspeys; Bluebell Polka; Jimmy Shand Medley, Scottish Waltz

The Hawthorn Scottish Dance Band

Dancing Fingers

Beltona LBS 67 S1: Set of Reels; Oslo Waltz; March, Strathspey and Reel; Czardas; Dream Valley of Glendaruel; Dancing Fingers S2: Set of Jigs; Burns Waltzes, March, Strathspey and Reel; The Dark Island; Waltz Country Dance; Old Comrades

Arthur Spink


  • Craigellachie CB Stereo 33 S1: Good Hearted Glasgoew 8x32J; Langholm Fair 3x32S; The
  • Sound of Harris 3x48R; Airie Bennan 5x32J; Autumn in Appin 4x32S; The Earl of Mansfield 4x48R; Lament and Reel. S2: The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R; Cambuskenneth 80S; The Peterhead Express 4x64J; Cobblestones 8x32R; Slow Air and Pipe Reel; Argyll's Fancy 4x48J

Craigellachie Band

Land of the Hills and Heather

CBS M 52677 S1: Shetland Two Step; Misty Islands of the Highlands; The Voice of Scotland (vocal); Shetland Reels; Jeannie McColl (vocal); Scottish Waltes S2: Land of the Hills and Heather (vocal); Gaelic Waltzes; Johnny Lad (vocal); Petite Waltz; I'm My own Gran'pa (vocal); Bothy Ballad Medley

The Jack Sinclair Showband

Scottish Dance Party

Emerald Gem GES 1025 S1: Dashing White Sergeant; Vocal; Scottish Waltz; Fiddle Solo; Vocal; De'il Amang the Tailors. S2: Eva Three Step; Polka; Vocal; Trio; Vocal; Highland Schottische

Andrew Rankine and his Band with Eileen Camerson and Joe Campbell

The Dancing Strings of Scotland

Lismor LILP 5175 S1: Reel of thwe 51st Division 8x32R; The Linton Ploughman 8x32J; Scottish Waltz; Hamilton House 8x32J; Dashing White Sergeant 8x32R S2: Duke of Perth 8x32R; Strip the Willow 8x40R; Gay Gordons; Petronella 8x32R; Highland Schottische; Circassian Circle 8x32R

Jim Johnstone and David Smith

Scotland's Greatest

Beltona LBA 53 S1: Set of Reels; March, Strathspey and Reel; Waltzes; Hawaii Tattoo; Pipe Effects; Household Brigade S2: Let's have a Ceilidh; Rienne de Mussette; Gay Gordons; Wheels; Bluebell Polka; Cuckoo Waltz; March, Strathspey and Reel.

Auther Spink

Music Frae Moray

Bluebell Records BBR LP 132 S1: Where the Findhorn Flowa; Hogmanay Jig; Scottish Waltz; Gay Gordons; Highland Barn Dance S2: Accordian Duet; Dumbarton's Drums; Gaelic Waltz Medley; Fiddle Solo; Medley; Polka Parade

Ian Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band

Dancers Delight - Music for Highland Dancing

Talisman STAL 5024 S1: Highland Fling (6); Sword Dance(3 and 1) Sword Dance (2 and 2); Strathspey and Highland Reel (2 and 2); Strathspey and Reel of Tulluch (2 and 4); Reel of Tulloch (8); Scottish Lilt (6) S2: Sailor's Hornpipe (6); Irish Jig (6); Sean Triubhas 4 and 2); Sean Triubhas (6 and 2); Flora Macdonald's Fancy (6); Highland Fling (6); Highland Laddie (6)

Pipe Major Iain McLeod

Happy to Meet

Beltona SBE 162 S1:Poor Oot! (Marches); Peterie-Dick (Jigs); Ploughman's Love (Waltz); Douce Dundee (March, Strathspey and Reel); Pipe Marches; The Diddler's Delight; Crackaboot (Quickstep). S2: Giff for Gaff (March, Strathspey and Reel); Happy to Meet; Rik-ma-Ree (Marvches); A Hill-Billy Round-up; St. Valery Reel (32R); The Henshine (Circle Waltz); Gay Gordons

Jimmy Shand

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