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Dancing Through Scotland

EMI Records Record No PCS 7030 S1: The Back o'Bennachie 8x32R, Lochiel's Rant 8x32S, Just as I was in the Morning 8x40J, Waltz Country Dance, Bonnie Anne 1x96J. S2: Angus MacLeod 2x64R, Peggy's Wedding 4x64J, Dalkeith's Strathspey 8x32S, De'il amang the Tailors 8x32R, Two and Two 8x32J.

Jimmy Shand and his Band

The Best in Scottish Dance Music

SRC Record no C 1004 S1: Maxwell's Rant, Mrs Alice Simpson's Silver Jubilee, Dunoon Barn Dance, Hamilton House, MacPhail Reels, Polka, Dke of Perth, Scottish Waltz, Scottish Reform. S2: Marching with Robin, Bagpipe medley, Highland Laddie, The Lea Rig, Hesitation Waltz, Isle of Skye, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder, Set of Reels, Gay Gordons.

Jim Johnstone, Iain MacPhail, Andrew Rankine.

The Gates of Edinburgh

International Artists IA3032 S1: The Gates of Edinbrgh 4x32R; Hamilton House 4x32J; TheCamp of Pleasure 4x32S; Maria's (sic) Wedding 4x40R. S2:Highland Laddie 4x32R; The Gay Gordons; Waltz Country Dance 4x32W; Duke of Perth 4x32R; Bonnie Anne 96J

Blue Bonnets Scottish Country Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 4

RSCDS 19 S1; The Merry Dancers 8x32J; Torryburn Lassies 8x32R; Haugh's of Cromdale 8x16S; The Foula Reel 4x40J; Queen's Welcome 8x32R; Kenmure's On and Awa' 8x24J; S2: Highland Laddie 8x32R; Light and Airy 8x32J; The Ninety-Second or Marquis of Huntly's Highlanders 4x24S; Corn Riggs 8x32R; The Falkland Beauty 8x24J, Waltz Country Dance 4x40W

Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances Book 5

RSCDS 21 S1: Dumbarton's Drums 8x32R; Duke of Hamiltion's Reel 4x32S; Teviot Bridge 8x24J; The Punch Bowl 8x32R; Linton Ploughman 8x32J; Culloden's Fancy 8x16R S2: Cold and Raw 8x24J; The White Cockade 8x32R; Jenny's Bawbee 4x24S; Lady Susan Stewart's Reel 8x32R; Scottish Ramble 8x32S; Round About Hullachan 4x32R

Kenny Thomson & the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances book 7

RSCDS 09 S1: Lady Mary Menzie's Reel 8x32R; Hamilton House 8x32J; The Menzies Rant 8x32R; Tartan Plaidie 4x32S; Mid Lothian 4x40R; Ye're Welcome Charlie Stuart 8x32R S2: Red House 8x40R; Ye'll Aye be Welcome Back Again 4x32S; Come Ashore Jolly Tar 4x32R; The Priest and His Books 8x32J; The Braes of Tullimet 8x32S; Captain Macdonald's Fancy 4x32R

Colin Finlayson & his Scottish Dance Band

Frae a' the Airts - Vol. 1

RSCDS 36 S1: Portnacraig 8x32R; The Road to Mallaig 4x32S; Quarries' Jig 8x32J; Gang the Same Gate 8x32S S2: the Whistling Wind 8x32R; The Argyll Ludging 8x32S; Anniversary Reel 4x32R; The Gilly Flower 8x32J

Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Music For Fifteen Dances (From the Book of Thirty Popular Scottish Country Dances) 1

RSCDS 37 S1: Hamilton House 8x32J (Colin Finlayson Band); Corn Rigs 8x32R (Neil Barron Band); Dalkeith's Strathspey 8x32S; Ladies' Fancy 8x32J; Duke of Perth 8x32R (Bobby Crowe Band); Seann Trubhais Willican 8x32S (Olympians Scottish Dance Band); Lamb Skinnet 8x32J ( Colin Dewar Band); Round Reel of Eight (Olympians Scottish Dance Band) S2: Machine Without Horses 8x32J (Colin Dewar Band); Flowers of Edinburgh (8x32R); Sugar Candie 8x32S (Bobby Crowe Band); Linton Ploughman 8x32J; (Kenny Thomson Wardlaw Band); Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R (Colin Finlayson Band); Rakes of Glasgow 8x32S (Alastair Hunter Lorne Band); St. Andrew's Fair 8x32J (Ron Gonnella Quartet)

Eight SCD Bands

Preliminary Test Dances

RSCDS 38 S1: The Scotch Circle (Bk 24); Duke of Perth (Bk 1); The De'il Amang the Tailors (Bk 14); Fair Donald (Bk 29); The Lover's Knot(Bk 8); Sandy O'er the Lea (Misc 2) S2:The Isle (G Bk); The Linton Ploughman (Bk 5); Frog nin the Middle (Misc 2); Bridge of Nairn (Bk 11); The Braes of Breadalbane (Bk 27); Lady Glasgow (Misc 1)

Murial Johnstone

Music for Teaching

RSCDS 24 S1: Jig Time 16Bars ; 8 Bars (slow); 16 Bars (slow to normal); 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8x32 Bars: Reel Time 16Bars ; 8 Bars (slow); 16 Bars (slow to normal); 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8x32 Bars S2:Strarthspey 16Bars ; 8 Bars (slow); 16 Bars (slow to normal); 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8x32 Bars; 4x32Bars for Highland Steps; Pas de Valse 2x64Bars

Robert Mackay

Scottish Country Dances for Children

RSCDS 8 S1: The Dhoon 8x32J; Le Papillon 8x32J; A Jig for Mrs. Dunn 8 x32J; The Misses Cramb of Linlithgow 8x32J; Miss Falconer's Fancy 8x32R S2: The Old Man of Storr 8x32R; The Maids of Currie 8x32R; The Edinburgh Castle Reel 8x32R; The Braes of Balluder 8x32R; Come Under My Plaidie 8x32J

Murial Johnstone

Twelve Modern Scottish Country Dances in Traditional Form

TC RSCDS 57 Miss Hadden's Reel 8x32J; The Auld Alliance 4x32R; Altshellach 8x32S; The Glens of Angus 4x32R; The Dean Bridge of Edinburgh 8x32S; Miss Hadden's Reel 8x32J; Glasgow Country Dance 8x16S 16R S2: The Rievers 8x32R; The Swilcan 4x32J; Mrs. Hamilton of Wishaw 8x32S; Ruhda Dubh 8x48RThe Starry-Eyed Lassie 8x32J; Let's Meet Again 8x32S

Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band

Twelve Scottish Country Dances book 24

TC RSCDS 58 S1: The Scotch Circle 5x32R; Balquidder strathspey 8x32S; The Wild Geese 8x32J; The Sailor 8x32R; St. Andrew's Day 8x32R; Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad 8x32J S2: I canna Buckle To 8x32S; The Hollin Buss 8x322J; The Duke He Was a Bonnie Beau 8x32R; The Campbells Are Coming 5x32J; Adieu Mon Ami 8x32S; The Marrit Man's Favourite 8x32R

Murial Johnstone's Scottish Country Dance Band

Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 26

TC RSCDS 61 S1: Airdrie Lassies 8x48J; A Mile to Ride 8x32S; Fairly Shot O' Her 8x32J; Lady Mary Cochrane's Reel 8x32R; Lord Elgin's Reel 8x32S; Old Nick's Lumber Room 8x32J S2: Rob Roy Macgregor 8x32S; Lady Maxwell's Rell 8x16S 16R; Sugar candie 8x32S; The Frisky 8x32J; The Ladies of Dunse 8x40R; The New Waterloo Reel 8x32R

Alan Gardiner and his Band

Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 25

TC RSCDS 60 S1: The Fete 8x32S; The Chapman 8x32R; The Bramble Bush 8x32J; Deacon of the Weavers 8x32S; Miss Brown's Reel 8x32R; Haste to the Wedding 8x32J S2: Miss Isabella Macleod 8x32S; The Lady of the Lake (or The Water Kelpi) 8x32R; Saw Ye My Wee Thing 8x32J; Three Bonnie Maidens (or The Three Graces) 8x32S; Miss Drumbeck 8x32R; The Braes of Mellanish 8x32S

Alastair Hunter and the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

RSCDS 75th Anniversary Dances

TC RSCDS 59 S1: New Biggin 8x48J; The Old Way of Killiecrankie 3x48R; Lady Susan Montgomery 8x40S; The Periwig 4x48R; The Colonel 8x49J; The Keloholm Jiig; 8x32J; Mrs. Milne of Kinneff 4x32S S2: Broadford Bay 8x32R; Georgie's Jig 4x32J; Haymaking 8x40R; Mrs. Gartland's Strathspey 8x32S; West's Hornpipe 4x32RThe Fyket 8x40J; The Sow's Tail 8x32S

Craig McCallum's Scottish Dance Band

The Cairngorm Series No. 1

Three tunes composed by J. Scott Skinner for Piano or Violin and Piano: "Bonnie Glenfarg"(melody); Bonnie Ann Anderson" (Highland Schottische or Strathspey); The Laird O' Haughs" (Hornpipe) (published by Bayley and Ferguson, Glasgow and London.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Cairngorm Series No. 2

Three tunes composed by J. Scott Skinner for Piano or Violin and Piano: "The Weeping Birches"(pastoral melody); "Gordon Crombie Munroe" (Reel); D. Morrison's Seven Thistles" (March or Quickstep) (published by Bayley and Ferguson, Glasgow and London.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Six Strathspeys and Reels for the Violin

Six Strathspeys and Reels for the Violin with accompaniments for Pianoforte and Bass arranged and published by by James Macintosh, Dunkeld. Highland Whiskey (S); The Mason's Apron (R); Johnny Pringle (S); Loch Rynoch (R); The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling (S); Sandy O'er the Lea (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Angus Fitchet Scottish Dance Collection

Printed music for original and traditional melodies, composed and arranged by Ian McLeish and Angus Fitchet for Piano and Accordion, for : Duke of Perth; Two by Two; Maxwell's Rant; Dalkeith's Strathspey; Monnymusk; Ladies' Fancy; Caledonian Rant; Montgomerie's Rant; Cauld Kail; Elwyn'sw Fairy Glen; Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe; Miss Mary Douglas

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Six-Twenty Two Step

Printed music for the "Six-Twenty Two Steo" composed by Jimmy Shand and arranged for the Piano and Accordion by Ian MacLeish. Published by Mozart Allan, Glasgow. Instructions for the "White Heather Jig" devised by James B Cosh. With the musical adaptation ofthe Six-Twenty Two Step to suit the dance.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

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