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The sound of Scotland

Lochshore LBLP 2002 S1: Grand March; Dashing White Sergeant; Scottish Waltz; Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch; Pipe Marches. S2: Reel of the 51st Division; Strip the Willow; Gaelic Waltz; Gay Gordons; Eightsome Reel

Jim MacLeod and Band

A Scottish Welcome

Waverly GLN 1024 S1: Ta Li Ho Two Step; KGV's Army; Plaisir d'Amour; Reel Selection; The Happy Haggis; Killiecrankie; The Haunt of the Gnomes. S2: Shand Marches; Scot Skinner Waltzes; Triste Sourire; Slow Airs; Toot, Toot Tootsie; The pioer's Weird; Set of Jigs.

The Donaldson Brothers

The Tartan Album

REL Records RELP 466 A selection of Scottish Songs and Music

Queen's Own Highlanders; The Tarten Lads; Scottish Fiddle Orchestra; Freeland Barbour; Sandy Coghill; Gordon Highlanders; 12th Royla Lancers; Lothian SCD Band; Mary Sandeman.

The Scottish Fiddlers' Welcome to Edinburgh

Scottish Records 33 SR 141 S1: Marches;Pastoral, March, Strathspey and Reel; Jig (Hamilton House); Marches and Reels; Strathspeys and Reels; The Dashing White Sergeant. S2: Bluebell Polka; Scott Skinner Selection; Jig (Balvenie Castle; Pastoral, March, Strathspey and Reel; Marches; Eightsome Reel; Auld Lang Syne.

Scottish Fiddlers

Scottish Fiddlers to the Fore

BBC Records REB 84M Selection of Marches, Reels and Strathspeys

Auther Robertson; William Macpherson; Angus Cameron; Florence Burns; Scottish Fiddle Festival Oirchestra; Shetland Fiddlers Society; Angus Strathspey and Reel Society

Our Kind of Music

Decca MOR 513 S1: Reels; Vocal; Vocal; Vocal; The Highland Patrol; Vocal; Scottish Waltzes (Pop Style). S2: March and Reels; Vocal; Vocal; Heather Polka; Vocal; Jigs.

Jim MacLeod Band

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