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Scottish Dance Time

Custom Audio Records SMT 7030 S1: Jessie's Hornpipe 8x32R, The Reel of Mey 8x48J, Cauld Kail in Aberdeen 8x16S 16R, Kingussie Flower 8x40R S2: Mari's Wedding 8x40R, Hooper's Jig 8x32J, The Macphersons of Edinburgh 8x32S, The Gates of Edinburgh 8x32R

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

Scottish Dance Time

Custom Audio Records SMT 7031 S1: The Isles 8x32J, The White Cockade 8x32R, Maggie Lauder 8x32S, Reel of the 51st Division 8x32R S2: Mrs. Macleod of Raasay 8x32R, The Duke of Atholl's Reel 8x32J, The Braes of Tullimet 8x32S, Corn Rigs 8x32R

Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen

Dances from the Galloway Alburm

Caledonian Music Co. SNC 7102 S1: The Rhinns of Kells (R), Curleywee (S), The Celtic Brooch (J), The New Howford Brig (R) S2: Cairn Edward (J), John McAlpin (S), Captain Whiteside (J), The Black Craig of Dee (R)

Peter White's Scottish Dance Band

A Scottish Choice

EMI STAL 5034 S1: Irish Reels, Gay Gordons, Scottish Waltz, Dunoon Barn Dance, Loch Leven Polka, Set of Reels S2: Lord Rosslyn's Fancy, St Bernard's Waltz, Rab the Ranter, Peggy's Love, The Alewife and her Barrel, Medley, Lamb Skinnet

Bands of: Robin Brock, Angus Fitchet, Bert Shorthuse, Jimmy Shand, Rob Gordon & Jim Johnstone

Ready ? And!

TACSOUND TAC 003 S1: Bauldy Bain's Fiddle 8x32R, The Bonnie Briest Knots 8x32S, The Highlandman's Umbrella 4x32R, Aukd Nick's Lumber Roon 8x32J, Salute to Summer 4x32R S2: The Lassies od Dunse 8x32J, The Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32R, Bonnie Stronshiray 8x32S, The Duran Ranger 8x32R

Bobby Brown, The Scottish Accent, Cape Breton Symphony, and Guest Artists

The Edinburgh Castle Reel

TACSOUND TAC 004 S1: The Edinburgh Castle Reel 8x32R, Roaring Jelly 8x32J, John McAlpin 8x32S, J.B. Milne 8x32R S2: The Starry-Eyed Lassie 8x32J, The Anniversary 4x32S+32R, The Luckenbioth Brooch 8x32J, From the Broomielaw 4x32S, The Australian Ladies 8x32R

The Bobby Frew Four with Special Guest Artist: Ian Powrie

Memory Lane Canada's Scottish Country Dance Bands

TACSound TAC 005 (2 records) S1: Memory Lane R, The moray Reel R, Birks of Invermay S, Meeting of the Waters R, Off She Goes in the North J S2:The Dancing Man R, Glasgow Highlanders S, Todlen Hame J, 4x32S, 4x32R S3:Merrily Danced the Quakers Wife J, Peggy's Love S, Lamb Skinnet J, Wind that Shakes the Barley R, White Heasther Jig J S4: General Stuart R, Banks of Clyde S, 4x32J, 4x32R, Lasty of the Lairds 8x32J, mason's Apron R

Canada's Scottish Country Dance Bands (5)


Transatlantic Records TRS 102 S1: Eightsome Reel, Foursome Reel, Hamiltion House, Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh S2: Duke of Perth, Scottish Reform, Reel of the 51st division, Inverness Country Dance (all tracks 10x)

The Cavendish Dance Band

The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddle

Ross Records WGR 031 S1: Reel Medley, Jig Medley, Slow March Stratspey and Reel, Hornpipe Medley, Strathspey and Reels, Reel Medley S2: Reel Medley, Jig Medley, Strathspey and Reels, Strathspey and Reels, Hornpipe Medley, Strathspey and Reels

The Cape Breton Symphony

A Measure of Scotch

Talisman STAL 5022 S1:Mrs MacLeod of Raasay, Doreen's Waltz, Le retour des Hirondelles, Rory O'More, Leith Country Dance, Slow Air Strathspey and Reel, Gay Gordons, S2: Thirteen Fouteen, The Duran Ranger, Dantesque, Fight About the Fireside, Shetland Waltz, Elwyn's Fairy Glen

Jim Johnstone

The Kilt is my Delight

Talisman STAL 5018 S1: Rosnor Abbey 4 x 40J, Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe 8 x 32R, The Lea Rig 4 x 32S, Rakish Highlandman 4 x 40J, Threesome Reel 48+48, O'er the Dee and O'er the Don 32+24+32+32, S2: Hooper's Jig 8 x 32J, Altshellach 4 x 32S, Buchan Eightsome 10 x 40, Lady Shopia Anne of Bute 4 x 48R

Rob Gordon

Golden Hour of Scottish Dance Bands

Golden Hour GH 657 S1: Lord Macdonald's Reel, Scottish Waltz,Polka,Jig Medley, Strathspey Medley,Gay Gordons, Para Handy, Pipe Marches, Tobermory Twostep, Deil Amang the Tailors, S2: Duke of Perth, Scottish Waltz, The Argyll Marches, Amazing Grace, Pipe Marches, Eighthsome Reel,Gay Gordons,Gaelic Waltz


The Sound of the North

Talisman STAL 5007 S1: Canadian Barn Dance, Mason's Apron, Irish Jigs, Gay Gordons, Waltz, Bottom of the Punchbowl, Caledonian Country Dance, Slow Waltz, Marches S2: Jessie's Hornpipe, Highland Scottische, Craighall Jig, Polka, Eva Three Step, Spanish Waltz, Crossing to Shetland, The Haymakers, Waltz

Wick Scottish Dance Band

Farewell to Scotland

Waverly ZLP 2087 S1: Ian Powrie's Farewell to Scotland, The Crusaders' March, Middleton Medley, Slow Air, Reel 8 x 32R,The Braes of Breadabbane S2: Ian Powrie's farewell to Auchterarder, Strathspey and Reel, Silver City Waltz, Duke of Perth, Gloomy Winter, John Carmichael's Farewell to Scotland, The Skyeline of Skye

Ian Powrie

Jimmy Shand

Beltona SBE110 S1: Rig-Ma Tick, Canadian Barn Dance, Glasgow Highlanders, Hesitation Waltz, Sorry to Part, Rocky Mountaon Medley, The Stool of Repentance S2: Strathspeys, Floors O' Edinburgh, Pride of Erin, Strip the Willow, Yodelling Waltz, Hill Billy Round-Up, March, Strathspey and Reel

Jimmy Shand

Something Old - Something New

Frank Reid Recordings FR LP42 S1: Bonnie Anne 96J, White Heather Jig 4x40J, Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord 8+56S, Mari's Wedding 8x40R, None So Pretty 8x40R S2: Nottingham Lace 24+48+24R, Shiftin' Bobbins 8x32R, Wind on Loch Fyne 3x32S, Seaton's Ceilidh Band 8x32J, Friday's Child 8x32J, Bon Voyage 8x32R Leaflet with instructions for last two dances.

Frank Reid

Country Dance Style

  • Loudon Records LND 466 Jessie's Hornpipe 4x32R, Hamilton House 4x32J, Robertson's Rant (S), Angus Macleod 2x64R, Captain Bain's Tribute 4x40J, 1314 64S+64R S2: Waltz Country Dance, Lion's International (J), Woods O'Fyvie 4x32R, Macdonald of Sleat (J), London Highland
  • club's Farewell to Fetter lane 4x32R

John Macgregor

Highland Welcome

Emerald Gem GES 1087 S1: Gay Gordons, Irish Waltz, The Galland Forty Twa, Broun's Reel, Two Loves, Welcome to Skye S2: Miss Bennett's Jig, The old House, Foursome Reel, Scottish Waltz, Scotia's Song, Boston Two Step, The Mucking O' Geordie's Byre

Eddie Edmond Band

Comin' Thro' the Rye

Parlophone PMD 1047 Comin Thro' The Rye (W), Heartfell Polka, Scottish Waltz, Gay Gordons, The Gordon Waltz S2: Dundee reel, Scottish Waltz, Deirdre's Polka, Reel od the 51st Division, Victory Waltz

Jimmy Shand Band

Dances of Scotland

Scots Disc SDL 002 S1: Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh 8x40R, Dalkeith's Strathspey 8x32S, Gates of Edinburgh 8x32R, Bonnie Anne 96J S2: Cadgers in the Canongate 8x48R, Hooper's Jig 8x32J, New Rigged Ship 8x48R, Back O' Bennachie 8x32R

The Atholl Players

Fifty Years On

Ross Records WGR 062 S1: Gay Gordons, Francis Wright's Waltz, The Muchty Trio, Barn Dance, Ian Powrie, The badge of Scotland, Scott Skinner Selection, Tribute to Ian Powrie S2: 4/4 Ipe Marches, Highland Cradle Song, Pipe Marches, The Muchty Trio, mackenzie Highlanders, Ian Powrie, Heatrher Mixture Two Step, Jimmiy Shand and Bill torrancew

Jimmy Shand and Guests

The Lad O' Kyle

Atholl Brose AB 008 S1: lad O'kyle 4x32R, Duff's House 8x32J, Queen's Visit to Morrison's Academy, Afton Water, Mary Morrison, Cairnsmore of Carsphairn 5x32S, Inverness Country Dance 8x32 S2: Vale of Atholl 8x32J, Roxburgh Castle 8x32R, O' a' the Airts the Wind can Blaw, Ay Waulkin' O, Kinfauns Castle 5x32S The Lassies of Melrose 8x32J

Ron Gonnella Strings with George MacIlwham

Call of the Cuillins

Fontana FJL 503 S1: call of the Cuillins, George Douglas of Calcots, Melodia, Whistling \rufus, Sailor's Hornpipe, Neapolitan Seranade, Enniskillen Dragoon S2: Pipe Major Sam Scott, Macdonald of the Isles, Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie, Irish Rover, My heart is Sair, Cradle song, Farewell to Fiunary, The Rowan Tree, Kyle Sku, Traditional Airs

Jim MacLeod Band

Highland Style

Lismor LILP 5003 S1: Gay Gordons, Dunoon Barn Dance, Marching to Oban, West Highland Waltz, Hamilton Rant, March and Reel S2: The Cakewalk, Braes of Breadalbane, Ceilidh Medley, Jessie's Hornpipe, Waltz of the Isles, Highland Two Step

Colin Campbell Highland Band

On With the Dance

Columbia EL 104 s1; Reel of the 51st Division, Scottish Waltz, Eva Three Step, Foursome Reel, Pipe Marches 2/4 Time S2: Bluebell Polka, Cock O' the North, Gay Gordons, March, Strsthspey and Reel, Harry Lauder medley, Gaelic Waltz

Ed Brydie's Scottish Dance Band

Dancing Through Scotland

Parlophone PMC 7030 S1: The Back O' Bennachie 8x32R, Lochiel's rant 8x32S, Just As I Was in the Morning 8x40J, Waltz Country Dance, athspey 8x32S, De'il Amang the Tailors 8x32R, Two and Two 8x32J

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Golden hour of Scottish Dance Bands

Pye Golden Hour GH 657 S1: Lord Macdonald's Reel, Scottish Waltz, Circassian Circle, Polka, Jigs, Swtrathspey, Gay Gordons, Para Handy, Pipe Marches, Tobermory Two Step, Deil Amang the Tailors S2: Duke of Perth, Scottish Waltz, The Argyll Marches, Eightsome Reel, Gay Gordons, Gaelic Waltz


Scottish Country Dances

Fontana TFL 5166 Cumberland reel 4x32J, Jessie's Hornpipe 8x32R, Strathglass House 8x32S, Maxzwell's Rant 8x32R, The White heather Jig4x40J S2: The Express 8x40J, The White Cockade 8x32R, The New Scotlnad Strathspey 4x40S, Argyle's Fancy 4x48J, Waltz Country Dance

Jimmy Blair and his TV-Jigtime Band

A Complete Scottish Dance Programme

Fontana TFL 5097 S1; Jigtime Meledy, Jacobite waltz, Primrose Polka, Mari's Wedding, The Road to the Isles 4x32S, Military Two Step S2: Waltz Country dance, Lamb Skinnet, Gay Gordons, Highland Schottische, Reel of the 51st Division, Jigtime Polka

Jimmy Blair SCD Band

The Sound of the Highlands

Thistle Records BSLP 78 S1: The Storenoway Reel, Jacky Tar Two Step, Slow Air and Reel, Highland Schottische, Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, S2: Highland Laddie Reel, Meeting of the Waters, Gaelic Waltz, Polka, Lochaber Barn Dance'

Fergie Macdonald New Highland dance Band

Scottish Tradition 4 - Shetland Fiddle Music

Tangent Records TNGM 117 S1: Croft Dancing in North Yell, Reels and Wedding Tunes from Whalsay; Walking Ower da River; Black Jock;Three Reels from Unst; Slow Air from Walls; Foula Reel. S2: Five Reels from Tingwall;Auchdoon House; Three Vidlin Reels; Sillocks and Tatties; Leaving Lerwick Harbour; Five Reels from North Yell.

Various Players

The Kilt is my Delight

Piccadilly NPL 38004 Mix of instrumental, vocals and music for dancing. Dances S1: Maxwell's Rant 4x32R;None so Pretty 4x40R. S2: Off She Goes in the North 4x32J

Jim MacLeod, Duncan Robertson, Moira Andrson, Glasgow Pheonix Choir

Folk Dances of Scotland

Decca LF 1070 S1: Broun's Reel; La Russe; Strip the Willow; Scottish Reform; Isle of Skye. S2: Waltz country Dance;l The Pride of Erin; The Glasgow Highlanders, Dundee Reel, Hamilton House.

Jim Cameron Scottish Dance Band

Jim Cameron Dance date Vol. 2

Beltona ABL 513 S1: Broun's Reel; La Russe; Strip the Willow; Scottish Reform; Isle of Skye. S2: Waltz country Dance;l The Pride of Erin; The Glasgow Highlanders, Dundee Reel, Hamilton House.S1: Broun's Reel; La Russe; Strip the Willow; Scottish Reform; Isle of Skye. S2: Waltz country Dance;l The Pride of Erin; The Glasgow Highlanders, Dundee Reel, Hamilton House. Sleeve notesd contaion instructions for Broun's Reel, La Russe, Strip the Willow, Scottish Reform

Jim Cameron Scottish Dance Band

One More Couple Please

Private SCL 3 S1: Caller Herrin' 8x40R; Mr. William Brown's Reel 8x32R; John McAlpin 4x32S, The Fireside Reel 4x32R; The Duchess Tree 8x32S. S2 Cold and Raw 8x24J; The Bob of Fettercairn 8x24R, General Stuart's Reel 4x32R; Waverley 4x48R; The Golden Pheasant 8x40J; The Maid of the Mill 4x40J

The Scotsmen

Ian Powrie On Strage

Waverley ZLP 2066 S1: Shetland Reels 5x32R; The Peat Fire Flame; Coilsfield House; March, Strathspey and Reel; Wee Willie Winkie; Spic and Span; O;d Man in a Garret; Strathspey and Reel. S2: The Last of the Lairds 5x32R; He's Aye Kissing Me, Triste Sourire. Miss Graham of Inchbrackie, Shetland Two Step; The Road to the Isles, Bonnie lass of Bon Accord.

Ian Powrie Band with Pam Brough, Jimmy Blue and Mickie Ainsworth

A tribute to Jimmy Shand

Emeral Gem GES 1073 S1: The Hawthorn Band Tribute; Jimmy Shand Waltzes; March, Strathspey and Reel, Para handy Polka; Set of jigs S2: Jimmy Shand Reels; Strathspeys; Bluebell Polka; Jimmy Shand Medley, Scottish Waltz

The Hawthorn Scottish Dance Band

Dancing Fingers

Beltona LBS 67 S1: Set of Reels; Oslo Waltz; March, Strathspey and Reel; Czardas; Dream Valley of Glendaruel; Dancing Fingers S2: Set of Jigs; Burns Waltzes, March, Strathspey and Reel; The Dark Island; Waltz Country Dance; Old Comrades

Arthur Spink


  • Craigellachie CB Stereo 33 S1: Good Hearted Glasgoew 8x32J; Langholm Fair 3x32S; The
  • Sound of Harris 3x48R; Airie Bennan 5x32J; Autumn in Appin 4x32S; The Earl of Mansfield 4x48R; Lament and Reel. S2: The Montgomeries' Rant 8x32R; Cambuskenneth 80S; The Peterhead Express 4x64J; Cobblestones 8x32R; Slow Air and Pipe Reel; Argyll's Fancy 4x48J

Craigellachie Band

Land of the Hills and Heather

CBS M 52677 S1: Shetland Two Step; Misty Islands of the Highlands; The Voice of Scotland (vocal); Shetland Reels; Jeannie McColl (vocal); Scottish Waltes S2: Land of the Hills and Heather (vocal); Gaelic Waltzes; Johnny Lad (vocal); Petite Waltz; I'm My own Gran'pa (vocal); Bothy Ballad Medley

The Jack Sinclair Showband

Scottish Dance Party

Emerald Gem GES 1025 S1: Dashing White Sergeant; Vocal; Scottish Waltz; Fiddle Solo; Vocal; De'il Amang the Tailors. S2: Eva Three Step; Polka; Vocal; Trio; Vocal; Highland Schottische

Andrew Rankine and his Band with Eileen Camerson and Joe Campbell

Bows and Strings Buttons and Keys

Ross Records WGR 047 S1: 6/8 Marches; Set of Jigs; Slow Air; Set of Reels; The River Cree Jig; March, strathspey and Reel. S2: Maxwell's Rant Reel; Waltz Selection; Thingummyjig Polka; Gay Gordons; Slow Air; March Medley; Reel

Dundee Strathspey and Reel Society

Bobby MacLeod's Tobermory Treasure

RCA INTS 1252 S1: Reels; All's Polka; Ceilidh Waltz; Swingalong Reels; Wild Mountain Thyme; 2/4-6/8. S2: From Duart to the Isles; Thro' the Mist to the Dance; The Auld Alliance; Forty shades of Green; Island Schottische; Irish jiggery

Bobby Macleod and Band with Calum Maclean

Waulking Songs from Barra

Tangent TNGM 111 S1: Were You in the Mountains?; My Love Alan; Ho ro hug o hug o; One Day as I Roamed the Hills; Pipe Reels. S2: Woman over there who Laughed; The Silver Whistle; Early today I set out.

Mary Morrison, Callum Johnston, Kate Buchannan, Flora Boyd, Chorus

Steppin' Out

Cabbage records CAB 420 S1; The Swilcan 4x32J; Shetland Reels 8x32R; Leaving St. Kilda; Braes of Mellanish 8x32S; La Bastringue. S2: Pipe reels 8x32R; Back Home; Thistle on the Faultline; Brisk Young Lad 5x48J; Waltz. Includes a leaftlet with music and dance notes.

John Tayor; Andrew Imrie

Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 3

RSCDS 16 Scottish Reform 8x32J; The Fairy Dance 8x32R; Blue Bonnets 8x32J; The Eight Men of Moiudart 8x32R; The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow 8x32J; Foursome and Half Reel of Tulloch 32S 32R 64 Tulloch S2: St. Patrick's Day 8x32J; Dashing White Sergeant 6x32R; The Duke is Welcome to Inverness (or Lady Mackintosh;s Rant) 8x32S; Jenny Come Down to Jock 8x32J; Rachel Rae 8x24R; Foursome Reel 64S 64R

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band

Music for Twelve Traditional Dances Book 27

RSCDS 01 S1: Miss Murray of Lintrose 32R; The Nineteenth of December 32J; The Duchess pf York 32S; Burn's Hornpipe 32R; The Reel of Five 16S 16R; Sally's Fancy 32S S2: Round Reel of Eight 88R; Tayport Beauty 32J; Seann Truibhas Willichan 32S; La Flora 32J; Miss Nellie Wemyss 32J; Auld Lang Syne 32S

The Olympians Scottish Dance Band

Frae a' the Airts - Volume 2 Book 37

TC RSCDS 45 S1:The Reverend John Macfarlane 4x32R; Moment of Truth 8x32S; Gothenburgh's Welcome 8x32J; Wissp of Thistle 8x32S S2: St, Andrew's of Brampton 4x32J; Bonnie Ina Campbell 8x32S; The Nurseryman 8x32J; The Queen City Salute 4x32S 4x32R

Fiddlers Three plus Two

Music for Nine Scottish Country Dances

RSCDS 07 S1: Miss Gibson's Strathspey 8x32S; Tribute to the Borders 8x32J; Frae A' the Airts 4x32S 4x32R; The Earl of Mansfiel 4x32R; The McCulloch Strathspey 80S S2: Miss Allie Anderson 8x32J; Mis Catherine Allan 8x32S; My Spouse Nancy 8x32R; The Sauchie Haugh 8x32S

Andrew Rankine & his Scottish Band

Step Dances of Scotland

RSCDS 33 S1: The Graces; The Village Maid; Flora Macdonald's Fancy; The Earl of Erroll; The King of Sweden; Scotch Measure; Highland Laddie; Blue Bonnets Over the Border S2: Blue Bonnets; The Scottish Lilt; Over the Water to Charlie; The Flowers of Edinburgh; The Dusty Millar; The Bonnie Briest Knot; Lady Louisa Macdonald of Sleat; The Deeside Lilt; The Rose of Benbecula

Murial A Johnstone

Highland Dances

Scots Disc No. SDE-03 S1:Highland Fling 6 steps, Sword Dance 3 slow I quick steps, Seann Triubhas 4 slow 2 quick steps, S2: Reel O' Tulloch 2 slow 2 quick steps, Broadswords 2 slow I quick steps, Hornpipe 4 quick 1 slow steps

PM Ronald McCallum

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