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Bill Hamilton Album No.8

Photo Diary kept by William Hamilton of a teaching visit to USA 1979.
Details cities visited: Newton, West Hartford New Haven(Ct), Westchester, New York City(NY), Philadelphia (PA), Washington DC, Williamsburg (VA), Cincinati Ohio, Dallas, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia, New Oeleans Lousiana. Photos, documents and letters.

Bill Hamilton

Bow and Curtsy

Rob Roy RRLP 00831 S1: The Happy meeting 8x32J; Trip to Bavaria 4x32R; Garry Strathspey 4x32S; Postie's Jig 4x32J; Ellwyn's fair Glen 8x32R; St. Andrew's Fair 8x32R S2: Mhairis Wedding 4x40R; Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32J; Baldovan reel 4x32R; Winding Road 4x32S; Round Reel od Eight 1x88R; Bonnie Anne 1x96J; Irish Rover 8x32R.

Jim Dawson Scottish country Dance Band

Balance and Swing

A personal selection of Square, Contra and Triple time dances in the "New England Tradition" with a tune for each dance. Included is an extensive introduction which gives a historical perspective and a commentary on the New England Tradition on the Boston Area. Appendix 1 grades the dances with regard to suitability and dancer competence. Two other appendices contain a detailed list of suitable recorded music for the dances. An index of included music is provided. Published by the Country Dance and Song Society of America, New York 1982.

Ted Sanella

File relating to the publication of Five Scottish Country Dances for 1982

Proofs of Five Scottish Country Dances for 1982; hand written music for: Haig of Bemersyde, Joe MacDiarmids Jig, The Royal Wedding, St. Andrews Fair, Sunday Morning. Correspondence with printers re costs; correspondence re copyright; correspondence and proofs for book 6 reprint"

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Music for Eleven Traditional Dances book 2

RSCDS 11 S1: La Tempete 4x48R; The Haymakers 4x48J; The Glasgow Highlander 8x32S; The Soldier's Joy 8x32R; The Bob O' Dowally 4x32S; The Princess Royal 4x28R S2: Grieg's Pipes 8x32S; Speed the Plough 8x32R; The Perth Medley 4x32R 4x32S; The Bumpkin 224J; Delvine Side 4x32S

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

The Best in Scottish Dance Music

SRC Record no C 1004 S1: Maxwell's Rant, Mrs Alice Simpson's Silver Jubilee, Dunoon Barn Dance, Hamilton House, MacPhail Reels, Polka, Dke of Perth, Scottish Waltz, Scottish Reform. S2: Marching with Robin, Bagpipe medley, Highland Laddie, The Lea Rig, Hesitation Waltz, Isle of Skye, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder, Set of Reels, Gay Gordons.

Jim Johnstone, Iain MacPhail, Andrew Rankine.

File relating to Publications and Research January 1980-December 1981

Includes agendas, draft minutes (including minutes of 29 November 1980 not incl in SCD/1/5/3-4), correspondence with comments on leaflet dances; Letters from individuals with suggestions for publcations / complaints/ comments on committee minutes; Corrections and comments for 'Won't You Join The Dance' and a lsit of ammendmenst made to it; correspondence with publishers

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Folder: Book 30

Music, descriptions and diagrams for Collichur, Hame Came Our Gudeman, The Highland Lass, The Bawk, A Mans A Man For A That, The Guidman of Balangigh, The Cadies Lady, Short and Sweet; correspondence concerning arrangement of music and publication

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Caledonian Companion

A collection of tradition Scottish fiddle music including a tutor and a brief history of each tune. The Introduction contains a biography of the Hardie family of Fiddle makers and brief biographies of Niel and Nathanial Gow, William Marshall, Simon Fraser, J Scott Skinner, and J M Henderson. There is additionally a section entitled "Forms in Traditional Music".

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Music for Nine Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 07 S1: Miss Gibson's Strathspey 8x32S; Tribute to the Borders 8x32J; Frae A' the Airts 4x32S 4x32R; The Earl of Mansfiel 4x32R; The McCulloch Strathspey 80S S2: Miss Allie Anderson 8x32J; Mis Catherine Allan 8x32S; My Spouse Nancy 8x32R; The Sauchie Haugh 8x32S

Andrew Rankine & his Scottish Band

Envelope: Tribute to the Borders

Trip to the Borders'? Original tune in A Craighouse, Tune 2 is an original tune in D Mrs Methven to be used as a 2nd tune only for the dance if wished or if printing space allows'; Music for Daggs of Craighouse and Mrs Methven and descriptions and diagrams for the dance Tribute to the Borders. Includes music for The Northern Meeting from 6th book Lowe's Collection composed by Captn Fraser and Lord Eglintoun's Auld Man Book 3 Lowe's Collection

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances Book1

RSCDS 05 S1: Petronella 8x32; Circassian Circle 8x32R; Circassian Circle 8x32R; Meg Merrilees 8x24R; Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32R; Strip the Willow 8x40J S2: Duke of Perth 8x32R; Rory O'More 8x32J; Fight About the Fireside 8x32R; Cumberland Reel 8x32J; Merry Lads of Ayr 8x32R; Triumph 8x24R

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Castle Menzies Manuscript

A manuscript register of dances with instructions at Castle Menzies 1749: Menzies Rant, O'er the Water to Charly, The Mongomerie's Rant, Couteraller's Rant, You'r Welcome Charly Stuart, He'll Aye be welcome Back Again, Open the Door to Three, Cope's March, The Infare (or Will ye Marry kitty), The Might Pretty Valley (or Reel of Three), The Priest and his Books, Lady Mary Menzie's Reel, Thirtieth of Aprile, Miss Clemmy Stewart's Reel, The Blew Ribon.

Dr A Macfadyen

English Country Dances - Fallibroome Collection

English Country Dances (instructions and music) published by The English Folk Dance and Song Society (editor B J Bentley)
Book 1 17 dances from various sources 1713-c1800
Book 2 17 dances from "The Dancing Master" 1713-1728
Book 3 17 Dances from Johnson's Favourite Country Dances
Book 4 17 dances from various sources 1713-1799
Book 5 18 dances from various sources 1713-1790
Book 6 17 dances from various sources

English Folk Dance and Song Society

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

Lismor Recordings Record No LILP 5197 S1: The Gay Gordons, Regent's Favourite -R, Polka, Medley S+R, 4/4 Marches, Bothy Ballad, Pipe jig, strathspey + reel, Gaelic Waltz, Pipe hornpipes, Folk tune medley. S2. March, 3/4 + 9/8 pipe marches, The Fairy Dance - R, Ancient Scottish Air + marches, Boston two-step, Hornpipe, Gaelic Waltz, Highland Scotiishe, The Dundee Reel -J.

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

File relating to Publications and Research 1 July 1977- December 1979

Includes correspondence from the secretary for meetings of the committee not included with SCD/1/5/3, NOT CLEAR WHETHER THOSE MEETINGS WERE MINUTED/ HELD; Draft minues of meetings that are included in SCD/1/5/3; correspondence re 'Know The Game', HQ stocking TAC Notes for Teachers, Collins Publishers; Book 29; Leaflet for 1978; Submissions to the committee including 'The Reel of Hong Kong- Lo Man Yui, The Merry Lads of Glasgow collected by Cedric Clark; Suggestions for the committee regarding the publication of records for older dances; Formation Index by E.C. Sharp, including a copy; Recounting a lesson from Jean Milligan A Trip to Glasgow and Frost and Snow- by Florence Adams; comments from committee members and individuals on dances for Miss Milligans Miscellany; Book 30; Booklet produced by Col Murray for his Battalion;correspondence with Richard Goss re his research; letters of complaint and comments on Society publications

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Buffalo Branch Records

Includes correspondence relating to the formation of the Branch from the Affiliated group. Gives a list of founding members.
Correspondence relating to acceptance of a non RSCDS qualification in lieu of the Preliminary Certificate: Mrs Mary McCreadie 30/5/80. Programme for Clarence Summer Music Festival 7/7/85 and press cutting relating to the Branch Participation. Programme lists the dances demonstrated. Correspondence relating to the event.

Buffalo Branch

Handwritten tribute to Jean Milligan

Written and delivered by Rev Andrew B McLellan , Honorary Chaplain to Summer School, at the service held in t Leonards Parish Church, St Andrews 17 August 1978.

Music for Ten Traditional Dances

RSCDS 04 S1: Land O' Cakes 4x32S; Lord Kilmory's Delight 8x32R; Well Done Jack 8x32J; Fair Donald 8x32S; The Sutherlabd Reel 8x40R S2: The Charmer 8x32J; The Crossing 8x32S; Braw Sir John 8x32R; The Happy Meeting 8x32J; Ross Meor 4x32S

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

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