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Wirral Branch Newsletters

Newsletters for 1983, 1984, 1985, 1997 (2 issues),1998 (2 issues), 1999 (1 issue), 2000 (1 issue), 2003 (3 issues), 2004 (3 issues), 2005 (3 issues), 2006 (3 issues), 2007 (3 issues), 2008 (3 issues), 2010 (3 issues), 2011(3 issues), 2012 (3 issues), 2013 (3 issues), 2014 (3 issues), 2015 (3 issues), 2016 (3 issues),2017 (2 issues), 2024 (1 issue);
Historical Review of the Branch ("20 Years On" written in 1983).
All items located: D:\Digital Repository\SCD-8\SCD-8-6\File 9 Wirral Branch

RSCDS Archivist

Manx Folk Dances Set I (Five Dances) and Set II (Seven Dances)

Collected by Mona Douglas.
Set I: A suite of five dances and airs collected from traditional sources
Hollantide Processional
The Ploughboy
Kings of Mann Dirk Dance
Return the Blow
Mona's Delight
Set II: A suite of seven dances and airs collected from traditional sources

  1. Hunt the Wren
  2. Fairy Reel
  3. Fathaby Jig
  4. Peter O'Tavy
  5. Wedding Reel
  6. Cum yn Shenn Oanrey Cheh
  7. Juan Nan's Reel

RSCDS Archivist

A Toast to the Future

A suite of five dances devised to celebrate the RSCDS 100th Anniversary devised by Iain Boyd:
Our Two Great Ladies 3C - 32 - S
Building On The Past 3C - 32 - R
Celebrating 100 Years 4C - 32S + 32R + 32S + 32R
A Toast To The Future 2C - 32 - J

RSCDS Archivist

Miscellaneous Clippings related to Scottish Country Dancing

  1. Photo of Forthill Class, Broughty Ferry - winners of junior section of the David Findlay Memorial Rosebowl Competition 1990
  2. Stirling Observer, 22.12.2006 - Jean Sim, Callander's Citizen of the Year - short article.
    3.Daily Mail, 8.11.2012 - Article related to "The Piper and the Penguin".
  3. Dundee Courier 3.8.2017 Article about Summer School 2017
  4. Northern Dispatch 12.9.1961 Article about SCD in the North of England
  5. Daily Express 8.11.2023 Article about Katherine Ramsay Duchess of Atholl
  6. Helensburgh Advertiser 12.3.2015 Article about Schools Dao of Dance - Helensburgh and Lomond
  7. Perthshire Advertiser 17.11.15 Article about the ASM 2015
  8. Guardian 30.12.2000 Letter re Jimmy Shand Obituary
  9. Evening News 7.2.77 Report on Jean Milligan's nomination for the London Victoria Sporting Club's Award for Valour

RSCDS Archive

Glasgow Weekend in Hamburg 1974

Items relating to the weekend event 4-9 March 1974. Information booklet and leaflet about the City of Hamburg and the Scottish Concert. Itinerary and details for the participating members of the RSCDS. Images with a history of the Glasgow City Arms.

RSCDS Archivist


Scottish Dance Party With Jimmy Blair. The World Record Club Limited. T840.

SIDE ONE: Elwyn's Fairy Glen: The Barnyards O'Delgaty, The Hopeful Lover, Wee Malcolm.The Dundee Reel,: Bonnie Dundee, The Cock O' The North, The Highland Brigade at Tel-El-Kebir, Colonel Robertson. Hebridean Waltz Medley: Island Homing Song, Fil-O-Rel, Rothesay Bay. The Scotsmen In America: The Scotsmen in America, Miss Millicent's Favourites, The Wife She Brewed It. McDonald of Sleat: Dovecote Park, The Para Handy Polka. SIDE 2:The Devil Amang The Tailors: The Devil Amang The Tailors, Roxburgh Castle, Blair's Reel. Irish Jig Medley: The Blackthorne Stick, The Rakes of Kildare, The Irish Washerwome. The Baldovan Strathspey: The Baldovan Strathspey, Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie, Mrs Mary McManus. Coming Through The Rye Waltz: Coming Through The Rye, My Love is Like A Red Red Rose, The Auld Hoose. Blue Bell Polka: March Strathspey & Reel - John D. Burgess, Kafoozalum, The Mason's Apron. Harry Lauder Medley: I Love Lassie, Roaming In The Gloaming, Stop Yer Tickling Jock and Breakdown.

RSCDS Archivist

New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy

12 inch LP. DECCA. LK 4539. New Sounds in Scottish Music. Teresa Duffy.

The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen, The Old House (O'Connor), Westering home The Road and Miles to Dundee , Granny's Highland Hame, The Day I Marry Jamie, Down in the Glen, Skye Boat Sng, The Kirk By the Gleside, Jeannie and John, Old Scotch Mother Mine, Lewis Bridal Song, Donal McDarlin, My Ain Folk

RSCDS Archivist

Scottish Country Dancer Vol 28 April 2019

RSCDS Events 2
News from Coates Crescent 4
Chairman and Convenors’ Reports 6
Afternoon Tea with Miss Milligan 8
Chairman Andrew Kellett 10
England Now Largest Country 11
Recruiting Ideas 11
Branch Anniversaries 12
In My Opinion 14
The Matched Funding Initiative 15
No Wind on Loch Fyne! 16
20th Winter School 17
Scottish Schools 18
Young Dancers 19
Dancing Around the World 20
Letters to the Editor 26
Reviews 28
Sadly Missed 29
Day School Diary 30
More News


Capetown Branch Records

branch correspondence various dates 1952-1997. Branch reports.
RSCDS Cape Town Branch Newsletter"From The Pen Of Your Scribe" 30th April 1977, 31st March 1977, 3rd Edition 31st May 1977, 4th Edition 30th June 1977.
Secretary's Report 1977, 1978, 1979, 1990, 1991/1992, 1994, 1995.
Obituary Mrs (Kay) Catherine Rebecca Gibson.

Capetown Branch

Records of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

  • GB GB 3410 RSCDS
  • Fonds
  • 1923

Society Committee Minutes; Administrative Papers; Photograph Catalogue; Constitution and Rules; Dance Research; RSCDS Publications; Recorded Music Catalogue; Bibliographic Materials; Film and Video Materials; Oral History Recordings; Branch Records; Affiliated Group Records.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Scottish Country Dancer Vol 29 October 2019

RSCDS Events 2
News from Coates Crescent 4
Chairman and Convenors’ Reports 6
Born into the Society - Jeanette McSporran 8
In My Opinion - Antoine Rousseau 11
Country Dance News 12
The Aberdeen Festival 15
Spring Fling 16
Summer School 17
Branch Anniversaries 18
Beginners in Sydney 20
Young Dancers 21
Dancing Around the World 22
Letters to the Editor 26
Reviews 28
Sadly Missed 29
Day School Diary 30
More News 30


Modern Educational Dance

Modern Educational Dance by Rudolf Laban. Third Edition revised by Lisa Ullman (with additions). Published by Macdionald and Evans Ltd., London, 1975. A book describing the concept and practice of free dance movement designed as a guide for teachers and parents.

Rudolf Laban

Scottish Country Dancer Vol 26 April 2018

RSCDS Events 2
News from Coates Crescent 4
Chairman and Convenors’ Reports 6
From Around the World 8
Introducing Chris Milne 11
Membership Numbers 11
Our Inaugural Meeting 12
20 Tips for a Good Dance Programme 14
50 Years Ago 14
Young Dancers 15
The RSCDS in Pictures 16
Anniversaries 18
Recruiting Successes 20
In my Opinion 22
Scottish Schools 23
Spotlight on London 24
Turning around Asilomar 25
Letters to the Editor 26
Sadly Missed 29
Day School Diary 30


Scottish Country Dancer Vol 27 October 2018

RSCDS Events 2 News from Coates Crescent 4 Chairman and Convenors’ Reports 6 From Around the World 8 Interview with Lorn Macintyre 11 Winter School in Australia 14 Recruiting Success in New Zealand 14 Scots in Argentina 15 The RSCDS in Pictures 16 The First Five Years 18 In My Opinion 20 Spring Fling 21 Spring Fringe 21 Scottish Schools 22 Young Dancers 23 Anniversaries 24 News 24 Letters to the Editor 25 Reviews 28 Sadly Missed 29 Day School Diary 30 More News 30


The Scottish Country Dance Book - Book 52

Instructions and music for: City Lights (J); The Ullapool Ferry (R); Slytherin House (S); Forty and Counting (R); The Scallywag (J); Ruby Wilkinson's Farewell to Cranshaws (S); Farewell to Balfour Road (J); Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek (S); The Aviator (J); Triple Happiness (S); The Bon Viveur (M); Trip to Timber Ridge (R)

Scottish Country Dance Music

Burns in Song and Dance

The book presents the research and analysis of a project to identify the earliest sources of 17th and 18th century dances which have the same tunes as the airs of the songs which Robert Burns collected and wrote. Published by Sue Knight, Lochmaben.

Sue Knight

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 51. 12 Scottish Country Dances for Yong and Less Experienced Dancers

A book of dances for children and young folk. Instructions and music for: The Edinburgh Toy Shop (J); The Somerset Children's Reel (R); Save the Children (J); Fair Enough (J); Summer on the Beach ((R); And for the Young Ones (J); Holyrood Strathspey (SJ); New Year Jig (J); Hello-Goodbye (S); Pluto's Head (R); Come What May (J);Bohemian Reflections (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Anna Marshall's Strathspey

A 32 bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple set. Devised by Alan Macpherson in 2017 to recognise the contribution of Anna Marshall to the running of the Falkirk Branch Weekend over a period of 25 years. First performed at the 25th anniversary weekend at Crieff Hydro on 19th January 2018. Original tune by Gordon Shand.

Falkirk Branch RSCDS

Scottish Country Dancer Vol 25 October 2017

RSCDS future events 2 News from Coates Crescent 4 Chairman and Convenors Reports 6 From Around the World 8 CD timings 11 First Timers at Winter School 11 A Historic Trip to Paris in 1950 12 Bill Little Retires 14 Branch Anniversaries 15 The RSCDS in Pictures 16 Pinewoods 18 Australian Winter School 18 Summer School 19 In our Opinion 20 Focus on Technique 20 Back to Our Roots in Glasgow 21 Basecamp to HQ! The Bonn Weekend 22 Young Dancers 24 Letters to the Editor 25 Reviews 28 Sadly Missed 29 Day School Diary 30


Scottish Country Dancer Vol 24 April 2017

New Society President 3 News from Coates Crescent 4 From the Chairman 6 Education and Training Committee 6 Youth Services Committee 7 Membership Services Committee 7 From around the World 8 Mrs Elma McCausland MBE 11 Mrs Mary Ross BEM 11 Belfast Branch 11 Kilmarnock and District Branch 12 Birmingham Branch 12 The Stooshie 13 The AGM from a French Perspective 13 Nathaniel Gow’s Dance Band 14 The Society in Pictures 16 Tribute to Alastair Aitkenhead 18 Focus on Technique 20 In my Opinion 20 Spotlight on Iberia 21 Young Dancers’ Page 22 Global Youth Week 23 Scottish Schools 24 Edinburgh Branch in Barcelona 25 Summer School Social Class 26 Letters to the Editor 27 Reviews 28 Sadly Missed 29 Day School Diary 30


Kilmarnock Branch Records Follder

Publicity and Memorabilia relating to 50th, 60ty, 70th, 75th, and 80th Anniversaries
Correspondence relating to fund raising events (Lockerbie Disaster, Children !1st.; Motor Neurone Association
Correspondence relating to Branch Awards
Photographs of public demonstrations and shows

Kirmarnock and District Branch

Scottish Country Dancer Vol 23 October 2016

RSCDS future events 2 News from Coates Crescent 4 Reports from the Chairman and Conveners of Management Committees 6 Who’s Who in the RSCDS – Finance & Advisory Government Committee 8 Interview with Robbie Shepherd 9 From around the World – reports from our regional correspondents 12 The World of Scottish Country Dancing 16 The Patron’s lunch 18 Edinburgh Scottish Dancers 19 The Countess of Dunmore 20 Spotlight on … York and North Humberside Branch 21 The RSCDS and the media 22 Robert Mackay – 40 years at Summer School 22 Young Dancers’ page 23 Dancing in a French nursery school 24 A new class in Aberdeen 24 Kiama Ceilidh and Australian Winter School 25 Reviews 26 Letters to the Editor 27 Obituaries 28 A dancing weekend in Vichy Tribute dance in memory of Alastair MacFadyen 29 Day School Diary 30


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