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Highland Welcome

Emerald Gem GES 1087 S1: Gay Gordons, Irish Waltz, The Galland Forty Twa, Broun's Reel, Two Loves, Welcome to Skye S2: Miss Bennett's Jig, The old House, Foursome Reel, Scottish Waltz, Scotia's Song, Boston Two Step, The Mucking O&...

Eddie Edmond Band

The Ian Powrie band Show

EMI Waverley ZLP 2058 S1: The Queen.sWelcome, The Flower of the Quern, The Garry Strathspey, Harmonica Tricks, The Hamilton Rant, The Heather Hills, gay Gordons S2: The St. Johnstoun Reel, Band Boys, Gaelic Waltzes, Seaside Schottische, Eva Three...

Ian Powrie

The Best of Jimmy Shand Jnr.

EMI Talisman STAL 5011 S1: The Haymakers 4x48R, Mrs. Garthlands strathspey 4x32S, Lassie Waltz, Set Reels 4x32R, Burns Selection, Country Marches S2: Waves of Torry, Waltz Country Dance, Silverton Polka, West country Barn Dance, Highland Schottis...

Jimmy Shand Jnr.

The Complete Caledonian Ball

Lismor LDDL 8005 S1: Circassian Circle 5x32R, Brisk Young Lad 5x32J, Byron Strathspey 3x32S, Weaving Lilt 2+88, Johnnie Walker 64S+64R S2: Crammond Bridge 8x32R, The Silver Star 3x32S, Cumberland Reel 4x32J, New Scotia Quadrille 2x48, The Dundee ...

Rob Gordon Band


Lismor LILP 5083 S1: Swinging Westward, Shetland Reel, Sicilian Dance, Hebridean Waltz, Strathspey and Reel, Marches in 2/4 and 6/8 Time, Gaelic Medley S2: Looking Lively, Jigtime, Barn Dance, Irish Reels, Continental Waltz, A Toast to Nova Scoti...

John Carmichael Ceilidh Band

Two More Couples, Please

SCL 4 S1: Triumph 4x24R, Meg Merrileess 8x24R, Prince of Orange 8x16J, Johnny McGill 8x40J, Rakes of Glasgow 4x32S, Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen 4x32S, Round Reel of Eight 1x88R S2: Seann Tryibhas Willican 8x32S, La Flora 8x32J, Royal * Exchange 4x32J...

The Scotsmen

A Scottish Welcome

Lismor LILP 5029 S1: The Reivers, Polka, Canadian Barn Dance, Cumberland Reel, Morag's Waltz, Heroes of Vittoria S2: Highland Laddie, Scottish Reform, Military Two Step, Highland Wedding, Ashudie Rant, Gay Gordons

Jim Johnstone Band

The Scottish Dance Masters

The Atholl Brose AB 007 S1: The Mantua Makers 8x32R, Tillietudlum 8x32J, The Braes O' Tullimet 8x32S, The lass O' Livingstone 8x32R S2: The Scottish Fiddle Jig 8x32J, Caber Feih 8x32R, Mrs. Grant's Fancy 8x32S, The Deuks Dang O...

Ron Gonnella Strings and George MacIlwham

Jim Cameron Dance date Vol. 2

Beltona ABL 513 S1: Broun's Reel; La Russe; Strip the Willow; Scottish Reform; Isle of Skye. S2: Waltz country Dance;l The Pride of Erin; The Glasgow Highlanders, Dundee Reel, Hamilton House.S1: Broun's Reel; La Russe; Strip the Willow...

Jim Cameron Scottish Dance Band

Scottish Dances

Wing WL 1041 S1: Primrose Polka; Mair's Wedding; Road to the Isles 4x32S; Military Two Step; Waltz Country Dance. S2: Lamb Skinnet; Tge Gay Girdons; Highland Schottische; Reel of the 51st Division 8x32R; Jigtime Polka

Tim Wright

Highland Fiddle music

Waverley ZLP 2077 S1: Strip the Willow; Two Step; Slow Air, Strathspey and Reel; Gaelic Airas; Set of Jigs; Dunoon Barn Dance. S2: Retraet Airs; Gaelic Waltzes; 2/4/ Marches, The Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord; March; Strathspey; March, Strathspey an...

Pibroch MacKenzie

Pride O' the Heilands

Emerald Gem GES 1054 S1: The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow; The Dark Island; Looking for a Partner; Gaelic Waltz Medley; Scpa Flow; Gay Gordons 2/4 S2: Gay Gordons 6/8, Scottish Waltz Medley; The Road and the Miles to Dundee; The New Rigged Ship; S...

Eddie Edmond and his Scottish Dance Band

A Welcome from Jimmy Shand

Waverley SZLP 2120 S1: Circassian Circle; Scottish Waltz; Wee Sgian Dhu; Mayfair Quickstep; Irish Hornpipe; Bonnie Scotland; Plain Schottische S2: Irish Two Step; Tyneside Waltz; Tillietudlem Castle; Strathspey and Reel; Threave Castle Polka; Dow...

Jimmy Shand Band

Fiddle Me Jig

MFP MFP 50373 S1: Set of Reels; Latheron Wheel Polka; Set of Reels; Pride of Scotland Waltz; Set of Jigs; Kate Dalrymple. S2: Set of Reels; Scandanavian Barn Dance; Jigs; Set of Reels; Barn Dance

Wick Fiddlers; Orkney S and R Society; Ochil Players

Bobby's Kind of Music

RCA INTS 1106 s1: Gay Gordons; Old Time Waltzes; Irish Jigs; Corinne; Irish Marches; Singalong Selection. S2: International Medley; Hornpipes; Madame Bonaparte; Gaelic Waltz; Road to the Isles Medley; Pipe Marches

Bobby MacLeod and his Band

Jimmy Blue's Accordian Club

Phillips 6382 104 S1: Reels; Cherrybank Polka; Hayfield Two Step; The Dying Year; Heinzelmarchen; Dovecote Park; Harry Scott of Friockheim. S2: La Tempete; Mclean of Pennycross; Marches; Entrainante; Ann and Laura Polka; I See Mull

Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Band

Sounds of the Perthshire Glens

Grampian SGW 5009 S1: Set of Reels; March, Strathspey and Reel; Waltx; Military Two Step; Set of Jigs; March, Strathspey and Reel. S2: Set of Reels; Foursome Reel; Waltz; Military Two Step; Canadian Barn dance; Set of Jigs.

Bill Black and his Scottish Dance Band

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

Lismor Recordings Record No LILP 5197 S1: The Gay Gordons, Regent's Favourite -R, Polka, Medley S+R, 4/4 Marches, Bothy Ballad, Pipe jig, strathspey + reel, Gaelic Waltz, Pipe hornpipes, Folk tune medley. S2. March, 3/4 + 9/8 pipe marches, Th...

John Ellis and his Highland Country Band

A Breath O' Shetland

Polydor Special Record No 2384-074 S1: Shetland reels, Pipe marches, Set of jigs, Shetland waltzes, Norwegian waltz, Polka, Shetland marches. S2: Shetland reels, Waltzes, selection of marches, Fiddle solo, Set of reels, Pipe marches, Strathspeys, ...

The Hamefarers

Come Dance With Me

Lismor Recordings Record No LILP 5059 S1: Thingummy Jig Polka, Lewisvale Waltz, Strip the Willow, March of the Marches, Jack O'Tar Hornpipe, Drowsy Maggie. S2: Military two-step, Air, Strathspey + Reel, Continental Waltz, Brittania Two-step, ...

Jim Johnstone and his Band

A Scotsman's Songs

Beltona Record No SBE 107 S1: Singers Medley, Pipers' Medley, Theatre medley, Patriots' Medley. S2: The dancers medley, The Regimental Medley, The Bothy Medley, Fare Ye Well Medley.

Bobby MacLeod and his Band

Dancing Through Scotland

EMI Records Record No PCS 7030 S1: The Back o'Bennachie 8x32R, Lochiel's Rant 8x32S, Just as I was in the Morning 8x40J, Waltz Country Dance, Bonnie Anne 1x96J. S2: Angus MacLeod 2x64R, Peggy's Wedding 4x64J, Dalkeith's Straths...

Jimmy Shand and his Band

Music for Nine Traditional Dances

RSCDS 06 S1: Collichur 8x32J; Hame Came opur Guidman 8x32S; The Highland Lass 8x32R; Strip the Willow 8x40J (9/8) S2: A Man's a Man for A' That 8x32S; The Guidman of Balangigh 8x32J; The Cadie's Lady 8x32R; Short and Swet 8x40J

Bobby Crowe & his Scottish Dance Band Book 30

Frae a' the Airts - Vol. 1

RSCDS 36 S1: Portnacraig 8x32R; The Road to Mallaig 4x32S; Quarries' Jig 8x32J; Gang the Same Gate 8x32S S2: the Whistling Wind 8x32R; The Argyll Ludging 8x32S; Anniversary Reel 4x32R; The Gilly Flower 8x32J

Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Preliminary Test Dances

RSCDS 38 S1: The Scotch Circle (Bk 24); Duke of Perth (Bk 1); The De'il Amang the Tailors (Bk 14); Fair Donald (Bk 29); The Lover's Knot(Bk 8); Sandy O'er the Lea (Misc 2) S2:The Isle (G Bk); The Linton Ploughman (Bk 5); Frog nin t...

Murial Johnstone

Young Scottish Dancers Association Volume 1

RSCDS 48 S1: Leap Year; Come Under My Plaidie; Dashing White Sergeant S2: Round Reel of Eight; Music only: Leap Year 8x24J; Come Under My Plaidie 5x32J; Dashing White Sergeant 5x32R; Round Reel of Eight 1`x88R; St. Bernard's Waltz; Gay Gordons

George Lawson (Instructor) Murial Johnstone (Music)

Music for Teaching

RSCDS 24 S1: Jig Time 16Bars ; 8 Bars (slow); 16 Bars (slow to normal); 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8x32 Bars: Reel Time 16Bars ; 8 Bars (slow); 16 Bars (slow to normal); 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8 Bars; 8x32 Bars S2:Strarthspey 16Bars ; 8 Bar...

Robert Mackay

Twelve Scottish Country Dances Book 25

TC RSCDS 60 S1: The Fete 8x32S; The Chapman 8x32R; The Bramble Bush 8x32J; Deacon of the Weavers 8x32S; Miss Brown's Reel 8x32R; Haste to the Wedding 8x32J S2: Miss Isabella Macleod 8x32S; The Lady of the Lake (or The Water Kelpi) 8x32R; Saw...

Alastair Hunter and the Lorne Scottish Dance Band

Tae Gaur Ye Loup

A collection of 20 original compositions for Scottish Country Dancing: 7 Strathspeys, 6 Jigs, & Reels by Drummond Cook, published by Drummond Cook, Moray

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Cairngorm Series No. 1

Three tunes composed by J. Scott Skinner for Piano or Violin and Piano: "Bonnie Glenfarg"(melody); Bonnie Ann Anderson" (Highland Schottische or Strathspey); The Laird O' Haughs" (Hornpipe) (published by Bayley and Fergu...

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Dundee Strathspey

Printed music for the dance by Winifred Bird Mattthew and published by Larg and Sons, Dundee. The dance instructions by Squadron Leader Douglas Henderson, RAFRO are included

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Six-Twenty Two Step

Printed music for the "Six-Twenty Two Steo" composed by Jimmy Shand and arranged for the Piano and Accordion by Ian MacLeish. Published by Mozart Allan, Glasgow. Instructions for the "White Heather Jig" devised by James B Co...

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Lethan Ladies Strathspey

Printed music and instructions for the dance. Dance devised by JAmes Donalson and music composed by John P Galloway arranged for the Piano and Accordion. Published by Mozart Allan, Glasgow.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Balmoral Reel Book

Printed music for a collection of the most admired Reels; Strathspeys; Country-Dances; Hornpipes etc arranged for the Violin. Published by Bayey and Ferrguson, London and Glasgow

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

The Skye Eigthsome

Printed music for 16 tunes arranged for the dance. Instructions for the Reel as danced at the northern Meeting Balls and Skye Gatherings. Published by Logan and J. Marr Wood Ltd., Inverness and Elgin

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

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