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O'er the Border

Parlophone PMC 1069 S1: None so Pretty 8x40R, Duke of Athol's Reel 8x32J, Glasgow Highlanders 9x32S, Reelof the 51st Division 8x32R, S2: Hamilton House 8x32J, Hornpipe Selection 8x48R, Foursome Reel and Reel of Tulloch 32S 32R 64R, Waltz Country Dance, Eightsome Reel

Jimmy Shand and his Band

John Carmichael tears the tartan

Shona Recordings SHLP 7005 S1:PIPE Reels, Hebredean Schottische, Jigtime, Hebridean Waltz, Gay Gordonds (2/4), Drop of the Irish, Montogomerries' Rant, Kintail S2: Hornpipes, Marches (2/4 and 6/8), Hebridean Waltz, Highland Barn dance, Pipe Jigs, Gay Gordons (6/8), Strsthspey and Reels

John Carmichael and friends

The Best of the Ian Powrie Band

EMI Talisman STAL 5001 S1: St. Johnstoun Reel, Margaret-Anne Robertson (Violin Solo), The Garry Strsthspey, The Last of the Lairds, Bandboys (Accordian Duet), Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord S2: Set of Reels, Gloomy Winter (Violin Solo). Silver City Waltz, Old Maid in a Garret(vocal), Flower O' the Quern (Violon Solo) Shetland Reels

Ian Powrie and his Scottish Country Dance Band

The Best of the Scottish Dance Bands

EMI STAL 5025 election of Hornpipes, S1: Gay Gordons, Piper's Retreat and Marches, Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord,Castles in theAir, The Middleton Medley, The Turriff Schottische S2: Selection of Reels, Selection of Hornpipes, Scottish Waltz, Marches, Elliot's Fancy, Waltz Country Dance

Shand, Glenlomond, J Johnstone, Holmes, Wick SDB Shand, Jnr

The Cape Breton Symphony. Fiddle

  • Ross Records WGR 032 S1; Selection of Reels, Selection of Jigs, Air, March and Reel Medley,Strathspey and Reel Medley,Hornpipe Medley, Polka Medley S2: Hornpipe medley, Schottische and Reel Medley, March and Reel Medley, Selection of Jigs, Strathspey and Reel
  • Mewdley, Selection of Reels

The Cape Breton Symphony

Strings of Scotland

Phillips 6382 108 S1 Patrol March, Slow Air MSR,Irish Jigs, Pipe Marches, The Music of Burns, Scottish Jigs S2: Slow Air MSR, Salute to Niel Gow, Music of the Pipes, Scottish Jigs
usic of Burns, Scottish Jigs S2: Slow Air MSR, Salute to \Niel Gow

John Mason Conductor

Take Your Partners

Thistle Records BSLP 81 S1: The Grand Marcxh, Duke of Perth, Waltz Country Dance, Dunoon Barn Dance,Bonnie Anne, Maxwell's Rant S2: Gay Gordons, Berwick Johnnie, Gaelic Waltz, Eva Three Step, Reel of Glamis, The Express

Gendaruel Scottish Dance Band

Scottish Band Showcase

One-Up EMI OU 2107 S1: Eight Men of Moidart (R), Crusader's March, Peggy's Wedding (J), The Express (J), Saturday Waltz, Polkas S2: The River Cree (J), The Braes of Breadalbane (S), The Directors, Bonnie Anne (J), Dancer's Delight, Modern Jigs

Various Bands

The London Highland Club Diamond Jubilee

  • London Highland Club LHC LP7 S1: The Sound of Harris 3x48R, The Flower O' the Quern 4x32S, Thye mary Rose Hornpipe 8x40R, New Scotland Strathspey 4x40S, The Courage Reel 8x48R S2: The Dance of
  • diamonds 8x32R, The Laterns of the North 8x32J, The Birks of I
  • nvermay 8x32S, The Flying \spur 8x32J, Finale

Andrew Rankine

Invitation to a Scottish Dance

Loudon Records LDN 453 S1: Duchess of Buccleugh's Favourite 4x32R, Argyll's Fancy 4x48J, Atlantic Bridge3x32S, Mairi's Wedding 4x40R, Postie's Jig S2; Mongomeries' Rant 4x32R, \monymusk 4x32S, Dundee reel 4x40J, Duke of Perth 4x32R, Shiehallion 64S64R

John Macgregor Band

Socttish Gems

Emeral Gem GES 1049 S1: Reel of Six, Barn Dance, Set of Jigs, Favouriter Marches S2: Galloway House (R), The Lea Rig (S), Gay Gordons, Roxburgh Castle (R)

Hawthorn Scottish Dance Band

A Manchester Medley

John Laurie JML 101 S1: The Wild Geese 8x32J, The Flower of the Quern 4x323x32S, The Gilly Flower 8x32J, A Manchester Medley 64S+64R Lullaby for Thomas, Maxwell's Rant 8x32R S2: Wicked Willy 8x32R, miss Hadden's reel 8x32J, The Railway Man 4x32S, The College Hornpipe 8x32R, Miss Hilary Ann 8x40J

Manchester Scottish Dance Band

The Complete Caledonian Ball

Lismor LDDL 8005 S1: Circassian Circle 5x32R, Brisk Young Lad 5x32J, Byron Strathspey 3x32S, Weaving Lilt 2+88, Johnnie Walker 64S+64R S2: Crammond Bridge 8x32R, The Silver Star 3x32S, Cumberland Reel 4x32J, New Scotia Quadrille 2x48, The Dundee Whaler 4x32S, The Bannetstane 4x32J S3: lomond Waltz, Angus Reel 4x32R, Belle of Bon Accord 4x32R, Rab the Ranter 4x32R, C'Est L'Amour 8x32J, Wind on Loch Fyne 3x32S S4:Seton's Ceilidh Band 4x64J, New Petronella 2x88R, Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord 8+56S, Bank Street Reel 4x32R, Joe McDiarmid's Jig 4x32J, Broon's Reel 8x32R, Rothesay Rant 4x32J

Rob Gordon Band

Old Tyme Saunter

Grampian Records SGW 5003 S1:Boston Two step, Old Tyme Saunter, Busby Polka, Scottish Waltz, Barn Dance, Favourite Reels, Scottish Waltz S2: Gay Gordons, Pride of Erin, Dumfries House, Kittleyknowe Polka, Eva Ythree Step, Dark Island, Waltz of the Gaels

Rob Gordon Band

Happiness is Scottish Country Dancing

  • Brownrigg Productions BRG 017 S1: H.I.S.C.D. 8x32R, A Ring of Friendship 4x32J, The Armstrong's Rant 8x32S, The Wood of Fyvie 8x32R, Good Hearted Glasgow 8x32J S2: A Smashing
  • Set of Reels 4x32R, Ythanside 8x32S, Kiss Under the Stairs 8x32J, Largo Bay 2x48S, Maple Leaf Rant 8x40R, The Last Waltz

Bobby Frew and others

John Ellis and the Highland Country Dance Band

CBS 52632 S1: Johnny Groat's House 4x32R, The Swilcon 4x32J, The Cuckoo Waltz, Canadian Barn Dance, Military Two Step, Highland Laddie 4x32R, Gay Gordons, A Trip to Aberdeen 4x32J S2: Highland Schottische, Starry Eyed Lassie 4x32J, Scottish Waltz, Longwise Eightsome Reel 32S+32R, Gay Gordons, Carnegie's March, Minard Castle 5x32R

John Ellis

A Scottish Welcome

Lismor LILP 5029 S1: The Reivers, Polka, Canadian Barn Dance, Cumberland Reel, Morag's Waltz, Heroes of Vittoria S2: Highland Laddie, Scottish Reform, Military Two Step, Highland Wedding, Ashudie Rant, Gay Gordons

Jim Johnstone Band

Scotish Country Dances Volume 2

Fontana 680 997 TL S1: The Queen's Bridge 4x40R, Campbell's Frolic 8x32J, Stirling Castle 4x32S, Strip the Willow 4x32 9/8J, The Buchan Eightsome Reel 10x40R S2; Lord Rosslyn's Fancy 8x32J, The Kingussie Flower 8x40R, Letham Ladies 4x40S, March, Strathspey and Reel Medley, Royal Exchange 8x32J

Jimmy Blair Band

Kelpie Magic

W.M.P. WMP1 S1: Off She Goes in the North, Lady Aukland's Reel, Sutters of Selkirk, Jeanie O' the Witchn' E'e, Rakes of Glasgow, Petronella, Fidget S2: Lamb Skinnet, Strathglass House, Lady Baird's reel, Lord Hume's Reel, La Russe, Longwise Eightsome Reel, Mrs. Macleod of Rassay

Salute to Scottish Dancing

Grampian SGW 5014 S1: Waggle O' the Kilt 8x40J, Alison Rose 4x32S, Irish Rover 8x32R, Bee3s O' Maggieknockater 4x32J, Macdonald of the Isles 3x32S, Blooms of Bon Accord 4x32R S2: Airie Bennan 5x32J, Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8x32S, Jennifer's Jig 8x32J, Rest and be Thankfuk 8x32R

Ian Macphail SCD Band

Fiddler's Fancy

Lismor LILP 5017 The Music Of Scott Skinner and William Marshall. S1: Selection of Airs, Marches, Strathspey, Jigs and Reels in various combinations with the tunes played; The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord; The Cardle Song. S2: Selection of Airs, Marches, Strathspey, Jigs and Reels in various combinations with the tunes played; Sir Harry Niven Lumsden of Achindoir.

Ron Gonnella

The Scottish Dance Masters Volume 2

Atholl Brose AB 002 S1: The Wind that Shakes the Barley 8x32R; Todlen Hame 8x32J; She's Ower Yound to Mary Yet 8x32S; Admiral Nelson's Hornpipe 4x64R. S2: The Alewife and her Barrel 8x32R; Airie Brennan 5x32J; Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes 8x32S; Earlstoun Loch 5x32R; The Rakish Highlandman 8x40J

Iain MacPhail and Ron Gonnella

Ken and Friends

London Highland Recordings LHR LP3 A Selection of traditional tunes and some dances. S1: Earlstoun Loch 5x32R; Cock O' the North; Gaelic Waltzes; Miss M H Alexander;l The Montogomeries' Rant; She Moved Thro' the Fair; Jacqueline Waltz; March, Strathspey and Reel; Fear A' Bhata. S2: Bucachallie Etive Mor; Cutting Braken; Winter draws On; Spey in Spate (intro); Spey in Spate; The Rakes of Mallow; Alison Rose 4x32S; Isle of Arran; Muirland Willie 8x32J; The Rowan Tree.

Ken Slaven and others

The Dancing Strings of Scotland

Lismor LILP 5175 S1: Reel of thwe 51st Division 8x32R; The Linton Ploughman 8x32J; Scottish Waltz; Hamilton House 8x32J; Dashing White Sergeant 8x32R S2: Duke of Perth 8x32R; Strip the Willow 8x40R; Gay Gordons; Petronella 8x32R; Highland Schottische; Circassian Circle 8x32R

Jim Johnstone and David Smith

Scotland's Greatest

Beltona LBA 53 S1: Set of Reels; March, Strathspey and Reel; Waltzes; Hawaii Tattoo; Pipe Effects; Household Brigade S2: Let's have a Ceilidh; Rienne de Mussette; Gay Gordons; Wheels; Bluebell Polka; Cuckoo Waltz; March, Strathspey and Reel.

Auther Spink

Music Frae Moray

Bluebell Records BBR LP 132 S1: Where the Findhorn Flowa; Hogmanay Jig; Scottish Waltz; Gay Gordons; Highland Barn Dance S2: Accordian Duet; Dumbarton's Drums; Gaelic Waltz Medley; Fiddle Solo; Medley; Polka Parade

Ian Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band

Dancers Delight - Music for Highland Dancing

Talisman STAL 5024 S1: Highland Fling (6); Sword Dance(3 and 1) Sword Dance (2 and 2); Strathspey and Highland Reel (2 and 2); Strathspey and Reel of Tulluch (2 and 4); Reel of Tulloch (8); Scottish Lilt (6) S2: Sailor's Hornpipe (6); Irish Jig (6); Sean Triubhas 4 and 2); Sean Triubhas (6 and 2); Flora Macdonald's Fancy (6); Highland Fling (6); Highland Laddie (6)

Pipe Major Iain McLeod

Happy to Meet

Beltona SBE 162 S1:Poor Oot! (Marches); Peterie-Dick (Jigs); Ploughman's Love (Waltz); Douce Dundee (March, Strathspey and Reel); Pipe Marches; The Diddler's Delight; Crackaboot (Quickstep). S2: Giff for Gaff (March, Strathspey and Reel); Happy to Meet; Rik-ma-Ree (Marvches); A Hill-Billy Round-up; St. Valery Reel (32R); The Henshine (Circle Waltz); Gay Gordons

Jimmy Shand

Jimmy Blue's Accordian Club

Phillips 6382 104 S1: Reels; Cherrybank Polka; Hayfield Two Step; The Dying Year; Heinzelmarchen; Dovecote Park; Harry Scott of Friockheim. S2: La Tempete; Mclean of Pennycross; Marches; Entrainante; Ann and Laura Polka; I See Mull

Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Band

The Jimmy Blue Band Show

Pye PKL 5562 S1: Jigs; Polka; Irish Waltzes; Accordian Solo; wo Marches; Accordian Duet (Jacqueline Waltz). S2: Tobermory Two Step; Scottish Waltz; Accordian Duet (Bandboy's Polka); Fiddle Solo; A Thresh of Reels

Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances Book 6

RSCDS 22 S1: The Bob of Fettcairn 8x24R; Prince of Orange 8x16J; Edinburgh Volunteers 8x24S; Lord Macdonald's Reel 8x32R;Sixteensome Reel 40 8x490 40 S2: Rothesay Country Dance 4x48J; Roxburgh Castle 8x32R; Lenox Love to Blantyre 4x32S; I'll Make Ye Fain to Follow Me 8x32J; Mrs. Macleod 8x32R; Oxton Reel 6x24S

Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 10

RSCDS 27 S1: The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R; Lady Jean Murray's Rant 4x32S; Crieff Fair 4x24R; The Infare or Will Ye Go and Marry Ketty? 4x16S; The Scots Bonnet 8x32J; Maggie Lauder 4x32S; Isle of Skye 8x32R S2: There's Nae Luck About the Hoose 8x32S; Miss Mary Douglas 8x48J; The Lady's Briest Knot 8x16S; The Shepherd's Crook 4x32S; General Stuart's Reel or the New Way of Gildon 8x32R

Colin Finlayson & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 12

RSCDS 30 S1: Grant's Rant 8x48R; Green Grow the Rashes 8x32S; Jenny Dang the Weaver 4x32R; The Laird of Dumblidykes Favourite 8x40R; Fiddle Faddle 8x32S; The Machine Without Horses S2: The Yellow Haired Laddie 4x64 Minuet; The Reel of Glamis 4x32S; Sodger Laddie 4x32J; The Black Dance 4x32R; The Earl of Home 4x32S; Kiss Me Quick, My Mither's Coming 8x32R

Colin Dewar & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Eight Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 46 S1: The Duke of Atholl's Reel 8x32J;Fidget 8x32R; The Birks of Invermay 8x32S; Todlen Hame 8x32J S2: The Golden Pheasant 8x40J; Ca' the Yowes Tae the Knowes 8x32S; Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe 8x32R; Woo'd and Married and A' 8x32J

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances

RSCDS 02 S1: A Trip O'er the Tweed 4x48J; Pretty Polly 4x32S; Bonnie Lass 8x32R; The Star 6x32S; The new Petronella 2x48R; Mairi's Fancy S2: Mrs. Hill's Delight; The Cumbra Reel 8x32REuan's Jig 8x32J; Miss Shaftesbury's Fancy 4x32S; Two to One 8x32J; Not I 8x32R

Jimmy Lindsay & his Scottish Dance Band

Single Play

Parlophone No. R 42803 S1: Waltz Medley: The KOSB; The HLI; The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; The Black Watch. S2: Irish Jigs: Blackthorn Stick; Smash the Window; Humours of Donnybrook

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Scottish Country Dances

Bluebell Records BBRC 110 S1: The Hollin Buss (J), The Duran Ranger(R), Waltz Country Dance, Caledonian Rant (S), Leith Country Dance (J), Montgomery's Rant ? S2: The Wild Geese (J), Highland Schottische, Highland Laddie ?, Lassies O'Melrose (J), Braes O' Breadalbane (S), Kiss Me Quick Ma Mither's Comin ?

Alex MacArthur and his Scottish Dance Band

A Breath of the Highlands

Bluebell Records BBRC 130 S1: Dashing White Sergeant; Irish Jigs; March, Strathspey and Reel; Scottish Waltz; Muirland Willie; 12/8/ March, Strathspey and Reel. S2: Flowers of Edinburgh; Seann Triubhas Willichan; 9/8 Jigs and Reel; Gay Gordons; Barn Fdance; Lord Maclay's Reel.

Tain Scottish Dance Band

Scottish Violin Music from The Gow Collections

Scottish Records SRCM 135 S1: Strathspey and Hornpipe; Air and Quickstep; Air; Jigs; Lament; Pastoral, Strathspey and Jig; S2: Pastoral, Strathspey and Reel; Air Strathspey and Reel; Air; Pastoral, Strathspey and Reel; Air Strathspey and Reel; Jigs; Air, strathspy and Reel.

Ron Gonnella [accompanied by Hugh Melvin]

Glasow And Strathclyde Universities OTC Pipe Band

Lismor LICS 5082 S1: Pride of Scotland; Meeting of the Waters; My Home; Bonnie Gallowa'; I amd a Young Man; Rose Among the Heather; Drummers' Salute. S2: Alex F. Bell; Loch Leven Castle; Sweet Rosie O'Grady; The Banks of Allan Water; 25th KOSB Farewell to Meirut; Archie McKinley.

Glasow And Strathclyde Universities OTC Pipe Band

Tarry A While

  • Ross Records CWGR 035 S1: Tarry A While 8x32J; The
  • Duchess of Atholl's Slipper 8x32S; Falconer Hall 4x48J; Glasgow Country Dance 8x16S 8x16R S2: Dumbarton's Drums 8x32R; There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose 8x32S; The Scot's Bonnet 8x32J; Bobby Brow's Canadian Breakdown 4x32R

Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent

Tae Gar Ye Loup

Beechwood Records CJW 001 Shifting Bobbins 8x32R; Schiehallion Medley 64S 64R; The Bees of Maggieknockater 8x32J; The Duchess Tree 8x32S; Jennifer's Jig 8x32J S2: Cold and Raw 8x24 (4x48)J; The Moray Ranr 4x48S; Johnnie's Welcome Hame 8x40R; The Balnmoral Strathspey 4x32S; The Knock of Braemoray 4x40J

Drummond Cook's Scottish Country Dance Band

Heather and Shamrock

Grampian Records Ltd RHC 6020 S1: Bonnie Dundee; Black Dance; Jackie Tar Twostep; Skyline of Skye; Canadian Barn Dance; Reel of the 51st Dvision S2: The Girl I left Behind; Irish Waltzes; Gay Gordons; Forty Shades of Green; Stack of Wheat; The Battle's O'er

The Wick Scottish Dance Band

Bow and Curtsy

Rob Roy Records RRCS 00831 S1: The Happy Meeting 8x32J; Trip to Bavaria 4x32R Garry Strathspey 4x32S; Postie's Jig 4x32J; Ellwyn's Fairy Glen 8x32R; St. Andew's Fair 8x32J S2: Mhairi's Wedding 8x40R; Luckenbooth Brooch 8x32J; Baldovan Reel 4x32R; Winding Road 4x32S; Round Reel of Eight 88R; Bonnie Anne 96J; Irish Rover 8x32R

Jim Dawson and his Scorrish Country Dance Band

Take the Floor 21/5/88

BBC Enterprises TC-AP 101 S1: The Sailor; Barn Dance; The Machine Without Horse; Call of the Pipes; A Kiss for Nothing; Inch of Perth; Pipe Marches S2: The Wild Geese; Gay Gordons; Shetland reels; Scottish Waltz; Pipe Marches; Morpeth Rant; Irish Jigs

Alex McPhie and his Band

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 2

Scotscores SS.6 S1: The Gathering 8x32R; Frog in the Middel 8x32J; The Blithest Lass That Ever was Seen 8x32S; Abernethy Lassies 8x32R; Lady Homes's Jig 8x32J S2: Sandy O'er the Lea 6x32S; What You Please 8x40J; Largo Law 8x32S; Happy Returns 8x32R

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

A Dancer's Miscellany Volume 3

Scotscores SS.8 S1: Brechin Fancy 8x32R; Espie McNabb 8x32J; Banks of Clyde 8x32S; Willie's Rare and Willie's Fair 8x48J; Duke of Roxburgh's Reel 8x24R S2: Lady Charlotte Bruce 8x32S; The Carl Cam O'er the Croft 8x32R; Lady Glasgow 8x32S; Captain Mackintosh 8x40R

Muriel Johnstone's Scottish Dance Band

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