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Music for Eleven Traditional Dances book 2

RSCDS 11 S1: La Tempete 4x48R; The Haymakers 4x48J; The Glasgow Highlander 8x32S; The Soldier's Joy 8x32R; The Bob O' Dowally 4x32S; The Princess Royal 4x28R S2: Grieg's Pipes 8x32S; Speed the Plough 8x32R; The Perth Medley 4x32R 4x32S; The Bumpkin 224J; Delvine Side 4x32S

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 4

RSCDS 19 S1; The Merry Dancers 8x32J; Torryburn Lassies 8x32R; Haugh's of Cromdale 8x16S; The Foula Reel 4x40J; Queen's Welcome 8x32R; Kenmure's On and Awa' 8x24J; S2: Highland Laddie 8x32R; Light and Airy 8x32J; The Ninety-Second or Marquis of Huntly's Highlanders 4x24S; Corn Riggs 8x32R; The Falkland Beauty 8x24J, Waltz Country Dance 4x40W

Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances Book 5

RSCDS 21 S1: Dumbarton's Drums 8x32R; Duke of Hamiltion's Reel 4x32S; Teviot Bridge 8x24J; The Punch Bowl 8x32R; Linton Ploughman 8x32J; Culloden's Fancy 8x16R S2: Cold and Raw 8x24J; The White Cockade 8x32R; Jenny's Bawbee 4x24S; Lady Susan Stewart's Reel 8x32R; Scottish Ramble 8x32S; Round About Hullachan 4x32R

Kenny Thomson & the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Bbok 12

RSCDS 30 S1: Grant's Rant 8x48R; Green Grow the Rashes 8x32S; Jenny Dang the Weaver 4x32R; The Laird of Dumblidykes Favourite 8x40R; Fiddle Faddle 8x32S; The Machine Without Horses S2: The Yellow Haired Laddie 4x64 Minuet; The Reel of Glamis 4x32S; Sodger Laddie 4x32J; The Black Dance 4x32R; The Earl of Home 4x32S; Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming 8x32R

Colin Dewar & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Nine Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 49 A Trip to Aberdeen 8x32J; Keppoch's Rant 8x32S; Twenty-First of September 8x40R; The Perthshire Highlanders 8x32S; S2: Captain MacbeaN'S Reel 8x32R; The Gentle Shepherd 4x32J; Donald Bane 8x32S; Lucy Campbell 8x32R; Bob Sanders 8x40J

Alastair Wood & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances

RSCDS 01 S1: Miss Murray of Lintrose 32R; The Nineteenth of December 32J; The Duchess pf York 32S; Burn's Hornpipe 32R; The Reel of Five 16S 16R; Sally's Fancy 32S S2: Round Reel of Eight 88R; Tayport Beauty 32J; Seann Truibhas Willichan 32S; La Flora 32J; Miss Nellie Wemyss 32J; Auld Lang Syne 32S

The Olympians Scottish Dance Band

Music for Ten Traditional Dances

RSCDS 04 S1: Land O' Cakes 4x32S; Lord Kilmory's Delight 8x32R; Well Done Jack 8x32J; Fair Donald 8x32S; The Sutherlabd Reel 8x40R S2: The Charmer 8x32J; The Crossing 8x32S; Braw Sir John 8x32R; The Happy Meeting 8x32J; Ross Meor 4x32S

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Ten Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 48 S1: Fife Ness 8x32R; Staffin' Harvest 4x32S; West's Hornpipe 4x32R; Her Majesty is Welcome 4x32S 4x32R; Cullins of Skye 8x32S S2: General Stuart's Reel 8x32R; Sugar Candie 8x32S; Miss Hadden's reel 8x32J; Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8x32S; Triumph 6x24R

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Eight Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 13 S1: Sunday Morning 4x32R; Joe McDiarmid's Jig 8x32J; The Royal Wedding 8x32S; The Ladies of Dingwall8x48R S2: St. Andrew's Fair 8x32J; Bonnie Kitty 8x40R; Hair of Bemersyde 4x32S; The Reel of the Royal Scots

The Ron Gonnella Quartet & Pipers and Drummers from The Royal Scots

Scottish Violin Music from The Gow Collections

Lismor Records 33 SR 135 S1: Strathspey and Hornpipe; Air and Quickstep; Air; Jigs; Lament; Pastoral, Strathspey and Jig; S2: Pastoral, Strathspey and Reel; Air Strathspey and Reel; Air; Pastoral, Strathspey and Reel; Air Strathspey and Reel; Jigs; Air, strathspy and Reel.

Ron Gonnella [accompanied by Hugh Melvin]

Dances of Scotland

Scottish Records 33SR 150 S1: Airdrie Lassies 4 x 48J, Lord Elgin's Reel 8 x 32S, The White Cockcade 8 x 32R, Jeannie O' the Wichin' E'e 5 x 40J, S2:The Friskey 8 x 32J, The New Waterloo Reel 8 x 32R, Macdonald of Sleat 120J, Ladies of Dunse 8 x 40R, The Hollin Bus 8 x 32J

The Olympians Scottish Dance Band

Highland Party

Philips 6382 075 S1: The Weaver 8 x32J, The Argyll's Farewell to Stirling 4 x 40R, The Balmoral Strathspey 4 x 32S, Macdonald of Sleat 1 x 120J, Lady Sohia Anne pof Bute 4 x 48R S2: The Queen's Argylls 4 x 32R, Canadian Barn Dance, Scottish Waltz, Military Twostep, McLeod of Harris 1 x 144R, Highland Schottische, The Gay Gordons

Tim Wright

Scottish Country Dance Music

Scotscan Records AJM 001 S1: Corn Rigs 8 x 32R, Braes O' Mellinish 8 x 32S, Argyle's Fancy, Davy Knick Knack 8 x 32R S2: Loch Leven Castle 8 x 32R, Jimmy's Fancy 8 x 32S, Roaring Jelly 8 x 32R, Angus McKinnob's Hornpipe 8 x 32J

Angus MacKinnon and the Scots Canadians

Scottish Country Dances

Bluebell Records BBR LP 110 S1: The Hollin Buss (J), The Duran Ranger(R), Waltz Country Dance, Caledonian Rant (S), Leith Country Dance (J), Montgomery's Rant ? S2: The Wild Geese (J), Highland Schottische, Highland Laddie ?, Lassies O'Melrose (J), Braes O' Breadalbane (S), Kiss Me Quick Ma Mither's Comin ?

Alex MacArthur and his Scottish Dance Band

The Maid of the Mill

Brownrigg BRG 002 S1: The maid of the Mill 8 x 40J, Sir James Baid's Strathspey 8 x 32S, Wedderburn's Reel 8 x 32R Ha Ha the Wooin' O' It (no break), Bothkennar 4 x 32S S2: The Sutters of Selkirk 8 x 32R, The Village Reel 8 x 32S, The Hunting Horn 8 x 32J, Twa Meenit Reel 4 x 32R Includes leaflet of instructions for Sir James Baird's Strathspey and Bothkennar

Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent

Caledonian Ball

Thistle Records BSLP 104S S1:New Waterloo Reel 8 x 32R, Macdonald of the Isles 3 x 32S, Postie's Jig 4 x 32J, Pretty Ladies 1 x 80S, Mrs Hepburn Belches 4 x 48R S2: Trip to Bavaria 4 x 32R, The Duchess Tree 8 x 32S, Bonnie Anne 1 x 96J, Miss Alison Rose 4 x 32S, Angus MacLeod 2 x 64R

Rob Gordon and his Band

Come Scottish Dancing

Decca Eclipse ECS 2027 S1: Broon's Reel, La Russe, Strip the Willow, Scottish Reform, Isle of Skye S2: Waltz Country Dance, Pride of Erin, The Glasgow Highlanders, Dundee Reel, Hamilton House

Jim Cameron'sScottish Dance Band

Scotch Mist

Saga Records EROS 8090 S1: Dashing White Sergeant 4 x 32R, Tolsta Rant 5 x 32R, Silver Tassie 4 x 32S, The Sailor 8 x 32R, Bonnie Brux 40s + 40R, Scottish Waltz S2: Petronella 8 32R, Muirland Willie 8 x 32J, Winding Road 4 x32, Angus MacLeod 2 x 64, The Gay Gordons

Rob Gordon & his Band

The Scotch Piano. Strathspeys Jigs & Reels

Clansmen Records GH smt 70100 S1: Mary Branigan's Delight 8 X 32r Strathclair 8 x 32S, Miss Nancy Frows 8 x 32J, The King's Rant 8 x 32R, Triumph 8 x 24R S2: Fight About the Fireside, Sauchie Haugh 8 x 32S, Lasie Wehat Mair Wad Ye Ha'e? 8 x 32J, Miss Catherine Allan 8 x 32S

Stan Hamilton

Caber Feidh

Decca LHR LP6 S1: Reelm of the 51st Division 8 x 32R, Dunsinane 3 x 32S, Linkumdoddie 5 x 48R, Shetland Waltz, The New Rigged Ship 8 x 48R, Hebridean Weaving Lilt S2: Mairi's Wedding 8 x 40R, The Bees of Maggieknocater 4 x 32J, The Winding Road 4 x 32S, Airie Bennan 5 x 32J, Irish Rover 8 x 32R, Encore for Irish Rover 4 x 32R, Polka

The Caber Feidh Band

The Lothian Scottish Dance Band "in Strict Tempo"

Lismor Recordings LILP 5112 S1: Balcomie House 3 x 48J, Farewell to the North32J+32S+32R, The Black Mountain Reel 5 x 32R, The Wee Cooper O' Fife 4 x 40J, The Duchess Tree 4 x 32S, Miss C M Barbour 4 x 32R, Hopetoun House 8 x 32J S2: None so Pretty 4 x 40R, Johnnie Walker 64S+64J, Argyll's Fancy 4 x 48J, Strathglass House 4 x 32S, Spey Royal40R+40S+40R, Postie's Jig 4 x 32J, Lothian Lads 8 x 32R

The Lothian Scottish Dance Band

The Best of the Pipes & Drums of Scotland

Lismor Recordings LILP 5114 S1: The Granton and District Pipe Band, The Dysart and Dundonald Pipe Band, Shotts and Dykehead caledonian Pipe Band, Pipe Major Donald MacLeod MBE, Glasgow and Strathclyde University OTC Pipe Band, Seumus MacNeil S2: Various selections by the bands

Various pipe bands

"Scottish Box and Fiddle". The Best of Accordion & Fiddle Music

Lismor Recordings LILP 5115 S1: Selections by: Robib Brock band, Ron Gonnella, Calun MacLean, Charlie Cowie, Stuart Anderson, Calum Wilson Band, Alan Roy, Charlie Cowie S2: Glasgow S and R Society, John Ellis Band, Currie Bros, Ron Gonnella, Alan Roy, Calum Maclean, Charlie Cowie, John Ellis Band

Various bands: Robin Brock, Ron Gonnells, Calum MacLean, Charlie Cowie, Stuart Anderson,Calum Wilson, Alan Roy, Charlie Cowie etc. etc.

The Magic Sounds of Jimmy Shand and his Band

EMI Music for Pleasure MFP 5613 S1: Waves of Torry (J). The Buchan Waltz, 6/8 Marches, Heather Mixture Rant (J), Grosvenor House Strathspey, Waltz Country Dance, Queen's Bridge (R) S2: The Cumberland Reel, Balmoral Circle Dance, Schottishe, Pipe Marches, Old Tyme Waltz, Hornpipe Selection, Miss Hadden's Reel

Jimmy Shand and his Band

The Newcastle Collection

  • Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 101 S1: Old Nick's Lumber Room 8x32J, Fidget 8x32R, The Conundrum 4x32S, Barley Bree 4x40J, The Duran Ranger8x32R, Medley 48R+56S S2: My Mither's
  • coming In 8x32R, Lord Rosslyn's Fancy 8x32J, Rob Roy Macgregor/The Silver City 8x32R, West's Hornpipe 4x32R, Set of Jigs 8x32J

The Danelaw Country Dance Band & David White and his Band

Come Scottish Country Dancing with Robert Whitehead and his Band

Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 103 S1: The Alexandra reel 4x48J, Prince Charles of Edinburgh 4x40R, Dunvegan Castle 32S+32R, Dunsinane 8x32S, Round Reel of Eight 88R, Campbelltown Loch 4x48J, The Montgomerie's Rant 8x32R S2: Lady Susan Stewart's Reel 8x32R, The Haunt of the Gnomes 64S, The Pines of Pitlochry 8x48J, Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch 32S+32R+64R, Mary Hamilton, Pinewoods Reel 8x32R

Robert Whitehead and his Band

Come Scottish Country Dancing with the Tillside Trio

Newcastle ?... RSCDS NRSCDS 104 S1: Merrily danced the Quaker's Wife 8x40J, Brig O'Aboyne 4x32S, Pulling Braken 8x32R, The Lorn Strathspey 4x32S, The Earl of Errol's Reel 3x32+16+32+56J S2: The Wemyss Place Hornpipe 8x32R, The Royal Mile 8x32J, Miss Irene Fidler's Strathspey 8x32S, Bothwell Brig 8x40R

The Tillside Trio

Come Scottish Country Dancing

Newcastle & District Branch RSCDS NRSCDS 105 S1: Maxwell's Rant 8x32R, Miss Cahoon's Reel 8x48J, Drumelzier 4x32S, Red House 8x40R, Ladies' Fancy 8x32J S2: Mr Wilson's Hornpipe 8x32R, The Robertson Rant 80S, Muirland Willie 8x32J, Jimmy's Fancy 8x32S, Lauderdale Lads/Corn Rigs 8x32R

Robert Whitehead and The Danelaw Band

Come Scottish Country Dancing

Newcastle & District Branch RSCDS NRSCDS 105 S1: Maxwell's Rant 8x32R, Miss Cahoon's Reel 8x48J, Drumelzier 4x32S, Red House 8x40R, Ladies' Fancy 8x32J S2: Mr Wilson's Hornpipe 8x32R, The Robertson Rant 80S, Muirland Willie 8x32J, Jimmy's Fancy 8x32S, Lauderdale Lads/Corn Rigs 8x32R

Robert Whitehead and The Danelaw Band

Jimmy's Fancy

Parlophone PMC 1144 S1: The White Cockade, Jimmy's Fancy, The Express, La Tempete, Jessie's Hornpipe S2: The Bluebell Polka, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Donald Bane, Waverley

Jimmy Shand and is Band

Another Celebration

RSCDS Sutton Coldfield Branch SC 3 S1: Peat Fire Flame 8x40R, Baldovan Square 1x96S, Prince Charlie's Quickstep 4x48J, Black Black Oil 5x32R, Silver Glen 4x32S, Fairy Bridge 8x32J S2: Polharrow Burn 5x32R, An Gearasdan 8x32J, The Clints of Dromore 4x32R, Glencoe 4x32R, Loch Torridon 8x32J. Company at the Mamor 4x32J, The Deveron Reel 4x40R

The Lothian Band

Scottish Country Dance

Kiwi Records SLC-110 S1: The Merry Dancers 8x32J, Peggy's Love 8x32S, Fidget 8x32R, Strathglass House 8x32S S2: None So Pretty 8x40R, Tibby Fowler 8x32S, Miss Nacy Frowns 8x32J, Earl of Home 8x32S

John Macdonald

The Vancouver Collection of Scottish Music

Achiehallion Records Corp. SRC 01 S1: The Kincaid Medley 4x32SR, The Belle of Bon Accord 4x32S, Bratach Banna 8x32R, Neidpath Castle 3x32S, Mount Seymour Waltz S2: The Bees O' Maggieknockater 4x32J, Polharrow Burn 5x32R, Scotch Mist 5x32S, The Princess Royal 8x28R, Scheihallion Medley 64S 64R (band history on separate leaflet)

Schiehallion Scottish Country Dance Band

Jigtime with Jimmy Shand

EMI Waverley SZLP 2122 S1: Heather Mixture Rant 4x32J, The Weaving Lilt, Larkhill Welcome 8x32J, Rory O'More 8x32J, Drumelzier 4x32S, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder 128J S2: Hollin Buss 8x32J, The Black Dance 8x32R, Rock and Wee Pickle Tow 8x32J, Bonnie lass O' Bon Accord 8+56S, Ashludie Rant 8x32J

Jimmy Shand and his Band

In Triumph

TACSOUND TAC 001 Triumph 4x32R, Miss Nancy Frowns 8x32J, Monymusk 8x32S, The Gentle Shepherd 4x32J, Davey Nick Nack 8x32R S2: Teviot Brig 8x32J, The Bridge of Nairn 8x32S, The Laird of Milton's Daughter 8x32J, Fight About the Fireside 8x32R

Don Bartlett and the Scotians

Don Bartlett & the Scotians Play Favourites

TACSOUND TAC 002 S1: Let's Have a Ceilidh 4x32R, New Petronella 2x48R, The Winding Road 4x32S, West's Hornpipe 4x32R, Rest and be Thankful 8x32R, Waltz S2: IPFWA 4x32J, Muirland Willie 8x32J, Strathglass House 8x32S, The Blooms of Bon Accord 4x32R, Rothesay Rant 4x32J

Don Bartlett and the Scotians

A Taste of Moray. An exciting new sound in Scottish Fiddle Music

  • Ross Records WGR 011 S1: Mixes Selection, Two Hornpipes, Slow Air/Slow Strathspey and Hornpipe, Two Marches, Hornpipe March and Reel, Hornpipe and Reel, Shetland Reels S2: Two Marches, Mixed
  • selection, Slow Air, March strathspey and Reel, Gay Gordons, Mixed Selection, Set of Reels, Farmyard Set

The Moray Players

Awa frae hame

  • Parlophone PCS 3048 S1: The Dundee Reel 8 x 40R, La Russe 8x32R, Scottish Ramble 8x32R, Isle of Skye 8x32R S2: The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R, Petronella 8x32R, Madge
  • Wildfire's Strathspey 8x32S, Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32R

Jimmy Shand

Second Celebration

Sutton Coalfield Branch SC2 S1: Gavin's Reel 5 x 32R, A Hot Toddy 8 x 32J, The Singing Sands 3 x 32S, Lady Sohia Lindsay 4 x 32R, Argyll is my Name 8 x 32J, Wind on Loch Fyne 3 x 32S, The Devil's Elbow 8 x 32R, S2: The Reel of the Royal Scots 8 x 32R, The Phantom Piper 4 x 32J, Butterscotch and Honey 4 x 32S, Nottingham Lace 4 x 24R, Wild Goose Chase 4 x 32J, The Dark Mile 3 x 32S, Tam O' Shanter 8 x 48R

Lothian band

I Love Scotland

  • Saga Eros EROS 8059 S1: General Stuart's Reel, Just as I was in the Morning, Ship of Grace, Ellwyn's Fairy
  • Glen, S2: Duke of Perth, Donald Bane, Hebredean Weaving Lilt, Argyle's Fancy, Back O' Bennachie

Rob Gordon

Heilan' Laddie

Fontana FJL504 S1:Jack O'Carron 4 x 48J, Angus McLeod 2 x 64R, A Trip to Tobermory 4 x 24S, The Nut 8 x 24J, Waltz Country Dance, The Bonspeil4 x 32R, S2: The Bumpkin 112J, West's Hornpipe 4 x 32R, Scottish Lilt 8 x 16J, The Moulin Dhu, The Fykit 8 x 40J, Heilan' Laddie

Jimmy Blair Band

Iain MacPhail and Ron Gonnella Vol 2

The Scottish Dance Masters AB 002 S1: The Wind that Shakes the Barley 8 x 32R, Todlen Hame 8 x 32J, She's Ow'er Young to Marry Yet S2: The Alewife and her Barrel 8 x 32R, Airie Bennan 5 x 32J, Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes 8 x 32S, Earlstoun Loch 5 x 32R, The Rakish Highlandman 8 x 40J

Iain MacPhail, Ron Gonnella

Meet the Olympians

Thistle Records BSLP 59 S1: Baldovan Reel ?, The Swilcan ( J), Jenny's Bawbee (S), Across the Tay (J), Gay Gordons, Highland Schottische, Happy Returns R, S2: Maxwell's Rant R, The New Rigged Ship J, Scottish Waltz, Gay Gordons, Glasgow Country Dance (SR Medley), Miss Hadden's Reel (J)

The Olympians

Sounds of Strathearn

Thistle Records BSLP 85 S1: The Skyeman's Jig, John McMillan of Barra, Gaelic Waltz, Leveneep Head, Fiddle Solo, Highland Schottische S2: Anne Frazer Mackenzie, Galeic Waltz, Callum Donaldson, The Misty Isle, Kitchener's Army, March, Strsthspey and Reel

Strathearn Scottish Dance Band

Welcome th the London Highland Club

  • The London Highland Club LHC LP5 S1: The Irish Rover 8x32R, The Blacksmith of Elgin 8x48J, Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord 8+56S, Bob Gilmours's Return 5x32J, Cannon Hill Assembly 4x32S, The Sailor 8x32R, Encore (Sailor) S2: Ian Powrie's Farewell 128J, Mrs. Hepburn Belches 8x48R, The Duchess Tree 8x32S, Macdonald of Sleat 120
  • J, Duke of Perth 8x32R, Encore

Frank Reid

Up Among the Heather

  • Beltona SBE 141 S1: Angus Mac
  • leod (R), Hornpipe medley, Hebridean Waltz, The Road to Inverness, Tango Lorraine, Gay Gordons S2: Oban Two Step, Up Among the Heather, The ea Rig (S), March and Reel, Dunoon Barn Dance, The Old Scottish Waltz

Colin Campbell

The Canadian West Coast Sound

Schiehallion Records Corp. SRC 02R S1: The waggle of the Kilt 8x40j, The Blooms of Bon Accord 4x32R, Robertson's Rant 80S, Mamie's Jig 4x32J, Sarona 4x32S, Bonnie Anne 96J, 1314 64S+64R S2: The Highland Lass 8x32R, The Ellwyn Strathspey 4x48S, Gleneagles Dominie 4x48J, The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R, The Ullapool Waltz

Schiehallion Band

A Scottish Sampler

BBC Records REC 125S S1: Andy Stewart Medley, Gaelic Waltz Medley, Reel Medley, Jig Medley, Popular Song Medley (Waltz tempo) S2: Burns Reel Medley, Burns Waltz medley, Strathspey medley, Harry Lauder Medley


Back Hame Tae Auchtermuchty

Parlophone EMI Records PMC 1263 S1: mason's Apron 8x32R, Off She Goes in the North 8x32J, Reel of Glamis 8x32S, The Roal Salute 32-32-16-32R, Jimmy Shand Jig 4x32J S2: Heather Mixture Jig 4x32J, The punch Bowl 8x32R, Argyll's Fancy 8x48J, Lord Maclay's reel 4x40R, Kendall's Hornpipe 4x32R, Elwyn's Fairy Glen 8x32R

Jimmy Shand Band

Dance with the London Highland Club

London Highland Club LHC LP2 S1: Set of Jigs 8x32J, Blooms of Bon Accord 4x32R, Scottish Waltz, meeting of the Waters 8x48RThe Robertson Rant 80S, J.B. Milne 8x32R, LHC Farewell to Fetter Lane 4x32R S2: Reel Eleven 8x32R, Macdonald of the Isles 3x32S, Mrs. Macpherson of Inveran 8x32R, Postie's Jig 4x32J, Scotch Mist 5x32S, Polharrow burn 5x32R, Hooper's Jig 8x32J

Frank Reid Band

The Ian Powrie band Show

EMI Waverley ZLP 2058 S1: The Queen.sWelcome, The Flower of the Quern, The Garry Strathspey, Harmonica Tricks, The Hamilton Rant, The Heather Hills, gay Gordons S2: The St. Johnstoun Reel, Band Boys, Gaelic Waltzes, Seaside Schottische, Eva Threestep, Bovaglie's Plaid, Medley; Beacause he was a Bonnie Lad

Ian Powrie

Favourite Scottish Dance Music Volume 2

RCA Victor LSA 3110 S1: La Russe (R), Madge Wildfire (S), The Eight Men of Moidart, Waltz Country Dance, The Express (J), Circassian Circle (R) S2: The White Cockade (R), Foursome Reel (S+R), Gaelic Waltz, Rory O'More (J), Lochiel's Rant (S), Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe (R)

Jimmy Blue Band

Two More Couples, Please

  • SCL 4 S1: Triumph 4x24R, Meg Merrileess 8x24R, Prince of Orange 8x16J, Johnny McGill 8x40J, Rakes of Glasgow 4x32S, Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen 4x32S, Round Reel of Eight 1x88R S2: Seann Tryibhas Willican 8x32S, La Flora 8x32J, Royal
  • Exchange 4x32J, The Bees of Maggieknockater 4x32J, The Blooms of Bon Accord 4x32R, Caberfei 4x32R, Reel of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2x56R

The Scotsmen

Dancing With Jim Johnstone

EMI Waverley ZLP 2099 S1: Hooper's Jig 8x32J, Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen 8x40S, Peggy's Wedding 4x64J, Calver Lodge 8x24J S2: The Drummer 8x48R, Bob Sanders 8x40J, Stirling Castle 4x32S, Galloway House 8x32R

Jim Johnstone Band

Scottish Dance Music

Davjon DJ 1019 S1: Wild Geese 8x32J, Rest and be Thankful 8x32R, Strathspeys 4x32S, Mairi's Wedding 8x40R, Scheihallion 64S+64R, Gay Gordons S2:Flowers of Edinburhg 8x32R, Strathspeys 4x32S, Corstorphine Fair 4x40J, Robertsons' Rant, Bonnie Anne, Gaelic Waltzes, Scottish Reform

MacBain's SCD Band

The Pride of Scotland

EMI MFP MFP 50374 Miss Bennet's Jig, Threave Castle Polka, Miss Cholmondeley's Reel, Tyneside Waltz, Mayfair Quickstep, Hooper's Jig S2: Lamb Skinnet, Barn Dance, Neidpath Castle, Highland Schottische, 2/4 Marches, Galloway House

Jimmy Shand Band

Scottish Dance Music

Polydor 2460 260 S1: Jig Medley 8x40J, Strathspey Medley 8x32, Waltz Country Dance 8x40, Reel Medley 8x32R, Jig Medley 8x32J S2: Reel medley 8x32, Strathspey Medley 8x40S, Jig Medley 8x32S, Waltz Country Dance 8x40W

Gordon McCulloch SCD Band

Gateway to the Forth

Parophone PMC 7018 S1; Berwick Johnnie (J), Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming (R), Duchess of Atholl's Slipper (S), The New rigged Ship (J) S2: reel of Mey (J), Highland Kaddie (R)Haddington Assembly (J), Dashing White Sergeant(R), Lassie O' Dunse (J)

Jimmy Shand SCD Band

The Scottish Dance Masters

The Atholl Brose AB 007 S1: The Mantua Makers 8x32R, Tillietudlum 8x32J, The Braes O' Tullimet 8x32S, The lass O' Livingstone 8x32R S2: The Scottish Fiddle Jig 8x32J, Caber Feih 8x32R, Mrs. Grant's Fancy 8x32S, The Deuks Dang O'er my Daddie 8x40J

Ron Gonnella Strings and George MacIlwham

A Call from the North

Talisman STAL 5029 S1: Set of jigs 3x32J; Drops of Brandy; The Morpeth Rant 4x32R; Military Two Step; Corn Rigs 4x32R; Gaelic Waltx; Canadian Reel. S2: Mrs. Macleod of Rassay 4x32R; Set of Jigs 6x32J; Border Waltz; Canadian Barn Dance; Set of Reels 6x32R; Scottish Waltz.

The Wick Scottish Dance Band

Bow and Curtsy

Rob Roy RRLP 00831 S1: The Happy meeting 8x32J; Trip to Bavaria 4x32R; Garry Strathspey 4x32S; Postie's Jig 4x32J; Ellwyn's fair Glen 8x32R; St. Andrew's Fair 8x32R S2: Mhairis Wedding 4x40R; Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32J; Baldovan reel 4x32R; Winding Road 4x32S; Round Reel od Eight 1x88R; Bonnie Anne 1x96J; Irish Rover 8x32R.

Jim Dawson Scottish country Dance Band

Pride O' the Heilands

Emerald Gem GES 1054 S1: The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow; The Dark Island; Looking for a Partner; Gaelic Waltz Medley; Scpa Flow; Gay Gordons 2/4 S2: Gay Gordons 6/8, Scottish Waltz Medley; The Road and the Miles to Dundee; The New Rigged Ship; Sitting Alone; Kiss Me Quick

Eddie Edmond and his Scottish Dance Band


Emerald Gem GES 1119 S1: Eva Three Step; Highland Schottische; Gaelic Waltzes; Miss Hadden's Reel; Slow Air, 6/8-2/4 Gay Gordons; Peggy's Wedding; Polka S2: 4/4 Gay Gordons; Hornpipe; The Drummer, Gaelic Waltzes; None so Pretty; Strathspey and Reel; Grand March; Highland Medley

John Ellis and his Country Band

Scottish Country Dances

Scotdisc ITV 491 S1: Westminster Reel (R); The Swilcan (J); The Sailor(R); The Robertson's Rant (S); Crown Court (J); Burnie Boozie (R) S2: Earlstoun Loch (R); Macdonald of the Isles (S); Ladies of Dunse (R); Porchester Hall (S); Peggy's Wedding (J)

Jim Macleod and his band

A Welcome from Jimmy Shand

Waverley SZLP 2120 S1: Circassian Circle; Scottish Waltz; Wee Sgian Dhu; Mayfair Quickstep; Irish Hornpipe; Bonnie Scotland; Plain Schottische S2: Irish Two Step; Tyneside Waltz; Tillietudlem Castle; Strathspey and Reel; Threave Castle Polka; Down in the Glen; Silver Threads Among the Gold; Barn Dance.

Jimmy Shand Band

A Jimmy Shand Dance Party

Beltona ABL 507 S1: Grand March; Canadian Barn Dance; Glasgow Highlanders; Hesitation Waltz. S2: Highland Schottische; Flooers O' Edinburgh; Pride of Erin; Strip the Willow. Dance instruction leaflet included.

Jimmy Shand's Scottish Country Dance Band

Fiddle Me Jig

MFP MFP 50373 S1: Set of Reels; Latheron Wheel Polka; Set of Reels; Pride of Scotland Waltz; Set of Jigs; Kate Dalrymple. S2: Set of Reels; Scandanavian Barn Dance; Jigs; Set of Reels; Barn Dance

Wick Fiddlers; Orkney S and R Society; Ochil Players

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