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Scotland Dancing Again

This video tells the story of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - through 27 of its dances . It is illustrated with extracts from the Society's Archive. The text or the narration is provided in a separate booklet.
Written and presented by Dr. Alastair MacFadyen, Past President of the RSCDS.

Independent Video Productions

Scottish Country Dancer No. 15 October 2012

News from Coates Crescent 4 Elspeth Gray updates us on happenings at HQ From the Chair 5 Ruth Beattie looks back over her years as Chairman From the Management Committees 6 It’s been a busy and productive time Music and New Media Development 7 David Cunningham outlines new video and digital music resources Youth 8 Some new and creative children’s events Perspectives on Summer School 9 St Andrews from the viewpoints of a scholarship winner and a new teacher From the Archive 10 Marilyn Healy finds some answers and asks more intriguing questions TAC Summer School 12 Katherine Shearman describes an action-packed week News from the Paris and Vienna Branches 13 Manchester Scots’ Night 14 An annual concert which brought the Scots of Manchester together Scottish National Dance Company 15 An account of a remarkably enterprising and successful group Diamond Jubilee in Dance 16 Branches far and wide celebrate the Jubilee Branch Anniversaries and News in Pictures 17 Interview with Ron Wallace 18 Ron shares thoughts and experiences from a long and rich career Méaudre Reel Strikes Again 20 Gay Gordons, Ian Who?, Kingston Branch 21 From around the World 22 Our correspondents report on events in their areas Overheard on the Web 25 Chris Ronald checks in after another journey through cyberspace Reviews 26 Letters to the Editor 27 A new dance, two older dances, and older dances generally Obituaries 28 Day School Diary

Scottish Country Dancer No. 16 April 2013

News from Coates Crescent 4 Elspeth Gray updates us on events in our Society From the Chair and Management Committees 6 Music and New Media Development 8 Our Intangible Heritage SCD is good for body, mind, and spirit AGM & Conference Weekend – An Event 9 Open to All Teachers’ Associations Conference 10 Food for thought, not only for teachers RSCDS Winter School 2013 11 Impressions of some newcomers Interview with John and Ruby Wilkinson 12 Jenny Copeland speaks to John and Ruby about their lives in dancing Scottish Dancing in the French Rhône-Alpes 13 A remarkable story of success Let’s Have a Ceilidh 14 Les Lambert entertains us with his stories of ceilidhs New Zealand Recordshop 15 Dorothy Wilson tells us of the pleasures and hazards of her job Thomas Wilson and Forms of Social Dance 16 We owe many of our dances to this early nineteenth-century dancing master Australian Winter School 18 Celebration Weekend at Stuart Town, New South Wales A War of 1812 Tea Dance 19 A Trip to Luoyang From around the World 20 Overheard on the Web 25 Communication on the Dance Floor Reviews 26 Skip Change or Pas de Basque? 27 Letters to the Editor 28 Obituaries 29 Day School Diary 30

Scottish Country Dancer No. 17 October 2013

News from Coates Crescent 4 An Audience at Holyrood Palace 5 From the Chair and Committee Reports 6 The New M a n u a l (Third Edition) 8 Examiners' Seminar 2013 Young Dancers' Page 9 New in this issue! Memories of Miss Milligan 10 Stories of Miss Milligan at home and abroad Friends + Dance = TAC Summer School 12 Scottish country dancers descend on Sackville, New Brunswick Andy Murray – The Pride of Dunblane 13 Scottish tennis star immortalised in a dance Dancing the Kilted Mile 14 Washington and Oregon dancers race for SCD Croydon & District Branch Diamond Jubilee 15 50th Tartan Ball: The Grandest Ball in the World Communication on the Dance Floor 16 The many ways we communicate, and how to make the most of them John Drewry 18 The life and work of this SCD legend A Day in the Life of a Summer School Instructor 19 Interview with David and Avril Quarrie 20 The Quarries discuss their active dancing lives Five Years Living with TACSound 21 Norah Dunn at 100 From around the World 22 RSCDS Medal Tests 25 Letters to the Editor 26 Reviews 27 Overheard on the Web 28 Obituaries 29 Day School Diary

Scottish Country Dancer No. 18 April 2014

News from Coates Crescent 4 Administrative matters at Headquarters From the Chairman and 5 Management Committees Who’s Who? 7 Young Dancers Page 8 Report on a new branch and other youth-related events 24-hour Ceilidh Challenge 9 Report on the STV Children’s Appeal Spring Fling – London 2015 10 Celebration of Culture 11 Metis dancers and Scottish country dancers celebrate together Interview with Raphaëlle Orgeret 12 CeilidhKids - now aged eight and a half 14 The World of Scottish Country Dancing 16 On camera Digital Communication 18 Michael Greenwood and Tom Halpenny describe the Society’s increasing involvement in Social Media Overheard on the Web 19 Chris Ronald reports on discussions taking place on the Strathspey list The Story of Parliament – and the RSCDS 19 The Archive 20 Alan Macpherson tells us about recent acquisitions to the archive From around the World 21 Reports from our regional correspondents Iberian Gathering in Madrid 25 Reviews 26 New book and recordings Letters to the editor 27 Reports from our regional correspondents Obituaries 29 Dr Alastair MacFadyen and other sadly missed teachers, dancers and musicians Day School Diary 30

Scottish Country Dancer No. 19 October 2014

News from Coates Crescent 4 From the Chair 6 Committee Reports Young Dancers’ Page 8 The Archive Development Project 9 Great things are happening in the depths of 12 Coates Crescent Interview with Elspeth Gray 10 Jimmie Hill talks to retiring Membership Secretary Elspeth Gray Elspeth Gray – As Ithers See Her 11 Shedding New Light on the Origins 12 of the Strathspey Will Lamb’s research challenges accepted ideas The Imperial Book 13 Mervyn Short explains this republished book of dances Dancing at the Games 14 Young members perform in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Learn Scottish Country Dancing – By YouTube 15 How to make effective dance videos Lady Mary MacTier of Flinders Island Ceilidh round the Commonwealth 16 On 21 June, SCD encircled the world Interview with Jennifer Wilson 18 Stories of a life steeped in music and dance From around the World 21 Overheard on the Web 26 Letters to the Editor 27 Reviews 28 Obituaries 29 Lisbon Musicians’ Workshop Day School Diary

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Anna Marshall's Strathspey

A 32 bar strathspey for 3 couples in a 4 couple set. Devised by Alan Macpherson in 2017 to recognise the contribution of Anna Marshall to the running of the Falkirk Branch Weekend over a period of 25 years. First performed at the 25th anniversary weekend at Crieff Hydro on 19th January 2018. Original tune by Gordon Shand.

Falkirk Branch RSCDS

Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances Revision 1998

Instructions and music for twenty-four traditional Scottish Country Dances published by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, 1960: Leap Year (J); Watson's Reel (J); The Merry Reapers (J); Davy's Locker (R); Galloway House (R); The Highland Fair (J); Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel (J); The Honeymoon ((R); Mr. Watson's Favourite (R); Mrs, Cholmondeley's Reel (R); The Moray Reel (J); Mrs. Stuart Sinton's Reel (J); Miss Welsh's Reel (J); Berwick Johnnie (J);The Isles (J); Duff's House (J); Miss Betty Boyle (R); Wedderburn's Reel (R); Kitty Campbell's Reel (J); Tarry A While (J); Regent's Favourite (R); Kendall's Hornpipe (J); Argyll's Fancy (J); Miss Flora's Favourite (R)

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Notebook belonging to Ysobel Stewart

'Reels of Eight' descriptions from various sources including:
Eightsome Reel and Another Eight Reel from the Blantyre MSS 1805;
French Assembly Reel and Assembly Reel from "The Ball-Room" 1827;
The Reel of Eight from "The Globe Guide to the Art of Dancing";
The Eightsome Reel from MacKay's Ballroom Guide.
Additional notes concerning Book 27 were added by an unknown author

Notes on dances

Handwritten notes on: The Bob of Fettercairn; The White Cockade; The Dutchess (sic) of York;Off she goes; Light and airy; The Marquis of Huntly's Highlanders; Miss Kitty Campbell of Shawfield's Reel

Castle Menzies Manuscript

A manuscript register of dances with instructions at Castle Menzies 1749: Menzies Rant, O'er the Water to Charly, The Mongomerie's Rant, Couteraller's Rant, You'r Welcome Charly Stuart, He'll Aye be welcome Back Again, Open the Door to Three, Cope's March, The Infare (or Will ye Marry kitty), The Might Pretty Valley (or Reel of Three), The Priest and his Books, Lady Mary Menzie's Reel, Thirtieth of Aprile, Miss Clemmy Stewart's Reel, The Blew Ribon.

Dr A Macfadyen

Bulletin No 2 October 1932

Contents: Photograph ? ?Dashing White Sargent?;
Annual Report, 1931 ? 32;
Branch reports from the following: Aberdeen, Angus, Banffshire, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, Western Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh Fife, Glasgow, Inverness, Lochaber, London, Morayshire, Perthshire, Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire, Portsmouth Scottish Clans Dancing Society, Vancouver British Colombia;
The Scottish Country Dance Teachers Certificate;
Alterations to Books;
Notes on New Book;
Pace at which Strathspeys and Reels should be played.

Scottish Country Dancer No. 2 Spring 2006

4 News from Coates Crescent Management Board and admin matters 6 From around the world Reports from all over the world 9 Attacked on New Year's Day Report on the demise of country dancing in schools 9 Well-deserved award David Currie, Canberra, in Queen's Birthday Honours 10 David and Betty Grant Interview and tribute 12 Overheard on the web Chris Ronald on the Strathspey List discussions 13 What does your sporran tell us? Robert Lachlan on the mysteries of the sporran 14 The Glasgow Highlanders Alastair MacFadyen on the origins of the dance 15 Old soldier Alfred Anderson, dancer and soldier 16 The Society on Camera Were you there? Are you in it? 18 The Perth AGM and Conference Andrew Kellett reports on the conference weekend 19 In our opinion Views from the musicians' discussion at the conference 20 Miss Muriel Gibson Tribute to former Society Secretary 21 The Archive Marilyn Healy gives the background 22 A branch and a club Washington Branch I St Columba's Monday Dancers 23 Dancing matters Technique doctor / How to do the tournee 24 Who's who? Profiles of Jim Healy and Mo Rutherford 24 Re-printed From The Reel 1953 24 Programmes From New Zealand to South Wales 25 Letters to the editor Members' views 26 Reviews Book 45 I Masters of Tradition / Music for Quadrilles 27 The new Manual An assessment by Helen Russell 27 Your reactions What you thought of Scottish Country Dancer 28 The Scroll Awards 7 members honoured 28 Australian Winter School Report from Melbourne 29 Day School Diary All schools from February 2006 - May 2007 30 Obituaries

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