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RSCDS Archvist Sub Series
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Stockholm Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence: 1976-1994. Constitution and Rules, Secretary's Report for 1980-1981, RSCDS Stockholm Branch 17th Annual General Meeting 18th September 1992 Agenda ,RSCDS Stockholm Branch 18th Annual General Meeting 17th September 1993 Agenda, RSCDS Stockholm Branch 14th Annual General Meeting 15th September 1989 Agenda, AGM Minutes,Colour photo of RSCDS Stockholm, Sweden celebrating it's 25th Anniversary, May 2001 and Black and White Group photo of RSCDS Stockholm.

RSCDS Archvist

St Andrews Branch (East of Fife) Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence : 1971-1994, RSCDS St. Andrews Branch Constitution and Rules, Black and White photo of St. Andrews Branch Golden Jubilee Dinner at Rusacks Hotel on Saturday 7th November 1987 and Colour photo of Presentation of a painting to David Gibbs with wife Ann and Committee Members 22/3/02.

RSCDS Archvist

Stirlingshire Branch Records

1 Box: Correspondence : 1962-1993.
Minute Book.
Photocopy of First AGM RSCDS Stirlingshire September 24th 1928, Booklet of "Miss Jarvis's Reel A Scottish Country Dance Devised by the Demonstration Team of the Stirlingshire Branch RSCDS." RSCDS Stirlingshire Diamond Jubilee Dinner Dance, Friday 20th March 1987 leaflet, Colour photo of RSCDS Stirling 75th Anniversary Ball 19th April 2002 and Newspaper cutting of Stirling News as 14th June 1990 RSCDS Stirling honoured two long serving members Mrs Rachel Prentice and Mr Jim Taylor.

RSCDS Archvist